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-4   April 27 2006, 11:25 am by lazyboat |
-4   May 5 2007, 04:45 pm by bassetrox |
June 18 2007, 06:48 pm by slug |
+2   June 20 2007, 04:28 pm by RyanMcCartney |
Off the top of my head it sounds right... though I aint listened to the song in fecking ages.

Good work tho. A definate 4stars.
-31   June 26 2007, 07:24 pm by cat_basket13 |
+2   December 13 2008, 11:45 am by Dan Toms |
if you're looking for the chris cornell version it's right (maybe different key) but doesn't sound like the MJ version to me
+1   January 25 2009, 12:25 pm by dreadedstrings |
It sounds a lot like it. But songs are in different keys generally so it can fit a voice
+6   June 29 2009, 02:33 am by g1nce |
since jackson died his popularity even in UG have rosed...... people just pretend to give a shit about his death
+7   July 3 2009, 07:08 am by peterk05 |
The F#m bit needs to be a progression, one strum each F#m - G#m - A(m?)
+4   July 3 2009, 07:09 am by peterk05 |
Then back to G#m after the A.
+1   July 7 2009, 11:53 pm by harpy1976 |
you're absolutely right peterk05, it is that progression. but watch out in some spots it kinda does a quick-change to the Bm after the G#m in some spots. but once you get it down, then it;s fairly easy.4*
+1   November 20 2009, 01:38 pm by shakti_102 |
It IS right bt this is a song that's not made to be played in guitar! It changes it's way! That's why it doesn't sound good! Else, the chords are right!
+1   December 14 2009, 11:53 am by calum94 |
the chords for the keyboard bit i believe are; B9 C#9 D9 C#9
+1   August 26 2010, 08:23 am by StarsFallForMJ |
g1nce ....maybe people have realised the error of their ways and have been introduced to the beauty of Michael Jackson...i bet some (stupid) people stopped listening to his music after all the (LIES!) rumours, and they have been reintroduced to him...stop being so critical! MJ was a genius...Oh and I DO care about his died on the 25th June has now been 1 year 2 months and 1 day....
August 17 2013, 12:53 pm by gianvittorio.fa |
Minimal :S
October 18 2013, 10:32 am by guitarlover2170 |
Excellent Chords for Me. Here to complete it :)

Bass Intro:

E---------------------------| E-- -----------------------|
B---------------------------| B--------------------------|
G---------------------------| G--4-----2--4--2-----------|
D---4-----2--4--2-----------| D-----4-----------4--2--4--|
A------4-----------4--2--4--| A--------------------------|
E---------------------------| E--------------------------|

Violin Intro: F#m, G#m, A, G#m Enjoy!
January 27 2014, 12:01 pm by ilscade |
intro: F#m

F#m G#m A G#m
She was more like a beauty queen from a movie scene
F#m G#m A G#m Bm
I said don`t mind but what do you mean,I am the one
F#m G#m A G#m
Who will dance on the floor in the round
F#m G#m A G#m Bm
She said I am the one
F#m G#m A G#m
Who will dance on the floor in the round?

She told me her name was Billie Jean as she caused a scene.

Then ev`ry head turned with eyes that dreamed
Of being the one,
F#m G#m A G#m
Who will dance on the floor in the round

D F#m
People always told me, be careful what you do.
D F#m
And don`t go around breaking young girls' hearts
D F#m
And mother always told me, be careful who you love,
D C#(7)
And be careful what you do, `cause the lie becomes the truth, hey

F#m G#m A G#m
Billie Jean is not my lover,
F#m G#m A G#m Bm
She's just a girl who claims that I am the one
F#m G#m A G#m
But the kid is not my son
F#m G#m A G#m Bm
She says I am the one,
F#m G#m A G#m
But the kid is not my son

For forty days and forty nights, law was on her side
But who can stand when she`s in demand,
Her scemes and plans
`Cause we danced on the floor in the round.
So take my strong advice: Just remember to always think twice

She told my baby we danced till three, and she looked at me,
Then showed a photo. My baby cried.
His eyes were like mine.
Can we dance on the floor in the round?

People always told me, be careful what you do.
And don`t go around breaking young girls' hearts.
But you came and stood right by me, just a smell of sweet perfume.
This happened much too soon. She called me to her room, hey
January 30 2014, 05:47 am by aviale |
The Bm should be Bmaj. This is a Dorian mode song.

EVERY version in here has got this wrong. Dunno why. :/
July 1 2014, 08:21 am by 21hotmc |
good chords for me:). Look on tab player and scroll down for better intro:).
August 6 2014, 02:24 pm by jaymeking06 |
didn't like this contribution
August 24 2015, 03:00 pm by acoustic_jam14 |
The chords are in the wrong key and the timing's off. Don't feel like writing 20 words so this sentence is a space filler.
March 23 2016, 02:10 pm by mauritano |
have you played it with Bmaj ? it just doesn't sound right
March 23 2016, 08:38 pm by aviale |
Ugh...I stand corrected. Can't believe how wrong I was...!

Yep, Bm sounds good.

I just thought that there was something "not right" about the chords. :)
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