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+1   February 22 2012, 09:04 pm by i_am_metalhead |
Thank you for tabbing this correctly. Everyone says that the chorus is E, G, D, A - I thought I was crazy because to me it sounds like Its E, G, D, then E an octave up from the first chord. Nice job man!
-1   April 19 2012, 02:30 pm by Kappe |
Think the little lick in the beginning is something like

D ---------14----
A -12h13h14------

Thanks for the tab
June 11 2013, 01:23 pm by hateregistering |
The piano lick at the beginning would be:


It is easy to hit the E chord after it. :)
August 12 2015, 03:46 am by baxissimo |
I think it's an A like other tabs, but he's playing it with just the index finger and it ends up being like 0x22xx because he slightly mutes the A string but doesn't mute the low E and is strumming mostly the bass end of the chord.

You can see his fingers chording it for one brief, fuzzy instant here:
At least he's definitely not playing his regular E chord.
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