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+3   March 4 2012, 07:12 pm by guitarplaya127 |
this is a good...its a shame u didnt write the chords on the rest of the song
October 21 2012, 08:47 pm by cajun524 |
Thank god.. Now I know the chords, the lyrics (that song is impossible to understand >.<), and the singer (it sounds like No Doubt to me). Thanks, Fun Lyrics!
June 9 2013, 10:45 pm by dallison1189 |
Suggestion: At "Some nights. I don't know. Anymore" In the very beginning...what about Em, D, C?
June 11 2013, 03:00 am by Lover_4_music |
Damn my stubby fingers, i never seem to get the bar chords right. It sounds like i'm trying to brake the strings. But thanks anyway. I looked up an easier way to do it. :)
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