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October 23 2005, 04:40 pm by laynesfriend |
Do you know how hard it is to find anything on X on the web? I am greatful that you took the time to post these! X is one of the best bands ever and in my opinion one of the least appreciated! John and Exene would be proud of you!!! I am just learning guitar and I don't quite get tabs yet(reading them)and I would love to master some X songs!!! If you have any advice feel free to steer it my way!
December 10 2007, 10:46 pm by marshmellow666 |
GREAT JOB!! this is my favorite X song. god i need to see them again. this site needs a tab for "hot house" AWESOME
JOB!! all the old dudes are amazed when i play this
July 19 2015, 08:59 am by timlee95 |
Thanks so much, how about we're desperate, you did such a good job on this one. X will be popular again, they're too good to be forgotten, wait and see.
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