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October 1 2012, 02:50 pm by Maitinin |
The notes are great, but it's not very readable. The harpsichord-part for instance. It's a mess to read, and that must be a pretty important aspect of tabs.
October 1 2012, 03:20 pm by jackrayment |
Hey sorry about that i went for the overall sound insted of readability because then i would have had to shif things up octaves and so on, if you want to read it shift it up an octave using the shift tool untill it is readable (in the staff) it will sound too high or low, but will be playable :)
+1   October 1 2012, 11:14 pm by Bryan2 |
Thats very easy to fix. Just higlight the whole harpsichord part and make it 15vb. It moves the music onto the staff, but plays the same notes as before.
+1   October 1 2012, 11:16 pm by Bryan2 |
sorry its actually 15mb that you want.:-)
+2   October 2 2012, 01:11 am by blazejaganshi |
is it possible to get this as a .gp4 or .gp5? guitar pro 5 wont open it ;_;
October 2 2012, 01:05 pm by jackrayment |
erm @blazejaganahi I will convert it for you if you want what is your email? i would post another one up but it has to be approved ://
+1   November 21 2012, 07:03 am by ispeelgood |
@blazejaganshi look up a site called tab exporter. you can throw in a gpx and it'll convert it to gp5.
June 4 2013, 10:23 pm by wes_jett2008 |
Tab is good, sounds are ehh
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