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+6   March 22 2002, 12:00 am by grungeragdoll |
kick ass dude, word to this tab
+4   March 29 2002, 12:00 am by butt pirate |
nice job.
+4   April 11 2002, 12:00 am by skacroties |
rock on
-2   June 29 2002, 12:00 am by TheDLs |
yeah it's all great except the beginning

i can't tab but it's
x x x x
x x x x
x 3 x 3
x 2 x 2
1 x 1 x
0 x 0 x

that's what i've been taught :)
-20   July 17 2002, 12:00 am by CJOgeetar |
this tabs awesome i agree with ur first few notes but it seems easier like this.

-13   July 17 2002, 12:00 am by CJOgeetar |
this tabs awesome i agree with ur first few notes but it seems easier like this.

August 1 2002, 12:00 am by BrainMaySon |
great tab! keep up the good work!
September 23 2002, 12:00 am by lil_hendrix_201 |
this tab kiks ass

December 7 2002, 12:00 am by turinbrakes |
awsome facking tab, there's one small error in the 8th bar but good job man this really helped me alot!
+5   December 19 2002, 12:00 am by viper1e |
dude great tab, just remember he plays it a half step down and plays most of his chords w/ his thumb on the E string.
January 19 2003, 12:00 am by njsWarlock182 |
nice man
relle kick ass nice mother@#%^#$
February 9 2003, 12:00 am by RATM_timc |
February 11 2003, 12:00 am by GuitarObsession |
pretty sweet tab
+1   April 12 2003, 12:00 am by geekynerd |
yup. it's the same as in my book (experience hendrix), good tab.
April 12 2003, 12:00 am by guitardude72565 |
its ok but the intros a little wrong
+1   January 6 2004, 12:00 am by nirvanaboy |
great thanks intros a lil dogy but its still good
February 8 2004, 12:00 am by UJ_boy |
Tis pretty sweet man. Keep on tabbing dude!
-4   March 19 2004, 12:00 am by bigballz4u |
I dont get the first part... Either that or i cant read tabs
March 28 2004, 12:00 am by extrememan |
hey CJOGEEETER or what ever your name is that sounds wrong
+1   April 28 2004, 12:00 am by aawiegardt |
About the fourth bar;


Listening to the song it sounds like the slide is much lower, and he is sliding down. Anyone have anything that sounds a little closer.
+2   May 3 2004, 12:00 am by stinkycheeseman |
Hendrix rocks!!
+3   June 25 2004, 12:00 am by Xx_led_hed_xX |
Jimi 'the dead god' Hendrix, eh? sounds about right.peace out, rock on(good tab, by the way
+2   August 27 2004, 12:00 am by zeusplayer44 |
2nd line.....2nd to last note, should be on 6th string not 5th (the 3)
August 27 2004, 12:00 am by zeusplayer44 |
great tab by the way
October 19 2004, 12:00 am by Ravedge |
great work!
November 6 2004, 12:00 am by guitarghetto |
One thing greatly offended me... he's not dead
November 26 2004, 12:00 am by STERIOGRAM134 |
i agree with guitarghetto hes not dead he is god and gods never die
+4   December 25 2004, 12:00 am by JohnnyMak |
dood. hes dead guitarghetto. hate to break it. if i had the CD to this song im sure it would be great, but i gotta find it first in my closet which isnt easy. wOOt to dis tab doh.
December 27 2004, 12:00 am by JohnnyMak |
wait yeah sorry guitarghetto. hes not dead
December 27 2004, 12:00 am by cgplaya |
does the capital B also mean bend or a pinch harmonic or sumthing like that
January 6 2005, 12:00 am by lespaulmonkey55 |
jimi hendrix is dead you ***!!!!!!!!!!
good job on the tab (you got it out of the book maybe but thats ok)

your an idiot if you dont know that jimi hendrix is dead

in loving memory of jimi hendrix (died september 18, 1970 )
January 22 2005, 12:00 am by thefakeslash |
eeee yes he lives and rocks in the music spirit......but what is the effect that sounds like ringing at the final part of the song, and i have a digitech rp100 pedal, someone could give me the key for the song??
you know the config ot the song
+1   March 3 2005, 12:00 am by fingerpkngood |
nice tab...good job
+1   March 14 2005, 12:00 am by grasstain |
great tab just the intro is


but other then that its great
April 7 2005, 12:00 am by LuckyJim |
i agree with grasstain on the intro, thats how i've always played it and it sounds pretty much accurate.

very nice tab though
-2   April 7 2005, 12:00 am by LuckyJim |
07/17/2002] by CJOgeetar:
this tabs awesome i agree with ur first few notes but it seems easier like this.


June 26 2005, 12:00 am by beatle |
note that the guitar is droped 1/2 step. DAH WE ARE TALKING BOUT HENDRIX
-4   August 3 2005, 12:00 am by Wiegraf |
^ No it's not, it's standard.
September 1 2005, 12:00 am by wakeboarder |
-6   September 25 2005, 01:43 pm by .N30C0N. |
The chords feel like there all badly put together. It just dosen't sound right
October 2 2005, 10:33 am by Red.Washburn77 |
[09/25/2005 - 01:43 pm] by .N30C0N. : |
The chords feel like there all badly put together. It just dosen't sound right

Try putting emphasis on different notes, instead of all of 'em.

Thanks, man I've spent so long looking for a right Purple Haze tab. RAWK ON!!!
October 26 2005, 03:23 pm by gibsonrocker917 |
good tab the begining sound pretty good but i've got a different way

-------------- and so on

heros are remembered, but legends never die
October 29 2005, 03:39 am by mikeofthechimps |
its a gr8 tab and jimi is alive in every single note. thnx v. much.
November 9 2005, 03:01 pm by Peppersteen |
in the 6th bar of the solo you have one note sliding down from 17 but it sounds better like this:

e ---12

November 9 2005, 03:17 pm by Peppersteen |
scratch that, chalk this;
-11   November 16 2005, 03:03 pm by Jaypeddie |
lets have a lesson in logic then

hendrix is dead
gods never die
hendrix wasn't a god

clapton's still here though..
-3   November 25 2005, 09:32 pm by aprescott_27 |
this looks a lot like the tab in the official tab book ...
but i won't say another word about that ...

and yeah, i think something like


sounds better for the first two bars
January 6 2006, 01:22 pm by PumpkinKid XIII |
[12/18/2005 - 01:35 pm] by bass_man_dan : |
yeh so shut up next time u wanna dis a dead person! cz im dead n i know how it feels

So they hav computers down in hell do they?
January 6 2006, 08:19 pm by mikea93 |
yo dat aint funny nick. lol my ass

great tab
-4   January 16 2006, 06:18 pm by Spartan 117 |
I agree that Jimi is great, but he's not a god. Guys like him and Eric Clapton are kinda overratted
January 23 2006, 02:01 pm by Baloon |
sick tab dude
Hendrix kicks ass!!!!!!!!!!!
February 6 2006, 09:13 pm by SomeGuitarPlayr |
Screw what i said about the key, the key was in a different tab i looked at =P. Anyway this tab is stolen either from the book or taborama... and he just changed the opening statements made by the tabber/book, and got rid of the key...
February 12 2006, 11:00 pm by Brody GuitarGod |
hmm...hendrix is NOT dead and yea good tab i give u a 10 =)
February 13 2006, 03:35 am by whodrix |
great tab m8 sounds better tuned half step down ITZ PERFECT
February 16 2006, 02:59 pm by widowmaker_xas |
February 24 2006, 08:56 am by bezza1 |
March 31 2006, 06:20 pm by playing4_Christ |
ya, people have posted this already but you cant say it enough, it is so
April 1 2006, 08:28 am by guitarsolo_17 |
dude seriously nice tabbing it confused me a bit cuz i use the live version but pretty nice, a little shabby but wat the hell
April 6 2006, 06:35 pm by Negative_Creep7 |
WTF does % mean
April 15 2006, 04:50 am by Repitition |
Repeat the last bar.
April 25 2006, 01:45 am by acoustic87 |
I think that this has been overposted but I have to agree with everyone else that the intro is played like this
That's how my guitar taught it to me because he didn't like the way this tab had it. Still this a very good tab. The hard part is getting the strumming pattern down for the verse. Good tab.
April 25 2006, 01:46 am by acoustic87 |
sorry, not my "guitar", my guitar teacher
-1   April 29 2006, 01:18 pm by Cobainsbrother |
this tab blows
for the right tab go to
May 1 2006, 04:13 am by musicfreak003 |
5/7 in the intro should be a bend but great tab stsill
+3   May 15 2006, 03:05 pm by mumblemonster |
Hendrix is NOT dead he is living in an penthouse flat with Elvis and Hitler (they dont get on so well) in an tiny village in russia!
also I would play the beggining like so...........

It is easier on little hands!

May 15 2006, 03:19 pm by mumblemonster |
Also......... someone asked what key it is in... I think it is a good old A (minor?)
May 28 2006, 12:15 pm by ncm414 |
June 18 2006, 11:11 pm by shoebox_of_lies |
pretty sure it works if you play it in the key of g
July 2 2006, 10:54 pm by FenderFreak626 |
great tab dude i dont think it needs corections
-2   July 19 2006, 06:28 am by g0_rd_ht_ch111s |
yo dude nice tab :D, jimi hendrix is ****in awsum!
anyway dis randum guiitar teacher at ma skwl gave me da tab 4 da intro an it sounds really mint :

and there is sum oda shit but i cant be stuffd tabin dat eh, shit it mustv takin u AGES to tab dat. gud job :D

July 19 2006, 05:02 pm by jimihendrixfan |
truly awesome. there were only maybe 2 mistakes in all-the closest tab to the real song that i've ever used! niceee. and the guy above me has the correct intro. (or at least according to the version i have of purple haze). nice yo
July 24 2006, 08:53 pm by TotalyHAB |
ok i have tried for along time to figure out the solo in this song and i have viewed every song i cant figure it out, can someone help me
July 24 2006, 11:14 pm by TotalyHAB |
ok ive been to every ****ing guitar tab on this song and in everyone of them the solo sounds to low in pitch, and it has to many ****ing numbers that dont exist when i hear the song!! someone help me on this solo i would really appreciate it!!!
July 24 2006, 11:25 pm by TotalyHAB |
where the hell does he do this 16--16-h-18-18-h-18-p-16--16\14----14h16p14---14\13
when i listen i hear this
b-16--16-18h16-18h16-16s14-13s14-16 now im not saying thats accurate but thats what i hear number wise the other solos seem to be totally ****ed up to say the less!!! and i know for a fact thats not how hendrix does it by watching him play
July 27 2006, 10:25 pm by LongLiveRock628 |
hendrix will never die. have any of u seen sandlot

"heroes r remembered, but legends never die"-the guy who play babe ruths spirit

hendrix is a legend in years to come people will tell stories about all of those people and tell stories on how they changed the world
August 1 2006, 08:25 am by master of music |
its, better going

|-5------| at that bit just after the intro
August 2 2006, 09:38 pm by Orguitarika |
Great tab. Jimi Hendrix over-dosed on drugs to all you who don't think he's dead. He's been dead for years.
+1   August 4 2006, 09:57 pm by SublimeGuitar |
So how is it tuned, Regular or half step down?
August 15 2006, 08:25 pm by hamerjuggler |
great tab he is a dead god i just cant make it sound perfect but over all nice job man
August 16 2006, 02:14 pm by stuman |
yeah nice... but in place of the first chord change you can do the hendrixE then a G A rather than the tricky chord you got there
August 25 2006, 08:47 pm by 123guitar123 |
wow....nice, how long did this take u
August 25 2006, 08:48 pm by 123guitar123 |
wow!......nice tab, this must have takin you forever to make
August 26 2006, 01:54 pm by Oasis-fanatic |
amazing song but not as amazing as the song itself ;)

brill tab dude well done
September 10 2006, 07:36 am by i<3myteli |
ok...intro's wrong, i have about 10 dvds of him playing this particular song, and he plays it almost the same in every one which is not this way ( every exact note that is ) it is pretty much it though. and for everybody thats left a comment of how to play it on this is wrong, once again 10 dvds. anyway props to tabber
+2   September 10 2006, 03:11 pm by Jon101791 |
Wow Ok look, Jimi played this song in London in 1967 he played it a halfstep down from Eb Now then he played more often with the key of Eb AND thereafter the most recent purple hazes that u hear are in standard
There is no real "Correct" way to tune to purple haze
10 dvds wow didn't know they made tat many on jimi, Well i don't know what your watching but the intro is the same on all purple haze that he played, The intro like 6 8 6 8 w/e How EVER jimi did play it once live where the intro was all weird and way diffferent (he mustve been like fukin stoned ;) But other than that i dun know what the hell ur talking about
+1   September 10 2006, 03:12 pm by Jon101791 |
Yea i read up there it says jimi used his thumb and thats correct Jimi if u didn't notice has Bigger than normal hands so he could use his thumb as you could say a 5th finger, how awsome is that :D

OH the tab yes the tab is very good

My favorite songs by jimi Prly are
1. Machine Guns
2.Purple Haze
3.Hey Joe
4.Little Wing
and Voodoo child
I like every jimi song but those are the ones that really stick out MAchine guns was on of his best with the band of gypsies too bad they only made one appearance

heh im bored so im making alot of posts He he he oh and about the open strings thing, Jimi knew what he was doing , he didn't get sloppy those open strings do blend with the melody or w/e

Jimi hendrix doesn't get sloopy ;) im not argueing so don't fuss at me or anything :D

Jimi Hendrix RIP
September 10 2006, 06:12 pm by paintITblack39 |
my way of the verse is harder but to me it sounds better
e-------0----0-0---0-----|-------------------------|u dun hav to play
B----8--8--x-8-8---8-----|-------3--------5-5-5---5|it like thatI just
G----7--7--x-7-7---7-----|-------4--------6-6-6---6|like to go more in
D----6--6--x-6-6-6-6-----|-------5--------7-7-7---7|detail. Its in 120
A----7--7----7-7-7-7-----|-------------------------|tempo just incase
E-0------------------7/12|-3--3-----3--5-----------|you want to tab it
on guitar pro.
September 10 2006, 10:14 pm by Jon101791 |
^^^ Thats mostly the same, but i like that slide u added in there
September 10 2006, 10:16 pm by Jon101791 |
There really is no right way to play the verse i mean u hit any note as long as u want Which jimi ofcourse focused on the higher notes in the chord by strummin them more But w/e makes yall happy ;)

See Paintitblack is one of those people who will become famous cuz he likes everything in detail :D

He he im rambling on w/e nice tab D
+1   September 15 2006, 07:44 am by matthew91 |
its all wrong! there not enough tab the frets are wrong listen to the song then try and play this.
September 15 2006, 11:51 pm by DJG_GNR |
Amzing Tab!:) And to anyone who disses Eric Clapton or Jimi Hendrix, hear me out.. Its not the skill they had (which was amazing) it wasn't even the things they did (Jimi Burnt his guitars, played with his tougne, behind his head etc.) but for the love of god he started the electric guitar world! Van Halen and Slash are my two favorite guitarists and they both admitted in interviews "without analyzing Jimi and his work.. we would not be where we are today"

So when u diss Jimi, ur dissing all the greats!!

September 29 2006, 08:54 pm by Jon101791 |
So true ^^^
-2   October 12 2006, 06:20 pm by !!WARRIOR!!21 |
October 26 2006, 06:07 pm by simmons100 |
November 2 2006, 12:14 am by Eternal_Slayer |
quite good. 1 part of the intro just sound kinda funky.. and u ppl that say it's a terrible tab... go to ****ing hell. it took this dude some effort to make it so respect it. dont just call it a bad tab without saying why it's bad.. morons. pretty decent tab in my opinion.

November 16 2006, 03:55 pm by WCS_Is_Worse1 |
The Music is not dead but Jimi Hendrix is dead dude
November 20 2006, 09:12 pm by rford40 |
yea its awesome he was the greatest guitarist ever and he started at 14 oh and awesome tab
-1   November 20 2006, 09:12 pm by rford40 |
yea its awesome he was the greatest guitarist ever and he started at 14 oh and awesome tab
November 29 2006, 12:37 am by mikea93 |
tabs like these are good, the way u can get the sound right is to play with ur amp and ur effects. then it might sound like hendrix
-2   December 3 2006, 01:40 pm by Colton165 |
the intro is incorrect
+2   December 4 2006, 09:04 pm by guitardude1039 |
guys, the intro is RIGHT!! jeeez its JUST like he plays it on the jimi hendrix woodstock dvd i got.. dont believe me? search it up and watch it on you tube.

he does the

January 5 2007, 11:24 pm by mapletree |
HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thats what im tlakin bout
-1   January 27 2007, 05:22 pm by Metallica333 |
well he plays the 6-8 live..but on the cd you can tell its 2 strings so its


January 29 2007, 02:22 pm by dimebagrocks! |
amazing!! perfect!!
January 30 2007, 07:08 pm by St.Jimmy13 |
idk the chords in the verses dont sound right to me...but everything else does
February 4 2007, 12:53 pm by 4coustiks |
the best soong eva of Jimi!!
February 11 2007, 07:50 pm by AlchoholicA |
Shit I can't print this tab, it comes out all ****ed up >.
-4   February 12 2007, 01:29 pm by stef123 |
like u
-2   February 14 2007, 10:03 pm by saiyuki411 |
I dont understand how to play the beggining it just doesnt sound like jimi sounds retarded...
+1   February 16 2007, 06:22 pm by i bleed metal |
why did this tab get a four? cause the intro is mildly off?...its a freaking five
February 28 2007, 04:30 pm by Daniel Pearce |
I agree with you saiyuki411. Amazing rock legend.
March 4 2007, 07:03 am by Daniel Pearce |
But isn't the intro 8 6 not 6 8 as you put it?
March 5 2007, 07:17 pm by Paul Lambeth |
Sounds quite accurate but.. something doesn't seem right with it. The intro's slightly off at places.
-1   March 9 2007, 08:41 am by VSG |
Great Tab!

The song is NOT played a 1/2-step lower. It is standard tuning.

The intro is:


That IS the way to play it. The BASS is playing E octaves (7 & 9 on the A & G strings).

The rest of the intro is CORRECT!! Except for one minor thing - The "3" is actually a G (3 on the E string) in the 8th bar.

For those that say it doesn't sound right, work on your timing.

There is a second gutiar that bends the 15th fret on the E string and then slides down a few times.

For the verse/chorus part, that is CORRECT as well. You don't necessarily need to hit all the notes exactly. Experiment with it, I'm sure Jimi played it slightly differently each time as well. One note is to use your thumb on the low E string. This leaves your pinky free to do the hammer-on's and pull offs while still holding the chord shape.

Everything up to the solo is PERFECT! I can't comment on the solo, since I haven't learned it yet.

Someone posted this:
[[[01/22/2005 - 12:00 am] by thefakeslash : |
eeee yes he lives and rocks in the music spirit......but what is the effect that sounds like ringing at the final part of the song, and i have a digitech rp100 pedal, someone could give me the key for the song??]]

That is a guitar that is playing the same note as the lead only sped way up.

March 9 2007, 12:52 pm by axe_man |
yer this gr8 tab can only spot a few places in the beggining where uve missed sum slides n its tabed differently to wt he wud ave plyed but gd job!
+3   March 10 2007, 11:57 pm by VSG |
^ Holy crap, man. Is it really that difficult to type out the words fully??
March 14 2007, 07:41 pm by i<3myteli |
i like to tune my guitar 1/2 step down and just hit the e string open and the 12th string for the intro check it out
e---0--12--0--12--0--12--0--12 idk its funner for me
March 24 2007, 11:18 am by stratsound8 |
the beginning was good i guess but after that it does not go on that long and there is no way it is played like that it sounds horrible
April 7 2007, 03:11 pm by mfkr |
Theres bits in the intro that sound wrong, and from playing this version and version 2 through, version 2 sounds more correct to me. Personally I like playing exactly what the guitarist did, I know sometimes its impossibile. I can't be sure which is correct tbh.
April 21 2007, 09:38 am by El Gigante |
i played through the song, and the intro is wrong
April 21 2007, 09:42 am by El Gigante |
if you move the whole song down one fret it sounds better
April 23 2007, 08:52 pm by thechuckmaster |
its good but the intro is wrong, its like this

with crybaby
April 23 2007, 08:54 pm by thechuckmaster |
this intro was taken from the jimi hendrix book, so it is 100% correct, and the 5-7 isn't a slide its a hammer on if you could read sheet music u would know too
+1   April 30 2007, 08:13 am by guitar-pete |
"Hendrix is NOT dead he is living in an penthouse flat with Elvis and Hitler (they dont get on so well) in an tiny village in russia!"

Are you sure Elvis and Hitler don't get along well. I'm sure they'd be happy considering there is a band called "Elvis Hitler"
May 23 2007, 08:12 am by LedZeppelin48 |
this tab is champ.
im really getting into hendrix,
nice work =]
May 24 2007, 03:19 pm by simon1235813 |
Sweet Tab dude
May 30 2007, 10:08 pm by Page n Hendrix |
Great tab, the intro is a little wrong...just very minor though that it shouldn't even matter 5stars..everything else is perfect
May 31 2007, 10:15 pm by guitarguy1344 |
you messed up a few things in the beginning but otherwise nice job
-1   June 6 2007, 09:55 pm by JumpKickDance |
Good tab!! 5 *'s
+2   June 7 2007, 11:00 pm by angelovp |
This is an awesome tab! The solo is great. The beginning may sound a bit sketchy but its right. Hendrix plays:
And the bass play plays the octave of that riff. Im not really sure what that is cause I don't play bass.

Rock On!!

-1   June 15 2007, 02:29 pm by FenderDK |

reat tab!
+1   June 16 2007, 06:04 pm by The(good)finger |
pretty good, man. i play it a little different but it is pretty much the same thing
+1   June 21 2007, 11:56 pm by matt_fender_3 |
it's not about being perfect. just getting a basic concept of how to play the song. then play it your on way
+1   June 23 2007, 11:26 am by *kas |
I think the intro sounds fine as is, just strum a little sloppy and palm mute it.
+1   July 1 2007, 09:19 am by 4.7GB |
The end goes like this whn he played it live -


+1   July 4 2007, 01:48 pm by mister_cj |
4.7gb ur a prik u fink ur betta dan evri1
u need 2 get a life
+2   August 24 2007, 10:26 pm by The(good)finger |
The verse is E7, then G, then A. (without rythem)Play the E7 like 6
E--------------------3-------5 times or so, and let
B-----------8--------3-------5 the barre chords
G-----------7--------4-------6 ring a little.
D-----------6--------5-------7 (E7 strumming:
A-----------7--------5-------7 D,D,U,D,U,D)
+1   September 19 2007, 05:13 pm by facemelter3 |
i love this tab it rocks out loud kick ass
+2   September 20 2007, 06:38 pm by coolmanjack1995 |
what does the % mean?
+1   September 20 2007, 06:41 pm by coolmanjack1995 |
what the crap do u mean by pick randomly?
+1   September 23 2007, 09:31 pm by guitarfreak635 |
yeah whats this % mean what i think it means is repeat but thats just me
+1   October 15 2007, 11:24 am by pro gamer |
kudos to you for this one. and kudos to jimmy and the group for writing this. If you play this using a... can't remember. dang. I guess a "wow" pedal (thats the sound it makes) it sounds awesome.
+1   October 16 2007, 08:06 pm by jesuswalked2008 |
+1   October 18 2007, 02:04 am by red_guitar22 |
man thats a mint tab
+1   October 28 2007, 01:05 am by yo-shiuan |
the % means to repeat the previous bar
great tab, by the way
+1   December 5 2007, 09:12 pm by JimPrenier_11 |
Why did you overdose Jimi? Why? Well at least we still got Eric Clapton and Carlos Santana. Anyone who says Santana
isn't a legend needs to listen to some good classic Rock.
+1   December 16 2007, 06:33 am by stef123 |
great tab.
+1   December 21 2007, 02:37 pm by coolmanjack1995 |
try tabbing the woodstock version with the awsome solo at the end one of my favorite solos ever is the woodstock version
right before the improv
+4   January 5 2008, 06:58 am by guitar-star |
RIP jimi
whats this ****ing world coming to more people would rather look at the shitty ****ing rihhana or apologise
worst hand bag bullshit i ever heard of **** society jimi still lives on inside me
RIP jimi
+1   January 7 2008, 01:11 am by abdulalhazred |
jimi rocks. fans of jimi vote 1 for hey there delilah (all of them), rihanna (or w/e the f**k it is), green day, james
blunt, and taylor swift.
-4   January 7 2008, 01:13 am by abdulalhazred |
vote 5 for this tab and songs that kick ass like stairway to heaven and ACDC songs and Black sabbath and metallica
-3   January 30 2008, 11:27 pm by boneacid234 |
this is wrong
+3   February 5 2008, 05:15 pm by GuitarSk8er804 |
jimi hendrix would be proud to see this
February 5 2008, 05:16 pm by GuitarSk8er804 |
and next time put a key!
-4   February 21 2008, 11:00 am by 666-JoE-666 |

Hey! Its some damn fine tab you have here! But I THINK the intro goes something like that!

+2   February 28 2008, 11:00 am by gunsnroses#1 |
i miss jimi
+1   March 2 2008, 08:59 pm by 13sg13 |
good but i slide between every bar in the intro
+1   March 10 2008, 03:05 pm by Saigfraid |
The idea of 666-Joe-666 sound very good if you play
instead of
-4   March 11 2008, 06:13 pm by Afroman30000 |
Instead of the keys G and A, shouldn't it be the chords A7 and B7 after the E7#9?

Play -575655 (A7)- instead of -355433 (G)-
And play -799877 (B7)- instead of -577655 (A)-

I'm just throwing this out there, I'm not sure if it's the right way, but it's how I was taught to play it.
-3   March 13 2008, 01:25 pm by Afroman30000 |
Sorry, B7 is 797877.
Made a little mistake there.
-2   April 2 2008, 08:27 pm by jimmypage4eva |
lets not all forget bout the great Jimmy Page. But Jimi will never be topped he is dead, but lives in our hearts with his awesome music. He will never die in the world of music.
-1   April 8 2008, 07:51 pm by jonesguitarman |
dosent sound like it
-1   April 15 2008, 02:52 pm by Randyrocks123 |
Dudes, someone said he tunes a hafl step dwn for this. He only does that live, on the album he tunes to standerd.
-1   May 8 2008, 05:42 pm by roberto4563 |
friggn awesome
-2   July 15 2008, 08:15 pm by stonedcow120 |
wtf the solo is messed up :-(
-2   August 3 2008, 06:30 pm by kenifh |
FAO everyone arguing about tuning: The man himself used normal and 1/2-step down. And would probably have played it in baritone tuning, if asked to. Also, if you wanna be really cool, play Immigrant Song to lead into this:


Or something like that. Jazz it up a bit obviously.
*prays that looks right when he hits submit*
August 18 2008, 02:03 am by Mondo Generator |
Excellent tab! 4 stars, because the intro had some mistakes.
I find that with Hendrix songs, you kind of need to change it to however feels good to you. I think they are supposed to be that way. The songs are very open to improvisation and added stuff. That's part of why it's so fun to play his songs.
+1   September 9 2008, 05:44 pm by Paddyo3584 |
Great tab. Hendrix Lives. He and Bob Marley are forming a supergroup and are hard at work recording an album. 2pac may appear on it also.
-2   September 30 2008, 09:47 am by TheTroy |
the intro is wrong. he uses what i think is called a tri-tone.


it sounds much more correct now. and it is 100% right
+2   September 30 2008, 09:49 am by TheTroy |
the intro is wrong. he uses what i think is called a tri-tone.


it sounds much more correct now. and it is 100% right
October 16 2008, 12:16 am by unclefunky |
Great tabs.

I'm tired of rap and all that crud nowadays...

Anyway, not to change subject, but I also love the song Knights of Cydonia by Muse. It is amazing. Look up the tabs, then listen to it on Jango.
-2   October 28 2008, 10:29 pm by ninjaman1234 |
The very 1st part sounds better like this
November 5 2008, 05:02 pm by TheStig1214 |
nice tab though
November 11 2008, 10:59 am by AceDelta101 |
pain in the ass to print out but good tab
November 21 2008, 02:35 pm by srvkicks@$$ |
i kind of think jimi was high when he wrote the lyrics to this awesome song
November 29 2008, 08:00 pm by Vasser |
Is this in standard or flat? I've heard Jimi always used flat, and it sounds best in that tuning.
+2   December 1 2008, 07:12 pm by metallica #1 |
GREAT i love this song i can't get enough of this you should tab more
+2   December 20 2008, 01:52 pm by Sonis3 |
Thank you for the awesome tab! =D
+2   December 31 2008, 02:39 pm by jordypaulrobles |
thanks nice tab
-3   January 5 2009, 09:56 pm by fishstickrocker |
i found like 6 mistakes in the intro... :[
March 12 2009, 05:03 pm by metalheadblues |
i perfer
g-7-9--7h9 haha hammer on 7-9 :D cheers people
March 20 2009, 11:51 pm by Cory00yeah |
okk we get it u can play the intro like 2000 different ways he has it a easy way so all shut up its perfect
+1   March 28 2009, 04:59 am by Toad747 |
jeypeddie you can go **** your mum up her ars and lick the shit from your tiny cock!!
April 1 2009, 12:47 pm by tomazbm |
nice tab thanks
April 10 2009, 12:03 pm by Qatwar |
I dont see how this tab is only 4 stars when its copied straight out the book I have in front of me
+6   April 13 2009, 11:30 am by Qatwar |
Alright, I will explain the intro to everyone who doesn't understand why it sounds strange. It is tabbed correctly with the Bb's, but Jimi and the bassist who's name I cannot remember have dubbed underneath with an E7 chord. so it sounds like the tab is wrong but it is absolutely correct. Hope that solves all the confusion
May 17 2009, 09:41 pm by hanselrocks1 |
ya that clears it up thanks qatwar oh btw great tab 5 *s
June 4 2009, 05:46 am by Migelino |
wow...this is the only right tab of purple haze ive ever seen. no-one else can seem to tab this song

nice work mate!
June 4 2009, 05:57 am by Migelino |
lol even though im gonna contradict my last comment, this is actually supposed to be played in Eb tuning. (Eb, Ab, Db, Gb, Bb, eb)
some might disagree, but listen to this link on youtube:
the tabs are right, just play it in Eb tuning
-2   July 1 2009, 03:52 pm by Puffboy92 |

that just sounds better to me. i dont know if its just me or what so ppl check it out see what u think
July 20 2009, 07:02 pm by VincentLauw |
@Migelino: The recording for the video is in Eb... The recording on the album is in E.
August 10 2009, 09:26 am by conor-figgy |
It's half step, and the fuss over the intro, it is right, but the bass player is ALSO playing an octave, that's why it sounds different. Hope this helps. Great tab.
October 21 2009, 03:45 pm by Pogromca_wafli |
Is the solo correct?
-1   December 7 2009, 08:31 pm by jailhawkk |
-3 November 16 2005, 03:03 pm by Jaypeddie |
lets have a lesson in logic then

hendrix is dead
gods never die
hendrix wasn't a god

clapton's still here though..

man **** u, u dont know shit about rock and the hights that it cant take u
-2   December 7 2009, 08:32 pm by jailhawkk |
-3 November 16 2005, 03:03 pm by Jaypeddie |
lets have a lesson in logic then

hendrix is dead
gods never die
hendrix wasn't a god

clapton's still here though..

man **** u, u dont know shit about rock and the hights that it cant take u
December 22 2009, 02:22 pm by guitarproff |
Thanks man just what i needed :D
December 26 2009, 02:51 pm by Nollaf Enahs |
you wanna have the open e in the intro so i advise

a-1---1- etc. (if you cant hid the 0/3 chord strummming,
pluck it wit a finge r when you hit open e)
February 4 2010, 07:28 pm by SMILEYSIXX |
Good except beginning. You tabbed an octave. The intro is a devil's third.
+1   February 4 2010, 07:30 pm by SMILEYSIXX |
Forgot something. About the whole tuning deal, Hendrix always played in Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb.
February 23 2010, 09:40 pm by Ampzilla |
nice ass tab dude..XD
May 23 2010, 10:42 am by kurt_hendrix890 |
Amazing stuff!!!!!!!!!!!
August 1 2010, 08:20 am by jere96 |
i would say 95% correct very very good tab
August 30 2010, 11:25 am by weendigo |
what does that "/9" and "15\" means ?

is it a slide or something like that?
September 5 2010, 07:01 pm by kornkid101 |
good job man
November 9 2010, 02:12 pm by Frusciante19 |
very nice tab.. now i know how to play it :D
December 12 2010, 07:35 am by bezumsteeltjuh |
very nice thank you
December 29 2010, 07:56 am by bigweiners93 |
very very sick tab
-1   April 13 2011, 09:18 pm by dhutchins64789 |
November 16 2005, 03:03 pm by Jaypeddie |

God can't die my ass. Remember that thing that Catholics bitch at Jew's about? It's called killing god ON THE CROSS.
Hendrix is a god. He's teaching people in Heaven how to play guitar being why he hasn't risen back to life yet.
And don't compare Clapton to Hendrix. You embarrass both of you by doing so.
June 15 2011, 08:15 pm by Rpatush |
kick ass keep up the good work plus my guitar is tuned down a half-step for when I play STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN OR JIMI HENDRIX. it sounds BADASS
-1   January 16 2012, 08:48 pm by misfitsfan28 |
this is just how i play the intro it seems to be more correct
and u know the rest do the second part twice.
January 17 2012, 07:13 pm by misfitsfan28 |
oops the 1/4 is suposed to be for the bend
December 28 2013, 11:02 am by Andriucha |
Amazing tab! Great job, author!
February 10 2014, 01:49 pm by michy04 |
E |------------------------|
B |------------------------|
G |------------------------|
D |--5--------------------|
A |-----5-----5/7--------|
E |--------0---------------|

I think it's better to play it like this -

E |------------------------|
B |------------------------|
G |------------------------|
D |--5--0-----------------|
A |-----------5/7---------|
E |--------0---------------|
May 29 2014, 07:13 pm by pinkerdroit |
daaamn. nuff said.
September 20 2014, 01:45 pm by The_Shield |
What does the % mean?
January 6 2015, 07:13 am by Pastafarian96 |
repeat the last bar
August 27 2015, 05:27 pm by Nightcore24 |
Nice tab dude...Hendrix would definitely approve.
January 15 2016, 03:31 am by tigermetal |
like it
February 27 2016, 08:39 pm by antkeogh |
Yeah it'd the G instead of C note isn't it?
February 27 2016, 08:53 pm by antkeogh |
It's the same notes but on bar 4 lick it sounds good to go:

5/0------- (pull off)
-------0/7 (hammer on)
April 2 2016, 09:50 pm by Tacotrain1 |
The very end of the intro is wrong, the second to last measure is an octave to high
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