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December 16 2011, 05:00 pm by guitarchump1984 |
Completely wrong.... Intro is D# and B, verse is F#, D#, Bb, F#, F#, D#, Bb, C#, chorus is D#, Bb, D#, Bb, C# just not sure of the interlude where sings "amy please don't go..."
January 8 2012, 06:38 pm by crizzy218 |
well kinda correct but you have to tune down a half step (Eb) to use these chords, but the intro is: Em, Bm, Em, Bm ;)
October 18 2012, 12:02 am by forrest98 |
could some post a tab with guitarchumps chords? i have polio and crippling dimensia and i cant but if someone could so i could learn this song before i die that would make my life complete
November 29 2013, 12:28 pm by ScarletNight |
Hey :)
I think you basically got the song right :) Just one correction
Instead of :

G Em
Is your heart singing out of tune
Are your eyes just singing the blues

Try putting:

G Em
Is your heart singing out of tune
Are your eyes just singing the blues

Do that for the first two lines of all the verses and ur good to go :)
April 12 2015, 02:37 pm by spike6622 |
The correct chords are...
Verse: F# D# B F#
F# D# B C#
Chorus: D# F#
D# A# B C# F#
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