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+32   August 17 2012, 04:13 pm by Greemur |
To the person who rated my tab 1 star, you should probably go back and read the full description. I have nearly 20 tabs on UG, most receiving 5 stars. This is a rap song. Most of the song is based around Bm (or relative to the capo Am). This is simply the chords, not a full tab (which there shouldn't be one for since the song is completely electronic). Please be considerate and read before giving undeservedly poor reviews.
+6   August 18 2012, 11:07 pm by hany259 |
i think the tab is accurate. have no idea why people are giving it such low ratings. gave you 4*
+3   August 22 2012, 04:25 pm by Francypants |
This makes me warm and happy on the inside, gj dude. Haha.
+2   August 22 2012, 05:17 pm by Greemur |
Thank you both of you
+1   September 3 2012, 02:37 pm by Klowner666 |
Those guys are the worst, I was gonna put 4, but raised it to counter balance that huge faggot.
+1   September 5 2012, 12:12 pm by eternal_flame |
That's 5* for you, good sir!
+1   September 13 2012, 01:03 am by jocamero |
Even the attempt is worth 4+ stars. Hats off!
+1   September 17 2012, 03:23 pm by gleek191 |
Great tab sir. You deserve 5 stars.
-2   September 20 2012, 05:22 pm by Circus50 |
for Am just use hammer open B string.
+1   September 21 2012, 04:11 am by Deck_dalo |
Great effort man, 5 stars for sure!
+2   September 21 2012, 04:11 am by Deck_dalo |
And i believe I just tipped it to 5 stars :P
+7   October 8 2012, 09:29 pm by TheJiveTurkey |
now i just have to learn korean...
October 27 2012, 04:04 pm by rusty666 |
hey, well done but who wants to play this shit on a guitar is beyond me lol
December 3 2012, 04:59 pm by Steve51 |
Really fun to play this, even though I can't sing shit hahaha
Works for me, 4 stars for you mister ;)
December 16 2012, 11:45 am by MorganPratt |
At the end of each phrase it goes F to G, not E to G. I made a different tab to show this in case it's not clear what I'm saying here. Huge props for the accurate Korean though! 5*
February 22 2013, 09:26 pm by ibelieve2524 |
This is great, I have no clue why people are rating it so low. Come on people, learn how to play first!
February 23 2013, 12:24 am by asakapa0645 |
what's the strumming pattern?
March 18 2013, 04:26 pm by MlodyWilk |
Chords in the end of the verse are Dm7 Em7, not E and G! Chorus is correct.
March 23 2013, 12:25 pm by catking99 |
if only this had as many views as the youtube video....
+1   March 27 2013, 08:30 am by SKAKSD |
lol i listened to this song several times. Darryl Kim, senior from my school, played this song acoustically and it sounded wonderful. He told me he got it from here. 5*
March 27 2013, 09:29 pm by Greemur |
Glad so many people are enjoying this. On track to get 1,000,000 views
March 28 2013, 02:53 am by SKAKSD |
Gettin close.
-3   April 2 2013, 01:30 pm by anisor |
people can do what they want and i don't like the type of people who think highly of themselfs even if i do like this tab
+1   April 3 2013, 07:40 am by Greemur |
I respect your opinion and to you I say, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. And how exactly does my comment make you believe I "think highly" of myself? I just understand music, am stating facts, and am pointing out that being mean and trying to tarnish the reputation of something that is for the most part, correct, just because you don't understand it is petty and rude. So excuse me for defending myself from cruelty, but as you said "people can do what they want." I spent time and effort compiling this tab, as well as the others I have written to try and help people. So, I guess I apologize for being a good person and believing in moral karma.
May 2 2013, 04:55 am by leonard.isaiah |
could you upload a video as well, i'm having difficulties with the strumming pattern.
May 31 2013, 02:33 am by bakul704 |
Wow.. I love this.. Thx.. it helped me a lot!!
Plz like my page..
& watch & like these videos also... Pllzzz!!!
-1   July 30 2013, 10:29 am by CJSchecter96 |
Why do you need a stupid capo? People don't just know the real chords? For those who can do more than Am with a capo in 5 different places, they're Bm F# G A. Was that so hard?
-2   July 30 2013, 10:35 am by CJSchecter96 |
These are chords not tabs, and no offense but if you understood music, you would be able to play this without a capo. It's not hard to figure things out open.
+1   August 12 2013, 09:32 pm by Greemur |
I fully realize this and if you looked at any of my other tabs or chords, you'd realize I can. But realizing that many people who are just starting out, or who just want a simple way of playing something out there are incredibly prevalent on this and other sites, I wrote the chords with the capo. Please find better things to do than to troll chords and tabs. Also, I assume most people who are on here can read, and if you did you would see that the title of this is "Gangnam Style Chords."
August 12 2013, 09:39 pm by Greemur |
So, to answer your question a second time since you felt the need to post twice, when you use a capo, you are still using "real chords." It is a way of changing the natural key of the guitar. There are in fact many ways to do this, but this is an easy way to do so. Also, I wrote them specifically with the capo because unless you are playing the bare versions of A and G, it doesn't sound as nice. Almost every professional guitarist will use a capo for some of there music. Please, make useful and constructive comments and know what you are talking about before you post. Also, realize that at some point in time, you also could not play bare chords or as you like to call them "real chords." Many beginners still can't but like to play different songs.
+1   November 30 2013, 07:07 pm by PickUpAGuitar |
@Greemur - I don't know if you still check this tab, comments, and such but... fantastic chords! Thanks for your work. Since they are chords, they aren't "detailed" (which seemed to be a common complain from the uneducated) but they ARE accurate. Nothing hateful to say to you. Where I can see how people said you were "thinking highly of yourself" or whatever, I don't think so and I just think they need to chill the hell down. Thanks for putting time into a tab for us in the UG Community. Rock on! -PUAG
December 7 2013, 12:29 am by Greemur |
@PickUpGuitar This set of chords just hit 1 million views. Blows me away that I could help teach people something half-way across the world. Thanks for your kind words. I do still check on my chords from time time. Feel free to check out any of my other tabs/chords. Cheers!
December 19 2013, 02:13 am by song_writer_01 |
You know you should try using those E following with a G in F's then slide it to the 3rd fret to substitute the G's. And then use the E's at the pre-chorus as Em's....That will make it sound better but nice tab though so I gave it a *4
March 20 2014, 10:31 am by samranoor02 |
the lyrics is difficult :P
March 31 2014, 09:32 pm by Greemur |
???! ??? ?? ???! (Hold on!, study hard!) Look at the Romanized versions of the lyrics and listen carefully. Korean pronunciation is difficult.
-1   October 3 2014, 12:48 pm by Andrei260902 |
Clearly wrong. to many Am while the song uses more than that . Very unaccurate this is why I rate this 1 star
-1   October 3 2014, 12:48 pm by Andrei260902 |
Oh my god there are a lot of Am, and as i saw the song is useing a lot of notes
October 12 2014, 08:18 am by Greemur |
inaccurate*. To be clear, please read the description. The song stays on Am most of the time as it is a rap. Please make constructive comments.
October 12 2014, 08:22 am by Greemur |
First of all, please be respectful on this forum. Yes, there are many notes in the song, but this is clearly labeled "Chords" not "Tab." Please do not give negative feedback when you are not even willing to read the directions. It's like buying used clothing at Goodwill and complaining that they weren't new. It just makes you look bad. Please troll somewhere else.
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