by Green Day tabs | tabbed by reizig
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+1   September 20 2004, 12:00 am by boxcarman |
sounds good to me. props to getting it up so fast, and for the lyrics. after hearing this song and 'american idiot' i cant wait to hear the whole album. ~dangerman
+1   September 29 2004, 12:00 am by yaridovich60 |
Great job dude!
+1   October 4 2004, 12:00 am by sadistic_monkey |
Nice job.
+1   October 4 2004, 12:00 am by atc228 |
October 5 2004, 12:00 am by blink182fan9491 |
hey in the 2nd to last part (the 2 solos before the piano interlude) the solo part is on the wrong string. its supposed to be on the D string not the G string. overall good tab keep em comin
+13   October 5 2004, 12:00 am by blink182fan9491 |
this is how i play it(solo part)
Solo 1: x2

Solo 2: x2 e|---------------------------------------------------------------|
+4   October 5 2004, 12:00 am by blink182fan9491 |
played twice
-3   December 29 2004, 12:00 am by mexican_boy666 |
esta chido=it`s a cool job you don`t feeling tired after you copy it
+1   March 4 2005, 12:00 am by turn_it_up |
its great, nice job =D
+1   March 29 2005, 12:00 am by specky s+w |
this is exellent

great job
+1   March 29 2005, 12:00 am by specky s+w |
this is exellent

great job
+2   April 7 2005, 12:00 am by ACHILLESj87 |
WOW, that's all i have to say.
+1   June 22 2005, 12:00 am by Skater2000 |
Hell jea! Perfect Tab!!! I love this Tab is soo good but the solo at the last part is a bit different but everything else is 100% right!

This is a great Tab! Thank you, it rocks!!
+1   July 19 2005, 12:00 am by grlwhoplysgitar |
great job on a song that is soo long !!! great job X's 77
+1   July 29 2005, 12:00 am by manz |
this is IMHO almost perfect. u and i differ on the way we play the 1st solo and maybe 3 riffs along the whole song. but congratulations! awesome tab!
July 29 2005, 12:00 am by manz |
by the way just wondering if any1 knows an easier way to play the second part of the second solo (quick part) if so, i´d appreciate if you´d email it to
August 4 2005, 12:00 am by jjrawson |
Riff 4 of "I don't care is wrong" apart from that pretty good
August 10 2005, 12:00 am by garlicguitar |
Brilliant, apart from its Middle East not Middle mast on the lyrics for i dont care
+1   August 10 2005, 12:00 am by garlicguitar |
There were a couple of other faults on lyrics too, but hey this is a guitar site not lyrics so awesome ^^
August 25 2005, 12:00 am by legend and a1/2 |
hey mexican_boy666 actually reizig did an entire album of "American Idiot" and he copied it from there if you dont believe me search for American Idiot and look at the 1st album tab and its 5 stars and its by reizig so he didnt copy it from some1 he copied it from his own album tab.
+1   August 25 2005, 12:00 am by legend and a1/2 |
oh yea, great tab and ur album tab is awesome.
+1   August 28 2005, 12:00 am by GD_GC |
It is pretty good, but since i have the official tab book, i know how it actually goes. The first part of the solo, for one thing, is supposed to be played with those two note chords with the mute in between on part five. Good job, though.
-2   September 12 2005, 12:00 am by *'-'* |
Well done. You have long patience guy.

In the 1st bit in the order you say play Riff1 but you put no riff 1 me confused you american fool.

Viva La China and France
September 22 2005, 12:36 am by *'-'* |
No really I knew it was the bridge, im not that dumb
+1   September 26 2005, 07:53 pm by Blade1112 |
its awesome but i play it so slow because i suck. xp
+1   October 10 2005, 08:12 pm by flyingskull |
this tab ****ing rocks . good job
+2   October 26 2005, 07:13 pm by RATTYCOBRA |
+1   October 29 2005, 12:07 pm by Blade1112 |
+2   November 9 2005, 08:23 pm by The Spoon |
Nice tab. Best tab ive seen.

But i have a question, what does the 'p' in 'Tales of Another Broken Home' mean? (Im fairly new at the guitar)
November 11 2005, 11:50 am by Orcane |
nice tab, but the 2nd part is wrong, there is no guitar at first, then it comes in after like 7-10 seconds when billy joe says "at the 7-11 where is was taught" and the guitar comes in there.
kick ass album tab too :)
November 29 2005, 10:57 am by Im_a_basketcase |
This TAB iz amazing works gr8
Song and album rules
December 2 2005, 05:13 pm by thelordofguitar |
pretty good thanx for puttin g in the lyrics
-7   December 10 2005, 01:32 pm by GreenDayRocks_7 |
You know what the problem with your tab is reizig, the problem with the tab is that THE WHOLE SONG IS IN POWER CHORDS, so what i am gonna do is do the correct version of the song so everyone can play it correctly.
December 17 2005, 12:14 pm by Buchan |
the tab is right, i saw the band Live, Milton Keynes 2005, i was right at front, even on the dvd, major fan of them ive seen they live loads of times, got videos, and this is right, so the person saying its wrogn can f*** off, u did a good job dude
+1   December 19 2005, 01:21 am by ZEiNDEiN |
This is a great tab... good job... ppl who say its a crappy tab can go lick and eat their slimy shit.. =D
December 29 2005, 08:00 am by fennett |
great tab man. 5 *'s
December 29 2005, 08:59 am by Billie Joe |
sweet tab..
-4   January 29 2006, 01:51 pm by silverstein_x |
So reizig, next time I would really rethink copying and pasting this WORD FOR WORD from some poor kid named Matt Nicholls who originally tabbed this on another guitar tab site. I have a printed copy of both "your version" and Matt's and they're exactly alike. And he submitted his BEFORE you did.
Just a suggestion, loser.
January 29 2006, 08:16 pm by mezmetized33 |
hey silverstein_x, what tab sight is that other thing on? oh yeah and greendayrocks_7, whats wrong with power chords? thats how bj plays, so don't blame reizig for tabbing it,
as long as it sounds good
February 15 2006, 04:06 am by Mike_rocka_boy |
yeah all i could crit is the solo on tales from another broken home, just doesnt seem right. AWESOME TAB THOUGH MAN GOOD WORK
February 18 2006, 01:22 pm by blink182_4_life |
u have most of the tab right.i have the actual book for it.and some of the verses are wrong dude.but good job ne ways.i might tab it sometime
February 18 2006, 01:24 pm by blink182_4_life |
not exactly a 5 star rated tab but close though.
-2   February 22 2006, 06:32 pm by guitar_eric |
medioker, at best
March 2 2006, 04:38 pm by phindian848 |
good tab, but i got a question, in city of the dammed, verse, should i slide to the next note or just how it is written?
March 4 2006, 04:41 pm by PhantomWuss95 |
i like this tab

-1   March 10 2006, 05:01 am by Liam |
dearly beloved is wrong! god damn! use ur ears!
March 16 2006, 04:11 am by musicfreak003 |
by riff1 u mean the bridge, dont u?
March 16 2006, 04:59 am by musicfreak003 |
this is so f**king good though!
March 17 2006, 06:38 am by LVK |
Great tab dude! Good job!
March 19 2006, 02:59 pm by gunsnspaghetti |
Great job! We're not worthy!!
March 25 2006, 12:43 pm by Baz06 |
Hey awesome, dont think anythings wrong with it!

March 31 2006, 05:16 pm by vinnie107 |
whow sounded great on my new gutair
April 1 2006, 10:41 pm by Crazy_5.0 |
pretty good, there are a few parts wrong, but its mostly right
great job!
April 14 2006, 04:33 pm by gtrplayr1 |
check ur solo on tales of another broken road
May 10 2006, 02:12 am by strumhappy |
nice one
+1   May 13 2006, 02:48 pm by dudehm13 |
amazing tab dude, keep em comin :]
May 17 2006, 12:53 pm by Funkyfreako |
Nice... but the solo is wrong..
May 19 2006, 10:52 pm by A7XDUDE |
dude this shit ****in rocked
+1   June 26 2006, 08:12 pm by gtrplayr1 |
terrible solo and piano interlude in tales from another broken home. look at the other comments to find out how to do the solo, the piano interlude is Fm Eb G# C# C# Eb G# (the small part [u know what i mean] u do a complete barre chord of a G# on the A string like this-X,11,13,13,13,X] u sweep pick downward) C# Eb G# C# (deep and hard)C# Eb. try this dude
June 30 2006, 02:28 pm by stabdoll |
dude, you do know that if you drop the low E string to D you can play power chords throughout the whole song? Im in a cover band and thats how we play it. it's way easier that way.
June 30 2006, 05:24 pm by PsYkO_kiLLa90 |
pretty sweet 4 most of the tab except i dont care sounds kind of off and that interlude in tales from another broken home is just horrible. Nice try tho
July 14 2006, 10:46 am by SG! |
the solo is a doesnt sound right..i think one of the dudes right ^^^ up top had it right i think it was um...blink182fan9491 besides that everything is LEET!
+1   July 25 2006, 12:09 am by vndr8n52 |
awesome tab
September 25 2006, 06:08 am by ninja G |
nice one this tab rocks
October 6 2006, 11:47 am by SporkyD |
October 10 2006, 12:42 am by timmtam |
Great tab :)
October 10 2006, 09:12 pm by bandfreak73 |
damn good job buddy
December 29 2006, 09:42 pm by katieb13 |
sounds good! but it can sound better if you play this in the intro:


January 2 2007, 05:15 am by Anouk |
Hi! Can someone tell me what that 'riff 1' is in part I Jesus of Suburbia?? reizig refers to it twice, but I can find it..
January 25 2007, 11:43 am by chads_in_hi_fi |
sweet tab! i like how you divided it up
January 29 2007, 06:21 pm by the_st.jimmy |
i tip my hat 2 u man! jolly good (no, i'm not british)
January 29 2007, 06:24 pm by the_st.jimmy |
all except daerly beloved. good job ovrall
-2   February 15 2007, 06:28 am by ayron123 |
guys in the dearly beloved when are i going to strum it?
-2   February 15 2007, 06:29 am by ayron123 |
guys can i ask again? in the city of the dead when ami i going to strum it?
-2   February 15 2007, 06:37 am by ayron123 |
guys in the dearly beloved what is a palm muting?
-3   February 17 2007, 12:42 am by Emo guy |
You fuking suk!!!! u shit face...u dont even know how 2 substitute a 6 with a 1 on the next string up.....cock face
+2   March 1 2007, 10:25 pm by XxGibsonSGxX |
Okay, Emo guy, be quiet and listen to some hardcore screaming. Ayron, palm muting is just placing your palm of your strumming hand on the bridge when you pick, so you get a thicker percussive sound. I also play the last solo like blink182fan. Sounds better. In the very start, the chords you play 4 times each are Db and Bbm (all 6 strings, with A and D on the 8th fret and the rest on six; barre) And Dearly Beloved is wrong; i don't wanna type it out cause it takes too long without a tab editor.
March 4 2007, 08:11 am by ayron123 |
thanks gibson for teaching me and sorry guys because im just a noob!!!!!
March 4 2007, 08:12 am by ayron123 |
hey gibson in the city of the dammed do u know the chords because its struming?
March 5 2007, 05:30 pm by wertherrr |
this is an amazing tab. nice job.
April 18 2007, 07:21 pm by Chuck-Norris |
Like Chuck Norris This Tab Is Awsome. Great job dude
-2   April 20 2007, 07:58 pm by bandfreak73 |
i play the solo just like blink182fan9491 (way the **** up there^^) even tho blink 182 sucks. gj tho nice tab
May 13 2007, 01:55 am by Fatt Sorum |
Slight edit to blink182's solo tab:

May 30 2007, 02:55 pm by sharlut_1234 |
cool tab man. I love it how people get so worked up about gettin it perfect!! it makes me parts are wrong, there just orginal- not saying that there wrong or original i..just...ill shut up now.:)
June 1 2007, 06:56 pm by NO RULES_punk |
That tab was really good!

Nice joob mate !!!
June 1 2007, 11:50 pm by mister bass guy |
in "dearly beloved", u said an electric guitar is palm muting, but i think it's just bass. i might be wrong, but i'm just suggesting...
-1   June 1 2007, 11:54 pm by mister bass guy |
yea. no where close to perfect. the lyrics are off, and during the solo, there's a rhythmic guitar playing. JAHEEZZZ!!!
-1   June 27 2007, 08:52 pm by AOFn'GDfan |
G|---------6-6-6----------8-6------------8-6-7-7-77---- x1

I play the intro lead more like thing like that i think it sounds better
July 21 2007, 11:15 am by i like kiss |
Nice!! And it does sound like an electric guitar is palm muting in dearly beloved and it is close to perfect mister bass guy mayb you should at bass tabs and not guitar tabs next time =p
July 27 2007, 10:16 pm by xxspartan117xx |
could someone please tell/explain me how to play the chorus in "Jesus Of Suburbia" because i cant figure it out
August 14 2007, 10:30 pm by roy orgathe |
which part of the choprus
September 10 2007, 11:27 am by sharlut_1234 |
cool tab man and i was just reading the other comments and Emo guy sucks monkey ass! wata bitch! you rock :)
October 27 2007, 05:22 am by gavz_verdikt |
Emo ass!!!!!

Anyways i loved this song especially d video :D

-2   October 30 2007, 12:55 pm by thedudemeister |
some parts are missing, but its a good attempt
-5   November 12 2007, 02:59 pm by rich105 |
no completly wrong
December 30 2007, 05:53 pm by superfrog1000 |
im a bassist, sso dont ask why im on the guitar bit =P
but stop giving the guy critisism
"its completly wrong"
that, ive just read all the comments for this =O
and yeah, corrections are good..
but why say oh you suck blah blah
give the guy a break
why dont you try tabbing it "correctly"
and getting 5 stars for it..
but anyway =P
cant say if it sounds good or not coz i cant play it ^^
but well done for getting 5 stars dude
April 5 2008, 05:47 am by «ÀÐÜÑ» |
Hi man top notch tab, great effort.
To anyone who says this is "All wrong" or "Off tune", you should STFU and GTFO! ur probably either useless at guitar or u cant tune ur instument.
April 5 2008, 05:52 am by «ÀÐÜÑ» |
great tab, top notch.
All of u hardasses who say its wrong: ur probably a horrible player or u cant tune ur instument.
:o to critics
/ \
/ \
/ \
April 5 2008, 05:53 am by «ÀÐÜÑ» |
ok wtf thats annoying it says i have to log in to post and my message appears?
April 10 2008, 02:43 pm by alexec947 |
this is a great tab 5* if u say its wrong then your probably tuning your guitar wrong
May 3 2008, 11:36 pm by g_tab_man |
hey green day rocks 7, guess what. Billie joe plays power chords. There are only a couple of songs where he doesnt use power chords, mostly on the warning album. and if it sounds good, then why do you say that its wrong? Excellent job. Not perfect, but insanely good. I learned my way to play it from Yours sounds amazing though. Five stars.
+2   May 3 2008, 11:39 pm by g_tab_man |
hey sweet my rating was number 169. onehundred and SIXTY NINE! haha. that makes me happy.
June 1 2008, 09:51 am by gr33nday101 |
it would really help if you put the lyrics with each part
June 22 2008, 02:24 pm by HardRockKid |
Thanks so much i hope it helps
+1   September 27 2008, 07:49 pm by brokenheart77 |
+1   October 9 2008, 10:03 am by Neffets |
Realy good....much work!
November 11 2008, 10:02 am by SwollenEyeballs |
okay, imma ask a question that someone else asked somewhere waaay up there:: in Jesus of Suburbia, what is the Riff1 thing in the order of the song, there is no riff 1 written down.

and i think Mister Bass Guy is right, in Dearly beloved, i think it is bass thats palm muted...cuz theres chords in the background....
December 29 2008, 05:07 pm by gdpunkdude |
this must have taken forever cuz it looks near perfect! good job.
February 15 2009, 02:56 pm by xxPHENOMxx |
wow... great work this is spot on
March 4 2009, 04:27 pm by floydisawesome |
is it just me or does the end sound like a hard rock version of "ring of fire" by johnny cash?
June 30 2009, 08:40 am by BoabzBand |
Its just you :P Lol...

I love this tab learned the whole song from it :) But I can't get the second part of the solo in Tales of another broken home... I find it pretty tricky... xD
July 1 2009, 01:46 am by detoxicated14 |
sweet! :) thanks man.
August 2 2009, 12:49 pm by dabaseballking |
kickass song, 5/5
Riff1 is akin to Bridge, I guess the tabber got it mixed up, but everybody makes mistakes. ROCK ON!
August 27 2009, 04:04 pm by Spencey92 |
mate, i cant thank you enough, great tab, 5 stara, cheers bud
September 13 2009, 01:22 am by xXrEnEgAdEXx |
awesome tab mate. thanks!! GREEN DAY ROCKS!!!
September 20 2009, 05:15 pm by indie_fella |
really good
i think on city of the dead verse the last two power chords need to be like this...
/----2--/ /----4--/
/----4--/ X8 /----6--/ X8
/----4--/ /----6--/
September 20 2009, 05:16 pm by indie_fella |
well u get the idea
October 4 2009, 05:08 am by Greenday_rking |
This tab is wickard
November 5 2009, 08:58 am by Romaster |
very nice, it says riff 1 on jesus of suburbia... whhat is it talking about? i didnt see anything
November 5 2009, 08:59 am by Romaster |
nevermind i figured it out
February 11 2010, 09:27 pm by Nahualamish |
this is the best song of green day thanks for tab it men i love you
June 10 2010, 10:58 pm by thangrymufinman |
this is probably one of the best tabs or most accurate tabs ive seen in a while
June 28 2010, 07:46 pm by artard8 |
This is an amazing song! I have always love it, Green Day did very good with this. If you actually understand the lyrics than its even better! :) Thank you for tabbing this! I used it a long long time ago around when you first tabbed it. GOOD JOB MAN!! Definite Thumbs Up!
July 2 2010, 03:29 pm by EthanMiskov |
Thank you so much! Going to do this and Saint Jimmy live soon, thank you so much!
+1   July 28 2010, 07:25 pm by Strat-Cat |
For dearly beloved try this; to be played once and then play it the way this tab says.
Accoustic for this part
G#5 C5 C#5 G#5D#5 x6
G|------5----6-------8---|x 3 or 4 (not sure)
I have the official book and this is the way Billy Joe plays it
November 26 2010, 10:52 am by CrazyGuitar89 |
I was playing my fender one day on drop D tuning (D,A,D,G,B,E), and this is what I found to really be:
December 30 2010, 07:13 pm by hiwaychild1 |
this is probab;y this best tab i have ever seen thats been self-interpretted not counting the lil mishap with putting the solo on the wrong string lol
January 30 2011, 07:03 pm by BrutalDethMetal |
isn't there a massive bit missing at the begining of City Of The Damned?
sorry if i'm being a noob but I don't see it
there's so much missing
March 8 2011, 06:16 am by axel.afah' |
Great tab but for the solos look at blink182fan9491 comment. It is the best way to play it
BTW great work
July 28 2011, 03:33 am by ipuked |
How can such an amazing song be so simple, with mostly power chords? HOW????!!!:) By the way, great tab!
August 5 2011, 06:50 pm by Epik Moon |
Epic tab with simple power chords.
November 8 2011, 12:03 pm by suburbansniper |
cheers brilliant tab
May 18 2012, 03:25 pm by Tan010 |
The solo at Tales of Another Broken Home or Part V. is incorrect. You have it tabbed on the correct frets but not the correct string. It should be played on the D string instead. Also I'm not a hundred percent sure on the second part of the solo either. But otherwise great tab. Maybe four stars with the solo wrong here. :D
February 24 2013, 02:50 pm by LyteBelatto |
I believe the solo to be incorrect. I played it with the album and it did not sound right at all.
May 19 2013, 04:12 pm by FriendlyWalker |
Really nice!
November 5 2013, 04:57 am by Metal Mav |
sick dude.
September 14 2015, 08:19 pm by Punkrock1347 |
Awesome tab, and mostly correct all the way through.
February 11 2016, 06:35 am by cuibiix |
Thank you for this awesome tab. Great Job!!!
April 25 2016, 08:22 pm by andyozzie6 |
The solo sounds like complete trash :/ smh like why why
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