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+5   September 11 2002, 12:00 am by KoRnkid0989 |
+7   April 4 2003, 12:00 am by ramones74 |
intro is wrong
+4   May 9 2003, 12:00 am by rollingaerofan |
the intro souns all wrong
+4   May 19 2003, 12:00 am by superfrood2000 |
this is good tab, but i'm not really sure what to do just after the second solo. the intro is right by the way, just use the tab as a rough guide if you don't have delay (and even if you do come to that)
-24   August 11 2003, 12:00 am by Xessum |
the intro should be like this:

pm . . . . . . . . . . . .
-79   May 4 2004, 12:00 am by ironman4 |
hello me name ironman hee he e i got the munchgies reaaaljsad badssdf
+51   July 17 2004, 12:00 am by megadeth69 |
to ironman4:

you are gay ass , retarded fag
-2   July 18 2004, 12:00 am by griff1987 |
i think 'qb' may stand for 'quarter-bend'
-5   October 23 2004, 12:00 am by gpderek09 |
wheres the part w/ the slide....after the second solo???
-2   January 2 2005, 12:00 am by dbzrage3k |
i think that's basically improv, gpderek. Pretty much i just use some harmonics, then do some full-neck slides on the G string. It works, but make up your own, make it unique.

I can figure out what to do myself, but i think you might want to fix up the part just into the verse... it says "7fb5"... how do you full-bend the 7 up to 5?
+1   January 4 2005, 12:00 am by JoeBoy779 |
OH NO! qb! AARGH! I wouldn't know what the hell that meant in a million years!!!!

And yeah it's obviously quarter bend
-9   January 18 2005, 12:00 am by dude im 11 |
ya make it UNIQE and i dont have 2 more guitar players :'(
-19   January 18 2005, 12:00 am by dude im 11 |
you freaking retards!
January 22 2005, 12:00 am by oriolesazb |
bad intro...but good rest of song 5 stars
+6   January 26 2005, 12:00 am by southparksaurez |
stop bashing the intro... it's kinda hard to convey what to play with the effects, so don't say the intro's all wrong just cause you can't get it to sound exactly like the recording. this is a pretty good guide, and if you actually use the suggestion at the bottom i'm confident that you'll get the right sound. besides, if you can't figure it out from this you probably shouldn't be trying to play g n' r stuff :D
+1   February 28 2005, 12:00 am by shadow51t |
yeah i learned the song from this tab, but both guitars are supposed to be swithced! and the second guitar in this song is incorrect. othewise the tab is pretty good. i have the book you got it out of hehehe. yeah check out the new tab (version 4) with the corrections
+24   February 28 2005, 12:00 am by shadow51t |
actualy the intro is:


D|-----------------4----4--2----2-0---------| x6

D|----------444-222-00------| x3
+2   March 15 2005, 12:00 am by alifly21 |
wow. this is prolly 1 of the only slightly rite tab i hav seen. cool!
the 2nd solo is whak tho. my guitar sounds like its on drugs! lol
October 26 2005, 03:53 pm by hepzibahbaptist |
December 17 2005, 01:46 pm by mort1 |
dette va jo snaisent
December 17 2005, 01:47 pm by mort1 |
wrong intro
-1   February 12 2006, 12:02 pm by GD_GC |
this is great but its straight from the tab book anyone who thinks the intro is wrong this is exactly how the book says it is he copied it
-18   March 27 2006, 12:38 pm by fcuk |
hey fags i have the g and r book you guys are all wrong fags
+4   April 4 2006, 03:18 pm by boyan89 |
jeez i think its right
+20   April 6 2006, 05:53 am by wangmaster |
if U have the book why do U need the tab?
+2   April 12 2006, 02:58 am by warer |
To shadow51t:

Wow dude, that is awesome tabbin. It's the easiest way to play the intro, i've seen so far. Btw i trust all of you guys know that all GnR songs are played with guitars tuned half a tone lower on all strings. If you don't believe me just find a CORRECT tab and play along with the song.

April 21 2006, 01:54 pm by SPFan |
damn good tab
June 19 2006, 01:33 pm by acefrehley |
the intro isnt right...but the rest of it seems to be ok, except the 2nd solo is supposed to be played near the bottom, like on the 2nd fret. in the video, slash doesnt go past 7th fret untill it jumps up to 15
+3   August 2 2006, 09:54 pm by SlacyGNR |
Megadeth69 and fcuk, Please use more polite language. We do not need your profanity on this website. If you are going to be like that, you need to leave. Oh, by the way, it's GnR, not g and r. The band is named Guns 'N' Roses, not Guns AND Roses, pckfc.
+5   August 2 2006, 09:55 pm by SlacyGNR |
By the way, shadow51t did a good job on this tab.
+1   August 9 2006, 04:05 pm by sliksilver |
good job
+9   August 20 2006, 01:08 pm by Kid Fisto |
geez, what does, slash have like ten fingers on each hand?
August 31 2006, 09:03 am by master of music |
7fb5 means flat bend on the 7th fret then play the 5th fret, a flat bend is a bend that nears a quarter bend.
-1   September 4 2006, 03:34 pm by British Josh |
damn straight kid fisto. slash is sa god
+1   October 7 2006, 01:17 pm by Oasis-fanatic |
intro should be right under delay
+1   November 11 2006, 08:17 pm by MayoGNRSL1991CU |
damn hard but damn great!
December 20 2006, 12:09 pm by Jopa_92 |
that wasn't very good really
+2   January 13 2007, 03:51 am by sum 41 fan |
i swear that it's a bit off on the solo's could just be me but the intro is wrong
+1   April 5 2007, 08:34 pm by nightwalker903 |
"wow. this is prolly 1 of the only slightly rite tab i hav seen. cool!
the 2nd solo is whak tho. my guitar sounds like its on drugs! lol"

tab probs right then slash was on drugs at time so wouldnt suprise me :)
+6   May 19 2007, 08:21 pm by XhooperX |
dude the intro isn't that cool don't rip un the guy whos unregistered you guys are on crack its fine...
if you guys are gonna pms on that guy you might as well figure it out or hang yourself to make make the world a STRAIGHTER place.
+3   May 21 2007, 03:36 pm by Guitarness12345 |
not too shabby, good job
-4   May 22 2007, 06:15 pm by aznwarlord |
The intro is definately ****ed up, the rest is good though.
-6   May 25 2007, 05:03 pm by XhooperX |
this is f***ing confusing and hard to follow. you need to like put the times of the guitars and stuff, 1 star i can't follow this.
-3   June 3 2007, 02:03 pm by ME-AGAIN |
intro sux dude but other wise sick
+4   June 18 2007, 09:51 pm by Gtr_god_69 |
ok, how does the 3hb work???
+5   June 18 2007, 09:53 pm by Gtr_god_69 |
and for me the intro should b like shadow51t says
-7   June 23 2007, 03:21 pm by Alpha_Wolf |
+5   June 25 2007, 01:12 am by Scarlet_Fever |
domaraq, your a retard.
+4   July 4 2007, 05:54 pm by gedgod89 |
fuk me, this tab is right, the intro is fine. Watch the guns n roses live dvd in tokyo 1992 and slash plays it exactly as shown, and omg everone is so pathetic tryin to make corrections on ere wen dey r rong aswell. i thought this site was for people to try and figure out the songs and post dem on ere. of corse dere is gona be mistakes
-3   October 11 2007, 06:43 pm by Guitarmaster94 |
The Intro is so rite you stupid fukin retards

Go buy a digital delay pedal u fags
+4   November 30 2007, 07:07 pm by JimPrenier_11 |
I don't have a delay pedal but just go find a vesion for one with out a pedal This sounds real good I played it like
this on my friends guitar gear sounded great My gear is the bottom of the line
-4   December 3 2007, 12:49 pm by KingSquall802 |
youre all gay fellas.

shadow51t is right. tahats the way i play the intro too.
the solo is a little

everything else is fine.
-1   December 6 2007, 08:47 pm by guitardude2012 |
where is the part after the 2nd solo i cant find it on any tab??!?!?!?!
+2   December 17 2007, 06:54 am by starcaster13 |
Good tab. Frk everyone who says the intro's wrong:finger:
+2   December 18 2007, 02:10 am by [travis] |
The tab is good and all, it's just the interlude that needs to be put in. I agree with 'sarcaster13', the intro sounds
right to me. Everyone else needs to know how to play the intro.
+2   December 29 2007, 09:45 pm by philipp122 |
Good tab. The intro lick is missing some notes (view what shadow51t posted), nut it's all good. 4 stars.
-6   January 12 2008, 11:25 am by Dutch Current |
wow, stop spammin you fags,

great tab =p
Doesn't matter if it's from the gnr book, then ur just sure it's right
-8   January 14 2008, 11:29 am by Grizzly55 |
this tab is wrong. completely.
+2   January 17 2008, 02:02 pm by chip92us |
The intro is right. It is played with a delay pedal to make it sound like it does in the recording.

Nice tab, you
skipped a couple parts, but they were mostly repeats of parts played earlier in the song anyway.
January 18 2008, 12:44 pm by GuitarSk8er804 |
The only thing thats wrong in this tab is the intro but the rest is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!
+1   January 27 2008, 08:02 pm by zzfan |
To shadow15t:

It sounds all the same so don't correct him.

To Tabber:

+1   January 31 2008, 09:19 pm by [travis] |
There's another way to do the intro, I saw the different version in the John5 "The Devil Knows My Name," tab book. Hit the 4th fret on the G string, and then hit an open B string. Then do the rest of the intro you had right. I also own the tab book, which is where you got this tab from, but that's cool. 5/5 stars by the way.
+1   February 3 2008, 12:14 pm by marcusmarkmus |
Try using the open B-string as a kind pedal-note in the intro.




thats how i play it anyway and if you
listen to the track you hear that high openstring B. ( wich as a matter of fact is a Bb, since slash detunes his guitar
a semitone)
-2   February 6 2008, 01:41 am by guitarflick556 |
dude the intro is shit try listenin to the song man this is pathetic
-3   February 11 2008, 07:28 pm by Emo-Slayer |
great tab intro sounds good
+1   February 17 2008, 05:30 am by cheesetabman |
the intro is wrong
-12   February 21 2008, 09:34 pm by coltonguitar |
---------------------------[--------------------------- sounds good
---------------------------[--------------------------- to me
-1   February 22 2008, 10:19 pm by coltonguitar |
sry im sorry i dont kno wat i was thinkin intro is right screw the one up above =[
-4   February 24 2008, 05:28 pm by tekee007 |
slash is overated
+7   March 8 2008, 08:43 pm by izzo90210 |
Slash kick ass
March 11 2008, 08:20 pm by slash717315 |
the intro is right but there is more than one guitar so he tabbed one of the guitars intros....if u listen to the song u can hear the intro that he tabbed so whoever says the intro is wrong is wrong so get it right before u criticize someones great tab
March 21 2008, 04:50 am by JI-HALL |
this is great man
-1   March 30 2008, 06:49 pm by supaadam |
heyyyy and ya the intro.......:S all of its tottaly wrong kk OKAY! CHANGE IT!!!!CHANGE IT NOW OOGALABOOGALA TITIWA POOHEAD RAR!!!!
actualy nvm
April 3 2008, 08:32 am by _Metal_Guitar_ |
nice job on the solo
-1   April 9 2008, 07:29 pm by O-52-A-50-R |
Not that it really matters but why did you label the tablatures EBGDAE if you said that the strings were tuned 1/2 step down?
-1   April 11 2008, 03:36 am by Darkmaus |
Try Tuning your guitar a half step down that it is in

D# G# D# F# A# D#

then play with the cd. it's what I always do and it sounds perfect.
April 20 2008, 11:19 am by marcelaguiar |
This tab is officially known as the tab with the worst rated comments and best rated song. Just look aat all the comments!
April 29 2008, 10:53 pm by duffman388 |
-6   April 29 2008, 11:17 pm by duffman388 |

first off

D|-----------------4----4--2----2-0---------| x6

dumbest SH** EVER!

im tired of looking up a great song and running into dumbsh**s who prolly dont even know how to tune a guitar with/o a chromatic.

4 on g string and 0 on b string-------same exact note smart ones
on the G string---- 0=G 1=G# 2=A 3=A# 4=B
simple right? obvious right? apperently not. admittedly, when the B note is played on the G or the B string it sounds different----its not.
it will sound the exace same if u alternately pick the B note on the G string.

anyway, something u would notice if u like G n' R---- slash likes to play higher up on the guitar
WHY??? because he likes to keep his arms fully extended and have the headstock pointed more twoards the ground. anyway, im gettin bored, so heres the real tab


btw, for those of u who dont own a chorus and/or echo pedal

E----------------- ----11--11---8--6--

btw, the song is mostly ionic C major
-3   April 29 2008, 11:24 pm by duffman388 |
btw, shadow, i didnt mean to pick specifically on u, its just that i cant stand when i learn half of a song, play it with the music, and its waay off.
+2   May 9 2008, 12:47 am by wushox20 |
the real way to play the intro
you have to pedal back to the B string in between each note
go to youtube and watch slash play it
you can even hear the open B string
so please get it right next time
now there is a thousand kids who can play the song....WRONG
actualy the intro is:


D|-----------------4----4--2----2-0---------| x6
-3   May 12 2008, 05:54 pm by hammetjunior13 |
1OOTH COMMENT!!!!! YAY,good tab 4 stars
May 12 2008, 05:54 pm by hammetjunior13 |

D|-----------------4----4--2----2-0---------| x6
-4   May 25 2008, 02:11 pm by zipmach |
intro was wrong-but the rest was perfect
-5   June 16 2008, 09:29 pm by Classicrock!! |
The intro is right itiots! Dude great tab. And if your gonna freak on him and say the intros wrong when its either suck at guitar. or your deaf cuase the inros right
-1   July 2 2008, 03:01 am by eldoplaysguitar |
great tab
-5   July 5 2008, 02:39 pm by SRV217 |
intro sucks!!!!!
-4   July 21 2008, 01:30 am by 59'les_paul |
man that intro sucks what were you doing when you wrote that!!!!!
July 24 2008, 11:44 am by Ro734 |
cmon peeps its guys who copy tab bks dat mak life easy
+1   July 28 2008, 03:00 pm by arniecastor |
who tabbed this???
August 5 2008, 01:46 pm by chip92us |
The tablature for the intro is CORRECT.

However, it will not sound like the real thing unless you use a delay pedal like Guns N' Roses does in the real thing. Follow the delay instructions at the end of the tab before complaining about how it isn't right.

If you listen to the real song, you may have a good enough ear to tell that the only notes that Slash actually picks are the ones that are tabbed, making the tab CORRECT.

This is a tab of the intro with the rhythm above:

s s s s s s s s s s s s e e

Remember that the tempo is slower in the beginning, and speeds up before the "verse", as labeled by whoever wrote this tab.
+2   August 6 2008, 06:31 pm by porkymc |
best song ever
+2   August 15 2008, 12:21 pm by Price67 |
for everyone who wants to learn this the RIGHT way go to, he has videos too which should help you with this song.
+5   August 21 2008, 02:53 pm by Simbo |
Hey, thanks for this. I reckon it's right, and anyway, what's with the guys who say it's wrong getting so anal? If they don't like it they should do it themselves. And thanks for the tips with the pedals, etc, they helped.
+3   August 22 2008, 05:54 pm by jwrx1234 |
nice tab dude
+1   October 21 2008, 12:27 am by pbarry172 |
hey i jsut went through all the intros on my guitar and im pretty sure you set the distortion pedel (sorry i cant spell) to 3rds then play open B string a few times (im not sure how many you should be able to hear the count in the video) and then play the intro where you go back and hit the open B string like hammetjunior13 says in his tab. that along with the distortion sounds right
+4   November 12 2008, 06:33 pm by x95_D-Roc_95x |
u people are retarded, if u dont think that intro sounds right u need to go listen to the song again
+2   November 30 2008, 04:20 pm by ninja rockstar |
The intro is definately right dudes.
+6   December 11 2008, 09:53 am by gitarren-andy |
i think Slash's intro solo should be

and the main riff should be

main riff
what do you think?
+1   December 13 2008, 02:49 pm by guitarpassion |
open d stringĀ“( with bend) .. 2x -0-0-0
-1   December 14 2008, 11:38 am by Halofreak194 |
intro is definitely wrong
+2   December 28 2008, 10:46 pm by Tab Guy |
5 stars. The delay settings REALLY helped me! :devil:
+2   January 26 2009, 12:20 pm by Stratattacker |
This intro is 100% perfect! This is tabbed EXACTLY the way that Slash plays it. It sounds perfect on my Les Paul.
+1   February 12 2009, 10:52 pm by travo8 |
awesome dude
+4   February 15 2009, 11:43 am by House Cat |
anyone who says that the intro is wrong obviously doesnt have a delay pedal
-2   February 17 2009, 11:53 pm by Adam the Vine |
the intro is waaaay the heck low... i think u tabbed the wrong string? i try it on me B string and it sounds all right
+2   March 6 2009, 10:51 pm by stage4saiyan |
Fucking idiots. The intro is correct. If you want to look stupid, check it out on YouTube or *gasp* actually TRY the thing.

Good job, tabber.
+2   March 15 2009, 11:22 am by irokzworld |
for all you stupid people who think the intro is wrong. YOU USE A DELAY PEDAL!!!!!!!! Watch slash play this and he plays what is tabbed out. Actually try the suggestions at the bottom for the dealy or just give up the guitar because you have no idea what you're doing.
+2   March 30 2009, 06:58 pm by EVH the Second |
tabs sound almost perfect to me a few errors but regarding intro setting
delay time 442ms
ping delay
reapeats about 47
delay level a little bit lower than 100 percent

from a digitech rp 500
-3   April 26 2009, 03:00 pm by b3njam1n |
-3   April 26 2009, 03:01 pm by b3njam1n |
thats how the verse is played
+1   May 31 2009, 12:16 pm by Jake_21 |
Only a few errors. Like the intro is wrong, but is it sounds correct becides those errors. (4 stars).
June 21 2009, 05:07 pm by Mikzon |
Thank you shadow51t for the intro :) otherwise good tab!
-1   August 1 2009, 12:59 am by ITZanna! |
DUFF MAN IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't agree more!!! Your brilliant! Your awesome! Your probably cute!!!!!! CALL ME!
-6   August 1 2009, 02:35 am by ITZanna! |
Oh yeah! Has anyone seen the new harry potter and the half blood prince movie?! I thought it was amazing, but the end of the movie left me hanging so bad i almost fell off!!! I mean, Harry was just about to start searching for that thingamabober, AND IT ENDS!!!!!! I'm sad now :{ I'm gunna start crying:{ And I can't beleive that Ron never throughtout half the movie never would have guessed that hermiany liked him! It was soooooo obvious!!!!! I can't beleive this!! I mean IT OUTRAGOUS!!!! THEY LEAVE YOU HANGING SOOO BAD AT THE END OF THE MOVIE!!!! If you'll exuss me, i'm gunna go break down and cry, over there, where i'll be alone, and without a GOOD ending to the movie. goodbye, farewell, and good luck. weep..............weep.............weep :{
August 17 2009, 08:32 am by joe-smoe |
awesome! don't look at the tabs with open b stings inbetween the notes coz thats the live version when slash isn't using delay!
August 17 2009, 08:35 am by joe-smoe |
again is say : awesome man even better that the real hit!
August 17 2009, 08:37 am by joe-smoe |
i would rate you 6 because even lick library doesn't teach you the solo that well
-1   August 17 2009, 08:40 am by joe-smoe |
if you like that check out my new kickass nightrain tab out wed the 18th of aug 09
+1   September 4 2009, 09:37 pm by marcelaguiar |
it drives me crazy that lots of gnr songs are tuned down 1/2. Im constantly tuning my guitar for this
November 26 2009, 01:44 am by logan cain |
this tab isn't good at all, it's missing almost all the fills, and half of the solo is wrong... not worth 5 stars
December 29 2009, 10:16 pm by parliamentisded |
is there a way to get a delay effect w/out a pedal?
January 16 2010, 04:59 am by MariKaz |
Is this mine lame playing or half of the solo is freaking wrong?
January 22 2010, 08:23 am by ChiliMyAss |
id suggest using only the verse and chorus..
cause that stuff is alright on this tab but its missing lots of stuff..
What I did was listen to the guitar track and did by ear..

This one is really good:
March 12 2010, 11:56 pm by Unit 731 |
3hb is a half bend on the 3rd fret.
Just play on 3rd fret then bend up a half a step. Or til it matches the pitch on the CD.
April 6 2010, 09:57 am by UKMaster |
Can someone tell me what to to bcus theres like a bridge bit and then he plays loads of chords then repeats the chorus. Could someone help? Otherwise great tab!!
April 6 2010, 09:57 am by UKMaster |
Soz I ment after teh second solo BTW!!
+1   April 6 2010, 10:15 am by UKMaster |
Some place after the solo he does this, after that weird fidly about bit when axl sings 'You know where you are? your in the Jungle baby!':

April 6 2010, 10:16 am by UKMaster |
Then chorus repeats after that^
+1   April 6 2010, 10:19 am by UKMaster |
After axl sings after second solo:

April 6 2010, 10:20 am by UKMaster |
then chorus^ Soz my post got a bit muddled!
April 16 2010, 12:56 pm by Topleggedskater |
"The intro is wrong"? That's a fail... You need delay. Plus, just read the end of the tab notes!
-1   May 26 2010, 05:23 pm by roRyL |
July 5 2010, 04:48 am by Ruzaldeen |
why slash always use half step down tuning. i wonder why??
+1   July 29 2010, 06:20 pm by duckslayer28965 |
why do idiots who already have a tab book for a song go and look up the tabs for the SAME song?? and then they point out that someone copied it..Who cares i would rather them copy out than screw it all up by making it themselves
August 14 2010, 04:17 pm by Cody188 |
gitarren-andy's intro is alright. But this is the way I play it. Right or not it sounds the best

This is right

This is the part after I play different
April 19 2011, 09:01 pm by desjaravinti |
coool , perfect
July 23 2011, 12:55 pm by loki'scurse |
my guns n roses book fails.... it says theres a slide from fret 34 down to 26.... i was confused.
+1   June 14 2012, 03:28 pm by RileyEdmonds |
i probably sound like an idiot...but why does the tab have guitar 1 2 and the third guitar the bass?GNR used a solo guitar(slash) and a rythem guitar (izzy)...
June 14 2012, 03:29 pm by RileyEdmonds |
i know i probably sound like an idiot...but why in the tab does it say guitar 1 2 and one of those guitars the bass?..GNR only used 2 guitarist (slash on lead and izzy on rythem)
October 30 2012, 05:26 pm by bboylalu |
There's a lot of confusion about the intro... I mad a few months ago a Guitar Pro tab and uploaded it here, but nobody seemed to be interested in it (because of all the previous good ones before with high ratings, probably). Please believe me, I studied this song a lot, watched a lot of videos and I can assure you that my version is the most accurate. Problem is you must own Guitar Pro 6 so you can hear the delay effects (yes, you also have the delay effects in it) and everything else. To be as objective as possible, mine sounds the best :)). No really, give it a try, you've got nothing to lose, and please rate accordingly, so people will see the high rating and learn the correct version. I made it by listening to the multitracks, instrument by instrument, lots and lots of work. My girlfriend hated me for a few weeks :)).
The link is: (Version 9 in the Guitar Pro section). Thanks!
P.S.: The only thing I might have messed up is the panning of the guitars at some point, just got lost :D.
October 30 2012, 05:31 pm by bboylalu |
Btw, you can try to use these settings on Amplitube Slash (3.8) as well, they'll work perfectly (I mostly made a combination of presets I found on the Internet, and I would like to agree with previous posts (I don't take credit for them): Level - 5, Time - 440 ms, Feedback - 0. If anyone is interested, I can upload the Amplitube Slash preset. Just let me know.
September 2 2013, 07:38 pm by NachoAkd79 |
the intro is not wrong, but he should have put that that is made with delay, and the other guitar does other thing, i play that intro with delay and sounds good, if you dont believe me watch live gunsandroses videos
September 7 2013, 05:03 pm by rockasta |
this is great. thank you!
September 29 2013, 08:38 pm by SkylarsEpiphone |
Intro sounds wrong
February 4 2014, 02:43 am by BreezyKill |
You tap B string between every other note played to get the intro almost correct
February 22 2014, 09:32 pm by Guns N' Chains |
Develop your ears or play with the song...then you'll know.
March 8 2014, 11:21 pm by ctaylorhunt |
Actually, the intro can be played with or without the delay.
Here's how I play it:


Repeat this intro 9 times.
Plenty of concert videos from Guns N' Roses between 1986 to 1993 are on You Tube. Hope that helps! :)
June 21 2014, 12:43 pm by TheLittleArtist |
y'all better try it in an Eb tuning, that sounds much better with this tab
May 5 2015, 09:05 pm by theROCKER2001 |
Yeah, the intro doesn't seem to sound right...
-1   June 26 2015, 12:06 pm by erik.mb01 |
Lack of accuracy. In the intro theres one more tune in the background and one off the riffs are not in the right derections.
June 30 2016, 10:29 am by cecetaylor86 |
Intro is wrong. Here's the correct way to do it with and without delay:

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