by The Lumineers tabs | tabbed by mrblak23
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-25   May 28 2012, 08:40 pm by pocodacat96 |
this is so wrong
+1   July 19 2012, 12:48 am by spartan1395 |
sounds good to me actually maybe not exact but good
+25   July 19 2012, 12:51 am by spartan1395 |
actually this is very right. If you know chromatics. with out the capo the C is an F, the Em an Am the G a C, the D a G. So pocodacat96 maybe you should get a lesson in chromatics before you bash someones tab.
July 19 2012, 12:52 am by spartan1395 |
P.S check the other versions the support may claim.
November 5 2012, 07:47 pm by mebrucek |
Reliable tab to build out the rhythm and picking from.
-1   January 8 2013, 06:10 pm by drew24032 |
Watch the band play it here:

NO CAPO, so stop bashing those WHO ARE CORRECT!
January 31 2013, 09:10 pm by lucasaloysius |
Why are you playing with a capo? You have it all wrong. At least try watching them live before you post bad ways to play good songs.
-3   January 31 2013, 09:16 pm by lucasaloysius |
chromatics or not, this is certainly not 'very right.' not even slightly right.
March 26 2013, 08:45 pm by pilotui |
Dude, you did an AWESOME JOB!! The way you tab out the D is/sounds perfect when singing. Keep up the good work. All the idiots on here don't know music and are just looking for ABC chords with no though or imagination.

April 16 2013, 12:22 pm by Sverker |
To me it sounds right, if you transpose it to F and play it without capo it sounds perfect. But i just wondering if not all lines in the pre-chorus is suppose to end on C? or am i wrong?
April 26 2013, 03:16 pm by mooreoutdoors88 |
This is spot on actually...good work
+1   May 14 2013, 09:06 pm by hazelthebazel |
ya i agree perfection thanks:) for the great help
+2   June 18 2013, 06:25 pm by Treychoy |
Man, playing G shapes on capo 5, making it the key of C, is the same as playing the C shape Chords which is exactly the way they play it live and on the record. P.s. drew24032 just gave you a video above of them playing the exact same thing bro. Lighten up.
September 22 2013, 07:52 am by OrphanGuitarist |
Spartan1395 > good notice: I can play this in regular open chords F, Amin, ;; F, Amin, F, C, F, Amin, G, C, ;; F, C, Amin, G, ;; F, C, G, Amin.

It's a great harmony. I love it, and I love the hesitation in the strum and vocals.

I learned all the notes when I started and never played with a capo, but with a capo and without learning extra chords just read this as written.

Thanx =)
November 28 2013, 01:26 pm by coversbylauren |
Yes learn your guitar stuff before you judge. This is very accurate! 5 stars!!
March 18 2014, 08:28 pm by obiesss |
''Additionally, it's important to get the F# in the bass on the D, so I play D like:
200233 or 200230.''
I dont get it. Could someone explain please? Ive only been playing for a couple months and im not sure how you can play a D like 200233 when it's usually like 000232
April 17 2014, 04:36 pm by Aaron91 |
If you haven't figured it out yet, 200233 and 200230 are variations of a D/F# as the author sort of said.

If you are literally wondering how to play it with your fingers...\

2 Index

2 Middle
3 Ring
3 Pinky

That's how I play it.
July 4 2014, 09:24 pm by Samlebel |
This is the version 2... when they play together

Nice chords
August 6 2014, 11:12 pm by p_mac24 |
great job this is perfect!
January 8 2016, 02:24 pm by GarnieGrunge |
You play the low E string with your thumb. IMO So a normal D with your thumb wrapped up top on the F# ( 2nd fret ) :) :) :)
January 20 2016, 09:23 pm by cliffcoy |
Good job on this but please fix your post by adding the corresponding chords and placements in the rest of the song.
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