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+1   October 1 2005, 11:31 am by rocknroll22 |
what is D/F#m?
+34   October 9 2005, 04:43 pm by jakeespy |
D/F#.. as it is posted (without a minor) is a D with an F# root.. it would look like this.. either with the thumb hitting the low E string on F# or pointer finger...

+19   February 27 2006, 08:24 pm by Jwong22 |
Hey, great job on this tab. The only suggestion I would make is to make two minor changes to the last few lines of the chorus. You have:
G D/F#
Somewhere along in the bitterness
C D Em
And I would have stayed up with you all night
G D/F#
Had I known how to save a life

I think it may sound better doing this:

D D/F#
Somewhere along in the bitterness
C D Em
And I would have stayed up with you all night
G D/F# Em
Had I known how to save a life

That's just a suggestion. Anyways, great job on it.
+1   February 27 2006, 08:28 pm by Jwong22 |
hmm, the spacing didn't really come out too well on my comment. For the first line, just switch the G chord for a D chord. For the last line, play the G chord for how, D/F# chord for save, and Em chord for life. Sorry about that, hope that clears it up a little bit.
-2   July 22 2006, 09:18 pm by in_the_sun |
I think you need something at the end of that last sentence after the D/F# but the Em just doesn't sound right to me.
-3   July 24 2006, 11:28 pm by AgentCardinal |
It's not an Em, I believe the correct ending chord for the chorus is a Gsus. Sounds right to me anyways.
+4   August 14 2006, 01:37 pm by shartface |
overall great, some stuff is sketchy but easy to fix, great tab
+6   October 6 2006, 03:19 pm by Antrules89 |
A G sounds good for that ending or a Gsus
November 10 2006, 07:47 am by SundaySt |
hows the strumming pattern?..
-3   November 23 2006, 10:24 am by distortionsucks |
its good, i might change the Em in the chorus to whatever this is, Em7sus or some weird shit like that:
-0(or 1)
+4   December 1 2006, 12:33 am by lethalkungfu |
What I do when I play this song is instead of Em in the verse I play Em7. Then in the chorus I do

C/G D/A Em
Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend
C/G D/F#
Somewhere along in the bitterness
C/G D/A Em
And I would have stayed up with you all night
C/G D/F# G (when you go back to back go straight to a C/G )

Had I known how to save a life

332010 554030
December 8 2006, 03:29 pm by animalbmx |
whast the strumming pattern
-10   December 15 2006, 12:20 am by thekrnjigga |
y dont u just figure out one for urselfs?
+1   December 25 2006, 10:40 pm by PurelyCanadian |
Good tab, fun to play. Strumming pattern, well if you listen to the song the majority of it is piano. There is guitar later on, but just strum something that makes it sound good. You can pick it if you want, but I just strum because it sounds nice. You'll get the feel for it.

5* rating from me. Good job.
+2   December 29 2006, 02:01 am by guitar_gal818 |
this rocks man! tho i would agree with some other people... at the end of the chorus i think it should go back to G... thats how i have been playing anyway.
kep up the good work! 5 stars buddy!
-2   December 29 2006, 02:32 am by katieb13 |
can u give me the chords for the other verses?
+1   January 3 2007, 03:28 pm by Courchesne |
Know what sounds really really cool, Finger pick the chords in a random motion will singing, it sorta sounds like the panio, strum chorus (Good on acoustic)
January 3 2007, 08:28 pm by nathansoz |
Great job. What i found nice is for the first half of the verse to pick at the chords, and then for the second half to start strumming softly. Gradually build into the chorus and the chorus should be your strongest, but still soft, part. Also if you have an electro-acoustic it sounds really nice to put some LIGHT chorus on the signal. Just what i think sounds nice.
January 5 2007, 07:06 pm by flipf |
There is a certain level of lazyness that you can't pass up if you want to be a good guitar player, and I mean it's one thing to be lazy enough to look up how to play songs online, but asking for the strumming pattern, come on, it takes like one minute to figure that out!
Good Tab
+2   January 15 2007, 06:54 pm by xo.pepper.nose |
i think its right! good job! -emily-
+1   January 22 2007, 08:18 pm by *SoreFingers* |
Looks great to me and i cant wait to play it!
+2   February 14 2007, 10:11 am by black_and_blue |
great tab dude...
+3   February 20 2007, 08:57 pm by SWENCE_32 |
i first hated this song. but my boss plays lite rock all day at my job, and i hear the same song 2 or 3 mtimes a day. this song has started to grow on me.
+1   February 21 2007, 09:34 pm by Back-2-Back |
i saw them live and they capo on the 4th fret
+7   February 21 2007, 09:58 pm by stuartbartley |
it doesnt really matter. the capo is for the singers range. as long as the riff is correct u can capo wherever u feel like!
+13   February 25 2007, 06:38 pm by a god |
On Febuary 25,2007 this song was #2 on the top 100 tabs. Just thought i would let y'all and any future people who look at this know.
+3   March 13 2007, 11:56 am by rocker007 |
I wish i could report some of these comments.

Ignore Beno,he can't type, spell and probably has never tabbed a song in his life

This tab is great 5/5
+2   March 25 2007, 11:41 am by Burpin'Worm |
*Spam deleted*

beno93 and Phil-1405 warned

Anybody else posting here just to insult users or this band will get warnings.
+1   March 29 2007, 01:14 am by jakeespy |
thanks guys for the comments on my tab.. i'm really more of a pianist so i figure most of the stuff out for keys and transcribe for guitar so you'll have to excuse the mistakes.. there are no capo's on piano after all.. but anyways i figured i should pay homage to y'all for making my tab the 2nd most viewed on the site.. well and the fray i guess.. haha...check out my band at
April 3 2007, 01:17 am by shaibi88 |
-7   April 6 2007, 05:35 am by Rackan |
Its wrong!
+1   April 9 2007, 03:45 pm by Richardt |
do we need a capo? it says the chords, we need the capo to play those chords???
April 28 2007, 02:45 pm by feeney |
hey hey hey !!! this song is soooo sexy n ur tab is sexy to !!!!!!! great work me darling !!!!!! xxxhehexxx
-1   May 7 2007, 12:24 pm by \,.robbie.,/ |
the piano riff is completely wrong but all the chords are gd
+1   June 5 2007, 11:22 am by Gatrie |
@Richardt: If it says that you need a capo, YOU need a capo. To clear these things a bit, a capo raises the pitch of a guitar, that is;
This is from
Capos are used to change the key and pitch of a guitar sound without having to adjust the strings with the tuning keys. It should be noted that the capo is placed as close to the fret as possible.

And this tab's 10/10, keep up the good work!
+1   June 9 2007, 07:37 pm by carouselboy |
pretty accurate for me.

thanks a lot m8.
+1   June 16 2007, 03:16 pm by sam.burf |
June 20 2007, 12:24 am by Shinoda_Ex |
At Gatrie:

A capo changes the key of the tuned guitar. The song can be played perfectly fine without a capo (Bb, F, Gm. Ebsus2); barring isn't that hard.
June 25 2007, 03:12 am by Aussieboi |
Try this link to help with playing this song. Its another idea on which chords to use and the strumming pattern. Enjoy !
June 25 2007, 03:13 am by Aussieboi | (oops, helps if i paste the link)
August 23 2007, 03:19 am by Daycare |
Some people are just plain idiots. The chorus doesn't end on a G, the song goes back to the intro after the chorus which starts on a G. So everything is right on here. Good job dude.
+3   October 22 2007, 08:34 pm by patunox |

People who say it is wrong, you need a capo. If you can't find that out or even read it, gtfo.
October 28 2007, 09:00 am by Wellerfan |
is there a picking patteren for this anywhere??
January 11 2008, 12:43 pm by HappyHero |
ay, a patterns (strumming or picking) would be nice... it's always my biggest problem to figure that out...
January 20 2008, 04:22 pm by thekingofkings |
Nice Song to play on acoustic guitar
Keep it up
-1   January 26 2008, 05:53 am by inimeg19 |
the intro's chord is Bb-F-Gm-F.. so the whole thing isn't right.. i tried playing along with the song using the chords
in this post but it doesn't sound right.. it seems higher than what the pitch should have been.. try using Bb as the
base chord.. just suggesting..
January 26 2008, 05:24 pm by Blue-toxic |
b4 i bought a capo it was different but with capo its extralicious :D thanx 5 stars
March 3 2008, 10:36 am by Ritus |
Seems to work out but I can't work out the strum/picking patterns, can anyone provide some sort of help here? ^^
March 8 2008, 04:05 am by pharm30 |
look up a video on youtube how to play by jetsong(?)
I think he said D D DUDU? something like that.
March 20 2008, 02:03 pm by Unusual_Rex |
Although this is a fairly easy strumming pattern I just do down strokes for each syllable, I find it easier to sing along with it link that. Of course when you get a bit better you can advance from there.
July 4 2008, 07:58 pm by hayden86 |
good job with the chords... The only thing I think is wrong is that the last line of the chorus (how to save a life) is missing a chord. I think it might be:

G D/F# G
Had I known how to save a life

But I could be wrong.
July 4 2008, 08:00 pm by hayden86 |
That should have said

Had I know (G)how to (D/F#)save a (G)life

It didn't paste right :S
+1   August 7 2008, 04:09 pm by brez |
try this little fill for beteween chorus and next verse:


! Notes need emphasising, this is similar to piano part but not exact. Sounds good on acoustic guitar and always goes down well when i play solo.

Great tab by the way, laid down some good foundations!
December 15 2008, 08:05 pm by Ninjabunnies |
Yeah I was kinda not sure about learning classical picking just for these songs
-12   February 2 2009, 10:58 pm by vanhailin |
these guys suck...
how'd they get famous?!?
they sound like every other modern band
+3   March 28 2009, 02:48 pm by ellie31773 |
The fray rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
+1   April 28 2009, 05:10 pm by farmgirl |
Great chord tab this is so helpful. I love this song.
May 24 2009, 05:26 pm by godzeller |
in the chorus play a D chord on "save", great tab tho
August 20 2009, 03:27 am by bamaguy85 |
Great tab, but I like to play the end of the chorus like this

G D/F# G
Had I known how to save a life
+1   August 25 2009, 09:00 am by bez berry |
Had 3 days to learn and play this at ADEFACTOR......i won!!!! great tab
September 23 2009, 02:19 pm by pilokgonewild11 |
Capo 3 or Capo 4 it doesn't matter still sounds good. Great tab!!!
November 23 2009, 10:25 am by Quarbon |
Would skip the last D/F# in chorus ! Or maybe switch the G for a D/F# and the D/F# with a G (the opposite of what is written here) :) cheers.
February 1 2010, 05:46 pm by marconarajos |
The capo number depends on the singer really...I do it on capo 5, 'cause then it's in the key of C, where I sound best at.
+2   April 11 2010, 01:22 pm by fish105 |
this is briliant except i play D instead of D/F# i like it sounds kinda kool :)
+5   June 1 2010, 07:22 pm by tao072002 |
G D/F#
Had I known how to save a life

instead, you could do

(Em)Had I known (G)how to (D/F#)save a (G)life.
+1   August 1 2010, 10:25 am by csgutt |
August 1 2010, 10:29 am by csgutt |
Verse: G D G D
chourse: C D EM D D
August 1 2010, 10:31 am by csgutt |
ups wrong :P chourse: C D EM D then C D EM GD
November 11 2010, 01:12 pm by AcousticFanatic |
The tab for the piano part doesn't seem right to me...
-3   January 19 2011, 12:39 am by GuItArFrEeK333 |
why are people freaking out about the strumming pattern? you listen to the song and copy it its not that hard people
+3   January 30 2011, 05:13 pm by artiq |
For you it might be not, for others it might be. It is not hard to understand that people are different.
June 4 2011, 11:04 am by InF3rNaLCAG3 |
try the piano riff thingy like this....

sorry for the bad tab I'm just kinda lazy cuz there are no other strings to play on except that one
July 24 2011, 05:01 pm by your.musician |
umm hey guys no offense here but listening to the song and "figuring out" the strumming pattern isn't easy ok lay off. i use D U D U D U something like that hope it helps.
July 24 2011, 05:03 pm by your.musician |
does anyone know where to find the picking patterns? i've done a little by ear but it keeps getting worse like if you agree please
-2   July 24 2011, 05:21 pm by your.musician |
Please like if you think Dave Welsh or Joe King should get on here and help everybody out. :)
September 1 2011, 02:11 pm by YoShockray |
Strumming is:D DU U DU
Hope it helps!
-2   November 23 2011, 11:45 am by kylestern96 |
November 23 2006, 10:24 am by distortionsucks |
its good, i might change the Em in the chorus to whatever this is, Em7sus or some weird shit like that:
-0(or 1)

distortion does not suck
October 18 2012, 03:49 am by lifeinleartlane |
I'm not sure what it's called, but for the last line at "life", I've been doing (low E --> high e) 22000x. It could just be my ears but I think it sounds good, I also agree with tao07002 that you can just put the G there though. (my high e is broken so that's why the x is there, it might sound fine open I just wouldn't know haha)
October 18 2012, 03:55 am by lifeinleartlane |
actually everything could sound off since my high e is broken, so if it sounds bad, then just humor me and break your high e string, then play the whole thing and tell me if it sounds right ;)
October 18 2012, 03:56 am by lifeinleartlane |
^^^sorry that comment was in reference to:

"I'm not sure what it's called, but for the last line at "life", I've been doing (low E --> high e) 22000x. It could just be my ears but I think it sounds good, I also agree with tao07002 that you can just put the G there though. (my high e is broken so that's why the x is there, it might sound fine open I just wouldn't know haha)"
April 9 2013, 01:34 pm by robert161 |
I think it may sound better doing this:

C D Em
Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend
D/F# D
Somewhere along in the bitterness
C D Em
And I would have stayed up with you all night
G D/F# (C) G
Had I known how to save a life ... END

... still G... D/F#
Let him know that you know best
April 13 2013, 05:30 pm by OliviaCheese |
down up flick up(strum)
May 4 2013, 06:30 am by Aew3 |
I have to say you could just go G D G D etc. and no one would able to tell. Because of the piano its hard to tell if its G, D/F#, Em or G, D/F, G or whatever shit
+1   May 13 2013, 06:54 am by CharliePapa |
I believe that sounds really good if played with the pinky and the ring laid on the 1st-2nd strings for the whole song on the 3rd fret. So its G 320033 D/F# 200233 Em 022033 C x32033.
June 4 2013, 10:44 pm by aldaszek |
I don't understand how you people know the strum pattern for any of these songs on this site. Can someone help me with this, please? Thanks in advance.
+1   July 8 2013, 03:48 am by riseagainst111 |
This is how I like to play the intro part on my acoustic..

G------0------0--------2------2-------5------5--------2----------And repeat
G D Em D
August 17 2013, 05:38 pm by Joshie88 |
I plant my pinky and ring finger on the 3rd fret e and b string when i play all the chords. It gives a nice sound.
-7   August 23 2013, 02:36 am by adritri |
It's a Half chord You play D first and Them in that same strum change to F#m
December 12 2013, 01:47 pm by Hanna900806 |
This is correct Jakeespy as i have tried it and it was very helpful thanks
December 29 2013, 04:48 pm by SoreFingers3799 |
Whenever I play this song I finger pick most of the first verse (until "some sort of window to your right), strum the chorus, and then finger pick the other verses.

Great job on the song!
January 13 2014, 09:21 am by tebow595 |
I don't know if this is just in the cover i was watching or if its in the actual song but in Tyler Wards cover he stays on the G in the second and third verse so it would be
Let him know that you know best, cuz after all you do know best, try to slip past his defense, without granting innocenceG D/F# Em D D/F# GLay down a list of what is wrong, Things you've told him all along....
January 17 2014, 11:44 am by awesome8x |
I think it sounds better as:
Had I known how to save a life

Otherwise, awesome work!
January 18 2014, 06:25 pm by andrew.poole98 |
you are too much
+1   April 11 2014, 12:25 am by marylostdecade |
On the last line of the chorus. Just go back to G. Mary
+2   September 7 2014, 07:40 pm by csalmon |
Great work, Jake! With Capo on 3, and my daughter playing piano, were were close to nailing it - quite aside from my hack guitar playing. Without piano, I finger pick, with piano, strum. This is a great effort as some of the chord transitions are hard to dissect. Well done!
January 15 2015, 06:53 pm by king0fthings |
Can you add the chords to the other verses, pleas?
January 22 2015, 01:56 pm by ofrosteryd |
Do you mind writing out the whole tab? i'm having a hard time lockig at the lyrics and remembering the chords. Otherwise pretty good work! Thanks.
March 14 2015, 03:45 pm by timmyn8or |
this is not 100 percent accurate, so don't be too upset"

What's THAT supposed to mean?
This tab is 100%! 5*
March 18 2015, 09:07 pm by battilionofog |
I also Play D instead of D/F# It is pretty good sounding
March 26 2015, 03:39 pm by dpd0502 |
if your gonna post a song, post the whole song!
May 5 2015, 01:28 pm by nugiofrecina |
hi guys, I'm italian, so take my english very easy please :D I just tried to play this at my keyboard and after that.. I listen to the song and.. the pitch is wrong :/ but i alredy found the right chords:

A# F Gm F A# and so the song goes on..

hope you'll enjoy this comment, see ya! ;)
May 5 2015, 01:32 pm by nugiofrecina |
you're totally right man! but.. only if you play keyboard.. if you're playing guitar you have to put the capo on 3 :) it's written just above the first verse :)
May 24 2015, 06:00 pm by Corriesean102 |
What's d/f# on piano
July 22 2015, 02:53 pm by tamir.halevi |
I assume it's a D with your thumb on the F# on the low e string
July 30 2015, 04:17 am by northerntowne |
There are more things wrong with your one sentence than there are with everything else written on this page combined.
July 30 2015, 04:21 am by northerntowne |
thekrnjigga wrote on December 15 2006, 12:20 am
y dont u just figure out one for urselfs?

There are more things wrong with his one sentence than there are with everything else written on this entire page combined.
July 30 2015, 04:27 am by northerntowne |
Brother, I am an old English major and your English is superior to half of the English speaking, American population. Before everyone get all hot and bothered, please prove me wrong after reading what nugiofrecina wrote and then compare it to just about anything on the net.
July 30 2015, 04:31 am by northerntowne |
I'm pretty new at playing still,(less than 2 yrs.) I always try to figure something basic and rythmic and build on that until what I'm doing sounds bad or I'm missing changes. Then I'll cry out for help.
August 6 2015, 04:42 pm by hieunguyen97 |
The end sentence of the chorus: "how to save a life," I think should be played like: How (G) to save (D/F#) a life (G). It would sound better.
November 12 2015, 03:10 pm by crazyangie1997 |
Had I known how to save a life

I would do this instead. It has a nicer flow :)
December 27 2015, 09:37 am by rebeliontheband |
he has full lyrics but does not continue the chords through the song he has them for the first verse and granted they may be the same but i dont want to have to keep scrolling up and down
January 19 2016, 10:02 am by itssiby |
sounds good! my own version would be


you could also not slide up or down and i play the 5 instead of 3 because it gets hard to reach for me but the 3 sounded perfect!

January 24 2016, 07:37 pm by shadow4884 |
You got lazy halfway through and didn't add notation on the lyrics. Its kind of difficult when you're new to guitar and there is a different pacing of words in the different verses.
January 28 2016, 03:52 pm by erdowney22 |
Incomplete - there were not any cords above some lyrics of this song
January 29 2016, 12:52 pm by Conconcotter |
really wish you followed through with the rest of the lyrics..
March 25 2016, 08:39 pm by maroonbassoon1 |
D/F#m means that D us the chord you play and F#m is the bass note
April 5 2016, 10:39 am by cshsmusicrocks |
Thanks for lining up the rest of the song! I made it all work just fine before, but this makes the experience much more enjoyable!
May 17 2016, 10:36 pm by dragoncolt45 |
Nice job! Awesome song!!
May 25 2016, 12:06 pm by captaingeek001 |
Hi, Beginner here.

Could anyone tell me what happens to the strumming patttern for the last two chords of the chorus?

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