by Blake Shelton tabs | tabbed by AtamisPirateKng
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October 6 2011, 01:41 am by rickysxplaylist |
i am very new to guitar.
how do you know which order/speed to pluck a certain string with a certain chord?
you can email me at with answers please and thanks
February 20 2013, 11:10 pm by cjclow |
Play along with the song 3-7 times (on iTunes or YouTube) and you'll be good.
+4   June 29 2013, 03:48 pm by Acmesalute76 |
1st chorus:
G Am7 Bm
If its anybody else, wait for the tone,
C Bm
You know what to do.
Am F Dsus D
And P.S, if this is Austin...
I still love you.

(Same thing for 2nd chorus)

Last chorus:
A Bm Cm D Cm
And by the way boy, this is no machine you're talkin' to.
Bm G Esus E
Can't you tell that this is Austin...
And I still love you.
I still love you....
August 27 2013, 02:21 pm by jjbfanatic5 |
I'm not entirely sure about the F#m during the key change but everything else sounds great.
August 15 2014, 12:24 pm by Garrett24 |
my new favorite. great job
+1   September 10 2014, 02:38 pm by Cloud9TN |
Some clarification on the last verse: A Bm A/C# DAnd by the way boy, this is no machine you're talkin' to.
Acmesalute76, I think you meant C# not Cm. Still sounds much better as A/C#Thanks for the chords!

Almost forgot, just like the A/C# in the transposed section, in the original part when moving up to the C from a G, play G/B - much richer sound
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