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+4   August 13 2005, 12:00 am by Bong Water |
brilliant tab
great job mate. look forward to more DCfaC stuff from ya.
+7   September 10 2005, 12:00 am by americanxidiot |
excellent tabbing my friend. Im glad we have people of such talent on this site.
+4   September 23 2005, 09:05 pm by darbee827 |
beautiful... i love it when tabs are perfect..
September 24 2005, 09:06 am by Indie matt |
well done !

can anybody tab why you'd want to live here? from plans?

+2   September 28 2005, 07:40 pm by thegowzer |
i don't quite understand this tab... u usally get most tabs. What does F with C root and such mean? If we went into detail i'm sure i could play this. thanks!
+5   October 12 2005, 04:31 pm by bigfitz79 |
Well done!

These chords are accurate, but it's considerably easier to put a capo on 5 and translate. Definitely worth trying. Not sure how Ben actually plays it... If I'd tried to play this before the concert, I could have just watched to find out.
+1   November 1 2005, 01:46 am by r!pper |
wow just awesome. and even no capo needed! thanks man =)
+1   November 11 2005, 11:35 pm by papertigers |
Oh myyy. Absolutely perfect tab. I'm really glad to find actual talent on UG. I look forward to any more of your tabs. Thanks!
January 16 2006, 01:39 pm by miss182 |
this is a fantastic tab... yay! i luv this song
death cab are AWESOME

thanks dude
+1   April 24 2006, 02:54 am by DukeReno |
June 23 2006, 06:16 pm by playonthechords |
Brilliant tabbing. Gorgeous song. Nothing compares. Its the sunset.
July 18 2006, 03:09 pm by adamkoehler |
dude you are awesome. if i weren't gay then i would so much reward you with thank you sex. haha jk. keep it up
July 19 2006, 11:29 am by Aceroth |
very nice tab. in the video he uses a capo on 5, which makes it just a bit easier, but yours sounds right. good job.
-13   July 31 2006, 05:27 am by gr33nlantern |
You suck. this is capo on 5, and it is very easily deciphered by listening to the song.
July 31 2006, 09:43 pm by AK-47 |
Magiling Ang tab mo! Very easy! :D
August 8 2006, 09:03 am by shugo449 |
amazing 5*
August 17 2006, 01:30 am by DanSumthing |
You're just jealous that this guy has a tab that people are actually looking at, gr33nlantern.

But yeah, this tab should be redone by putting a capo on 5 and watching him play the song in the music video.

Hurry, before someone else does it!
August 17 2006, 01:32 am by DanSumthing |
Too late, version 3.
+3   August 25 2006, 03:45 am by guitarfanatic27 |
this is for those who didnt understand the tab. (or didnt read it)
"F with F-C note progression"
he means strum this chord
e|--1-| (f)
B|--1-| (c)
G|--2-| (a)
D|--3-| (f)
A|--3-| (c)
oh look. its an F chord with a C in the root
woohoo. problem solved.

awesome tab by the way.
thanks r345678903329403465093286589736092764385
August 31 2006, 10:38 pm by porker |
September 6 2006, 08:59 pm by electric7 |
September 19 2006, 10:39 am by reshan_raul |
simply amazing !!
perfect chords ..
keep up the gud work dude..
rock on
September 19 2006, 10:49 am by reshan_raul |
gr33nlantern y dont you just shut up about the capo?
the song sounds just fine
-14   September 26 2006, 09:50 pm by subibassist |
Capos are for people who can't play real chords. If you can't sing it, transpose it and play real chords. I don't even own a capo.
+1   October 11 2006, 11:10 pm by Ehsion |
not the way ben gibberd plays it but nice tab, try translating for capo on 5th.
-3   October 23 2006, 01:14 pm by Levi! |
I don't know why everyone says that this one is correct. It's wrong. I've seen Ben play it live twice. First of all, capo on the 5th. Secondly, there's a far better version elsewhere on the site. It's a tab. No chord strumming!!!
November 5 2006, 01:15 pm by daz320 |
Brilliant, thanks man
November 6 2006, 06:02 pm by franky munez |
just wanted to say i started playing the one with the capo on the 5 fret and have come back to this one. it just sounds better on a solo guitar
November 6 2006, 06:16 pm by nOtAwaNnaB182 |
it's a good tab considering it was made before the cd came out, which means they probably hadn't played it live yet so there was no way to know about the capo. anyways other than that the strum pattern is a little off but that's not really that important.

so overall... god job
+3   November 6 2006, 06:35 pm by nOtAwaNnaB182 |
i forgot to mention this. on the topic of people who think that capos are for people who can't play (this means you subibassist)... say that to any professional guitarist/bass guitarist and see how many of them call you a dumbass or just laugh at you. let's think this through. by making that statement you're also saying that tuning your guitar to something different than standard tuning is for people who can't play... hmmm. i'd make a poll, but i think we all know what the response would be.
+2   November 8 2006, 04:26 am by KuroNoizu |
Alright folks, we all know it's not the "real" version. But guess what? It sounds damn good and acurate played this way. A lot of people do not own capo's and this is a well-written tab. The only thing I don't think is correct is: Intro: Dm F Bb F C Instead of going F to C I think you should just take your ring finger off of the F note (4th string 3rd fret) and place your middle finger onto the E key (4th string 2nd fret, barring both fifth and sixth strings first fret with your pointer finger, and the third and fourht strings second fret with your middle finger (or place your ring finger fourth string second fret and ring finger above it and third string 2nd fret, whatever's more comfortable).

Well done sir, it sounds really good even without the stupid capo. :p
December 14 2006, 02:17 pm by Greytimothy |
This tab is very well done. Maybe he plays a capo live, I don't know, but this tab is dead on for the album version. Nice job
January 17 2007, 11:25 am by bjerki |
Dm F C (Barchord)

Can someone tell me how those chords are barred? I know that F is 112331 but I can't find for the other chords.
+1   February 8 2007, 04:38 pm by lavalampan |
"but this tab is dead on for the album version. Nice job" no it isn't there's a capo on the album version!
+1   February 9 2007, 05:37 pm by zyxdragon |
yea how the hell do you remember you screen name!!!!!/!?!?!?
March 24 2007, 09:19 pm by carouselboy |
awesome tab m8. this song is beautiful.

thanks a lot
June 28 2007, 07:31 pm by Icaus |
acually imo that tab is wrong but it sounds very god anyway but i play it this way:
The intro is:


Then the song is:

C-Am-F-C-G x2
Chorus is:

+2   July 9 2007, 12:59 am by run5home |
thats only with a capo on the 5th there dumbass icaus
July 13 2007, 10:46 pm by laughcrylivedie |
run5home, use nice words.

Excellent tab, idk but i think it sounds better without a capo
But hey, same thing duhhh.
July 15 2007, 02:23 am by cooljew |
hmm, i can't believe i havent commented on this cause i always use this tab when i forget the chords, anywho, love death cab, love all there albums, photo album is best though, thanx for the tab. peace.
July 15 2007, 02:30 am by cooljew |
oh and by the way, to guitarfanatic27, it doesnt make a ****ing difference how you play the f chord "C root" doesn't mean shit, just play it like a regular F bar chord, it sounds flawless, its like, why put your fingers through more work then they need. gawwwsshhhh!
August 23 2007, 05:30 pm by I'm_TNT |
i dont like capos very much. This is very well done, this what I try to do with every song that requires a capo. Great job.
August 31 2007, 12:39 pm by QuantumMechanix |
i still dnt get the f-c progression.... the way guitarfanatic27 transcribed it is just an F pretty much without the F root but i guess it does then have a C root even tho it sounds pretty much the same....isnt that part supposed to be a riff?
August 31 2007, 12:42 pm by QuantumMechanix |
oh and theres nothing wrong with capos. they're not just a begginners tool, you just have to know how and when to use them. For this song you dont NEED a capo. Great tab BTW!
September 4 2007, 04:07 pm by lil_hell_razor |
gooooood tab, u have a good ear on you
+1   February 21 2008, 11:56 am by sirsqueaksalot |
Great Tab! I believe that he plays it with a capo on the 4th or 5th fret, but that would involve changing all the chords you use. Anyway someone had asked what an F chourd with C in the root is. It's an F Major chord in second Inversion (6/4) an F Major chord is spelled F-A-C


So an F/C chord would be spelled C-F-A


I know i'm right with the theory but i'm not sure about the chord spelling, it seems right so i think it is. If i'm wrong lemmie know or just list a correction.

(Someone i think answered this before but he was kind of an ass about it so i figured i'd re-explain it nicer and with more logic lol)
May 1 2008, 07:10 pm by cbwasson |
k sorry but no....this tab is good for before the album came out, but if you're looking for a good tab and how it's actually played look for my powertab on it. this is good but sirsqueaks above me here was right when he said he plays it with a capo on the 5th fret.
July 14 2008, 05:02 pm by guitarmaster77 |
perfect except the parts where it goes from F to C.
I had no internet when i learned it so i did it by ear, and if you really listen the change from f to c is actually an open F, then the 4th string 3rd fret is moved down one fret. It would look like this:
October 6 2008, 04:15 am by louiebass |
yeah too bad you are all idiots and it is wrong!, there a muted notes in the strumming, it is not strumming and he chords are wrong as well. Listen to it properly and get it right
January 13 2009, 07:34 am by Ivy |
i don't suppose it matters to anyone at this point, but i doubt the tabber was looking to accurately replicate the exact way this song is played on the's just his version of how to play the song, it sounds great, so STFU!

btw, to that major dick who said capo's are for people who can't play real just insulted the guy who actually wrote this song, you moron!
May 30 2009, 01:25 pm by skateordie123 |
can anyone help me out with the strum pattern?
+1   July 14 2009, 05:53 pm by Humanbean |
who cares if a capo is used or not its the music thats created that matters. :P
July 23 2009, 06:32 am by Heshelicous |
Great tab! But I don't understand your description of the strummingpattern ? Could someone help me? :)
August 5 2009, 03:03 am by rookieboarder24 |
what is a c barchord?
August 16 2009, 08:26 am by funkeystu |
c barcord = 335553
September 16 2009, 10:20 pm by dubbed |
Great tab. Unfortunately, the correct version is used with a capo on the 5th fret. Still, I played this as well, and it's a great alternative for someone who doesn't have a capo. Sounds almost perfect. 5 stars.
June 22 2011, 08:33 pm by Loulou800 |
I love this !
Great job and I lovee this song :)
March 11 2012, 06:37 pm by Izaak247 |
It's hard to keep to the beat but amazing song amazing tab
December 19 2012, 04:32 pm by Coldmaroontrain |
That is uh-may-zing----zing. :D
June 13 2013, 10:29 pm by Loestus |
One thing I recently noticed is that when he's playing in the verse he alternates the bass note strumming and he plays C/G (With capo at 5) So when playing C/G he plays C (The A string) then G (The 3 on the low E string) then the A again and when he switches to the Am he hits the open A string then the open E then back to the open A and so on with the strums in between.
December 3 2013, 08:34 am by spazzyflaps |
Great song and great tab - i changed it to using a capo on 5 and play in A minor (your tab transposed +7) because it's easier for heavy handers like me.
December 3 2013, 10:06 pm by dcbosti |
Nicely done! Thank you for sharing.
February 20 2014, 09:13 pm by darlingg |
Capos are fun. I don't know why they wouldn't be.
July 17 2014, 05:33 pm by n1k1wh0 |
For me this song is too low to sing so, if any of you have the same prob, what I do is Capo this to the 3rd and strum it reggae-ish sounds amazing and quite a nice twist.
June 28 2015, 11:15 am by katschutte |
its really nice on piano with these chords
December 18 2015, 03:12 pm by aleciagannon |
spot on. Great job with this.
January 27 2016, 01:54 pm by DJEDaddy |
Erm chords chord chords no sounds goody sounds wrong like totally
February 9 2016, 01:44 pm by Elite_Dyl |
Brilliant! :3
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