by Kansas tabs | tabbed by blue_ice_989
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June 11 2007, 07:46 pm by x50fx donkey |
best 1 yet great job-- actuallyu has the whole song--
March 14 2008, 10:04 pm by ApolloSoldier |
best tab for this song. should be highest ranked. i have the actual music sheet for this and both this tab and the sheet are identical.
June 25 2008, 10:44 am by Guitarmaster94 |
i saw ur vid on youtube, nice tab
+1   August 6 2009, 06:25 pm by alecbritten |
Hey Im kinda new to the guitar thing so would you mind explaing what the tabs are? I'm not familliar with a few of them.
October 10 2011, 01:20 pm by Wa/ter |
I've found a litle mistake. On the 3rd line:
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