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+3   December 19 2004, 12:00 am by morsels23 |
I like the first two chords, but I think the second two are actually 022003 and then 032013. Other than that, it sounds like this version is the best. Nice work.
-2   January 24 2005, 12:00 am by guitarplayer789 |
Most of it sounds good, the first three are good, the last chord im not sure about i don't have any suggestions but is just doesnt sound right, and the part after that, pretty much the D chord, that doesn't sound right either, it sounds too high
+2   April 13 2005, 12:00 am by sergio1337 |
i completely agree...for the most part it sounds good but that last chord just sounds really bad and the d chord sounds very high...there is some mistakes toward the end...need to fix that, i dont reallly any suggestions....either
+3   April 20 2005, 12:00 am by sergio1337 |
i like this tab
-38   August 21 2005, 12:00 am by AnthonyZ Great |
you suck
-38   August 21 2005, 12:00 am by AnthonyZ Great |
you suck
December 16 2005, 11:31 pm by tenchixjk |
a lil short dont u dink? nice and i'd ave to agree wit morsels sounds better that way..ahah nice tab though good luck with other songs
February 1 2006, 06:52 pm by bigfitz79 |
Generally the best chords for this that I saw but I think I also agree with morsels on changing those last two chords in the verse.
February 6 2006, 09:35 pm by schetts07 |
pretty good put the capo on 3 and change the last 2 chords to 020033 and X30033
February 27 2006, 04:35 pm by Dzang! |
good tab man. i like it. sounds real good.
+1   December 15 2006, 10:19 pm by laughcrylivedie |
This one's pretty accurate.
+1   February 13 2007, 10:05 pm by sublimelover |
this sounds so much better tuned down half a step with these chords
-1   March 28 2007, 01:31 am by msell19 |
morsels23 is right about the second to last chord 02203, and schetts is right about the last chord x30033. But the capo is still 4...and of course the hammer on pull off on the last chord. nice job
-5   April 1 2007, 10:23 pm by The Big Machine |
Is it just me or are these the EXACT same chords as used in "Swing Swing" by AAR??
-4   April 1 2007, 10:23 pm by The Big Machine |
Is it just me or are these the EXACT same chords as used in "Swing Swing" by AAR??
July 21 2007, 05:30 pm by vision_blurred |
this sounds good, but i think sublime's right and it sounds alot better that way.
+1   November 14 2007, 05:44 pm by punkrocksk8r58 |
i think its pretty good , but theose other people were right it sounds a lil off
December 6 2007, 01:41 pm by hungrysubman19 |
hey check out the video. he is playing on the first fret with no capo. this one is a good version with the capo though
February 16 2008, 02:56 am by willy44 |
o man i just made a song and then i found out about this song wich almost sounds the same...
+2   February 27 2008, 10:50 am by BWallenstein |
The song is played with the capo on the third fret, NOT the fourth.
+1   April 23 2008, 11:25 pm by bells44 |
i watched a live video of this and he's got the capo on the third fret, but i've tried it both ways (3rd and 4th) and it sounds like he had it on the 4th for the album version.
May 7 2008, 07:54 pm by mimidinosaur |
last chords are 020033 and x30033. capo 3 or 4 either way

great job! these chords are awesome
June 9 2008, 06:23 pm by kobain 4ever |
The 4rth chord is right just dont play the high e string =]
the bridge needs some work though
i dont think that there are quite so many chords in it =P
June 14 2008, 03:21 pm by buck52st |
The capo goes on 3
-6   June 14 2008, 07:50 pm by TheSpill1088 |
i don't understand how this tab got such a good rating. did you even play these chords along with the song to make sure it sounds right? because it doesn't.
+1   July 2 2008, 01:20 pm by cheesey-balls |
I am so confused and I agree with TheSpill. How in any way does this sound right?
+3   August 4 2008, 05:12 pm by bbman715888 |
As anyone ever thought that there may be TWO different versions!?!?!?!? what a concept! it sounds great either way with the capo 4 or tuning down half step using the other chords mentioned by sublimelover.
September 8 2008, 04:50 am by jarretto |
try 2x0232 for the 2nd chord. D/F#. and hammer on the 3rd fret e string (thin, high pitched e)

then the others are good
February 16 2009, 07:39 am by motimon3 |
morsels23 is right.. other than that good job man =D
March 22 2009, 09:11 am by |
Does the strumming patterns really matter? I mean as long as you play the chords with your own strumming pattern within the "time" for the chord it'll sound fine.
July 25 2009, 06:42 am by littledebbie |
There is no capo. He tunes half step down. Watch the official music video.
August 2 2009, 04:22 pm by barfrog |
Anyone noticed that these chords are almost identical to those in "Youre Beautiful" by James Blunt? This is just 4 frets down, thats the only real difference...

Cool tab btw
August 27 2009, 10:35 am by locoman74 |
the only thing that kills me is how high the high e and b strings sound. it just doesnt mesh with the whole song.
March 15 2010, 04:32 pm by yolk25 |
Sounds mostly good except for the last two chords for the verse and chorus. I believe the third chord is a normal Em chord and the fourth chord is a normal C major chord.

e |-------3-------3-------0-------0-------|
B |-------3-------3-------0-------1-------|
G |-------0-------2-------0-------0-------|
D |-------0-------0-------2-------2p0h2---|
A |-------2-------0-------2---3---3-------|
E |---3---3---2---2---0---0-------x-------|
March 16 2010, 04:26 pm by yolk25 |
Sounds mostly good except for the last two chords for the verse and chorus. I believe the third chord is a normal Em chord and the fourth chord is a normal C major chord.

e |-------3-------3-------0-------0-------|
B |-------3-------3-------0-------1-------|
G |-------0-------2-------0-------0-------|
D |-------0-------0-------2-------2p0h2---|
A |-------2-------0-------2---3---3-------|
E |---3---3---2---2---0---0-------x-------|

Also, like bbman715888 said, there's obviously more than just 1 way to play this song. Gavin Degraw plays it in 1/2 position in the music video because it looks better than playing it up with the capo on the fourth.
April 10 2010, 08:17 am by RSAGuitarist |
good tab man thx
April 10 2010, 08:18 am by RSAGuitarist |
barfrog should check out be like that by three doors down, i worked it out by ear and found u can use same chords ....
June 15 2010, 02:15 pm by przemator |
in my opinion it should be a regular G > D > Em > C.

G 320003
D xx0232
Em 022000
C x32010

And the D part is ended with xx0230 or with xx0233.
October 30 2010, 05:24 pm by Sypower |
i think that sublimelover was the closest,
but it needs that high drone that you can hear at the beginning of the song. try this:


but i also think that the original tabber was right about the little hammer on shuffle thing on the last chord.
now try this:

November 7 2010, 06:30 am by strik3rz |
nice tab sir thx!!
January 7 2013, 12:32 pm by duker39er |
Capo on 3 is correct, Listen and play at the same time and you can easily find that out...
August 5 2013, 03:19 pm by taylorgirl1983 |
This is a great starting point and a lovely tab once you add the correction from morsels23 (to the bridge as well). Very nice accessible tab for a beginning or an intermediate player. The capo at the 4th fret is correct with the Original Album Version. It is great to match the music video perfectly and all, but some of us just want to be able to play the music we like and have it sound pretty good :) This worked nicely for me.
August 5 2013, 03:22 pm by taylorgirl1983 |
Capo 3 is correct on the Acoustic Version.
August 13 2013, 09:39 pm by nadenhart34 |
im in love with this tab
November 19 2013, 09:38 pm by kygillen |
I'm not sure what these people are talking about...if you play along with the actual song this tab seems perfect.
April 26 2014, 06:44 pm by tomschober |
First bridge lyrics:

"Out of the doubt that fills YOUR mind"
March 19 2015, 08:21 am by mohammaduddin29 |
I suggest you do a Cadd9 on the fourth one :D
May 21 2015, 05:15 pm by choongi |
Strumming pattern that I have found to work:


D D U UD(h) UU (Slightly different on the fourth chord with the hammer on.)
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