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September 26 2005, 02:33 pm by khoff2 |
It is not 100% correct, or even close. The song is played 1/2 step down and can be played like this:

Intro (1st time)

|-0---| |--0--| |--0---| |--0--|
|-0---| |--0--| |--0---| |--0--|
|-9---| |--8--| |--7---| |--6--|
|-9---| |--9--| |--7---| |--7--|
|-7---| |--9--| |--5---| |--7--|
|-----| |-----| |------| |-----|

2nd time adds bass line:
|-0---| |--0--| |--0---| |--0--|
|-0---| |--0--| |--0---| |--0--|
|-9---| |--8--| |--7---| |--6--|
|-9---| |--9--| |--7---| |--7--|
|-7---| |--9--| |--5---| |--7--|
|-0---| |--7--| |--5---| |--5--|
September 27 2005, 02:59 am by hot gunn |
its not to accurate, but my guitar is a bit out of tune now
September 27 2005, 10:12 am by Mr_Big_David |
I think it is almost perfect. Only thing is wrong is the tunning. Its HalfStep from standard. But other wise... PERFECT!!!
September 30 2005, 08:55 am by zither |
thanks for the correction, khoff2. what is it with these guys that can't recognise open strings? honestly, even at first listen it's very obvious. sorry to be critical, but this is version 7!
October 8 2005, 02:16 pm by <<altus_afire>> |
there's a lot of open strings in this song
khoff2 got it
October 14 2005, 09:02 pm by r_boyd14 |
i dont thats right either. i was thinkin somethin like this
|-0---| |-0---| |-0--| |-0---|
|-0---| |-0---| |-0--| |-0---|
|-9---| |-4---| |-7--| |-2---|
|-9---| |-4---| |-7--| |-2---|
|-7---| |-2---| |-5--| |-0---|
|-0---| |-0---| |-0--| |-0---|

thats how i think it start the chorus i havent figured out
October 14 2005, 09:04 pm by r_boyd14 |
tuning is half step down and i usually dont play the top string
October 15 2005, 01:35 pm by guitarman4235 |
I agree mostly with r_boyd. But I watched bits of the video and saw him play around the 9th fret position and that most of them were open. I figured it went something like this, tuned 1/2 step down.

October 15 2005, 03:34 pm by r_boyd14 |
you may be right i hae never seen the video im just goin by ear.
October 17 2005, 12:46 am by jaames |
go to this website watch them play it live
standard tuning
the intro/chorus
|-0---| |--0--| |--0---| |--0--|
|-0---| |--0--| |--0---| |--0--|
|-9---| |--8--| |--11--| |--6--|
|-9---| |--9--| |--12--| |--7--|
|-7---| |--9--| |--12--| |--7--|
|-----| |--7--| |--10--| |--5--|
the pre chorus...
|-0---| |--0--|
|-0---| |--0--|
|-4---| |--6--|
|-5---| |--7--|
|-5---| |--7--|
|-3---| |--5--|
thats how you play it
October 29 2005, 01:16 pm by bebrs |
f^ck, its perfect
October 29 2005, 03:54 pm by electric7 |
it doesnt sound right!
October 29 2005, 06:11 pm by Rajah |
This is shocking. It's nowhere near correct. Why it was accepted is beyond me.
October 30 2005, 01:39 am by Ramuh |
Why it was accepted, Rajah, is because all the chords are right even if it's not in open voicing. I mean come on now, musicians should be flexible. Whoever tabs this gives you the right chords and even the bar chord fingerings. You could play this a thousand different ways. You could play it using power chords without open strings, you could tune your guitar down a half step and play with open strings, you could even capo 1 and play everything with the basic chords for G, C, etc. It may not be the exact way they play it, but unless you actually go ask them how they play it chances are you'll never get the exact way they play it. I played this tabbers chords along with the song and everything fit. So quit bad mouthing this tab just because it's not the way that they play it. At least he's got the chords right, something that most tabs on this site can't even do. So don't say he's not even close when all the chords are exactly the same. There is no "right answer" in music; if it sounds good then play it.
October 31 2005, 01:36 am by Mike_rocka_boy |
^ i agree with this dude... but from what i've played... its a good tab... awesome song
November 2 2005, 04:34 am by Rajah |
Lol, Ramuh. He hasn't even got the tuning right. A tab like this might be ok for a novice but for someone with experience it's not. You don't need to ask the band how they play it, a talented musician can work it out for themselves, a category you don't seem to fit in.
-1   November 2 2005, 05:22 pm by gldmj |
the only thing wrong is that THIS SONG SUCKS NICKELBACK BLOWS!
November 3 2005, 06:59 am by nickelback_fan |
then why the f*ck did u look at the tab then if u think that!!!!!!!!!
+1   November 6 2005, 12:54 pm by guitarkid2113 |
I think you could just play a D and then A then C then G....though my guit is outta tune i think it sounds Ok but i mean im not totally about it.
November 15 2005, 02:25 am by Darkdeviless |
Bloody hell, this isn't the spot where u bag out Nickelback!
November 24 2005, 11:25 am by aero |
Sounds really good...not as crisp and accurate as it could be but in my opinion the song sounds WAY better if you play in the key of E. Like, E, B, D, Asus. A lot easier to play and it sounds REALLY good if you're playing riffs and have your lower strings open.
December 1 2005, 05:47 pm by trickstah24680 |
it sounds really close to me the only thing different would be to play the Dsus2 like...

December 1 2005, 05:49 pm by trickstah24680 |
nevermind i ready ur tab wrong its straight as is my bad
December 8 2005, 04:42 pm by shinra999 |
So many different versions and comments posted on this site. Which is right!?
December 16 2005, 09:47 pm by zoltrix89 |
they are all wrong if you wnat to learn to play the songs correctly learn how to read sheet music and by the song book if you wanna pretend you can play it and mash togther a bunch of bs chords i guess this works. . not impressed but what ive seen so far though
December 23 2005, 07:41 pm by stratacoaster |
Spot on tab in my book.
January 2 2006, 10:31 am by hitzdaskinz |
Guys...check version 4 and tune up a half step.It's that simple.
January 7 2006, 06:22 pm by Julian K |
it sounds great 99 percent havent finished it
January 11 2006, 01:21 am by doommaker |
ok alll these people sayin oh you need to play half a step down.... well what if we dont want to completely retune our guitar for 1 song.... its easy enough just to move everything a fret lower... if you got 5 guitars in all different tuning great tune it down but i play it on my acoustic... and nearly all the songs i know on acoustic are in standard tuning.... sure if i had 2 acoustics id stick one in a step lower and use a capo acordingly but i dont, i could tune down one of my electrics to do that... the only problem is im gonna be playing this on acoustic so it doesnt matter. If you want to learn it properly, go ahead and buy the sheet music or tab book and learn it off that.... but for the sake of learning a song so you can get up and perform it play whatever sounds right and suits you otherwise youll never get anywhere apart from be a cover freak.
February 5 2006, 01:08 pm by Etni3s |
in my opinion this tab is way off. take a look at the tab version 5. it looks much better. still good job tabbing it, i know it isn't easy.
February 21 2006, 01:19 am by dandman |
seriously i have no idea how any of these tabs have been accepted on the site ats a disgrace how anyone could hear a dsus2 played is beyond me!!!! a big round of applause to anyone who could obviously hear one of 2 things they tune flat and the crd progression is E B D A pre chorus G and A chorus is the same progression play them however you feel but play them all open i prefer
|-0---| |-0---| |-0--| |-0---|
|-0---| |-0---| |-0--| |-0---|
|-9---| |-4---| |-7--| |-2---|
|-9---| |-4---| |-7--| |-2---|
|-7---| |-2---| |-5--| |-0---|
|-0---| |-0---| |-0--| |-0---|
February 23 2006, 12:38 pm by JDFreeSoul |
There's no B-(power chord): 024400 in this song... just look at the damn videoclip and the video live.
March 20 2006, 04:09 am by Golden_creature |
this is perfect, i've played it with the song and all thats wrong is the tuning.
April 22 2006, 07:51 pm by Led_Zeppelin992 |
Excuse me if someone knows how to play this song the RIGHT WAY then please tab it because this is an awesome song but nobody has it tabbed right!!!! Please tab it out! :)
April 23 2006, 11:26 pm by moggey_rock |
nice tab dude i played it with the song sounds good 2 me
August 11 2006, 01:36 pm by guitaristmanguy |
To everybody who is putting this tab down as "not perfect", NOBODYS PERFECT DUMB*SSES! Yes, i agree that it does sound good tuned half a step down, i tried it, but isent it the same exact thing to just push the chords down half a step in standard? It sounds the exactly the same 2 me either way, but its just easier this way cuz u dont hav 2 worry about retuning the guitar 2 play a standard tuned song.
November 13 2006, 06:53 pm by KingFender |
it sounds awesome, i think everyone is just shooting LSD's
June 30 2007, 03:18 am by jahleigh |
awesome...but theyre corect,,it must 1/2 step down. but newei,,tnx for the tab..
February 17 2008, 07:23 am by Teen Spirit |
it's good, but i'm not gonna compliment you on a tab that u stole. sorry, but that's just not cool, if u don't know who did it and u can't give them any credit for it, then that's just not right.
February 26 2008, 02:19 am by whatsernamexm14 |
It sounds better without all the sharps. Plus, the F could be substituted for a Bm. It just fits better. Try it =]

Otherwise, it's all good..
February 26 2008, 07:37 pm by whatsernamexm14 |
Oh, and you're missing a whole verse
"remember the old arcade..."
March 7 2008, 05:59 pm by a dude who rox |
wrong its D* Asus4 Cadd9 G*
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