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March 24 2002, 12:00 am by Rachtman |
Great job on the tab! I'm especially glad you tabbed out the lead during the bridge, but it seems you arranged the chords wrong in the chorus. I should be "Em Cadd9 G D" for each line. Hope that helps. Great job tho!
March 24 2002, 12:00 am by Zeta |
hey thanks! but actually it really is a C that is played during the chorus. i saw her on trl showing how to play it.
March 25 2002, 12:00 am by davidcousar |
What the person meant was the tab shows too much strumming for each chord. You play all four chords during each line, listen to the song for timing.
March 26 2002, 12:00 am by butterfly_karma |
perfect tab, but whe michelle plays live she doesnt use a capo.. its cuz all her strings are tuned up one half step
March 28 2002, 12:00 am by GREG182 |
i am a buny hey
March 31 2002, 12:00 am by PunkFish182 |
ooops . . i accidentally rated u a one when it should have been a 5 . . freak . . man . . .sorry
April 1 2002, 12:00 am by wet_willy1_8_2 |
'spose none of you could help me with the strumming pattern on this, if you could e-mail me at
April 29 2004, 12:00 am by thm_05 |
yo man i can't actually believe that you can't vote again..oh well i mean i don't remember was suppose to be a ***** tabbed song but....i found no flaw but just great song to tab that's all.....great may be the next wannabe Michele Branch!
April 29 2004, 12:00 am by thm_05 |
where could you go to cast a revote? like if you made a mistake...or do we have to make another tab....well it must suck this should be a five as i know it.... PunkFish182 goes for it too...he/she must of got messed up with the voting...what can i tell ya its america! heheheh
September 3 2006, 04:27 pm by chickwithapick |
wait.. isn't this from the spirit room tab book? hm.. well, it matches the chords and tabs from it. eh.. never mind. (i have the book. -_-'')
September 26 2006, 05:49 am by AvrilFanUK |
Brilliant tab! Sounds perfect! 5 stars for you sir.
December 31 2007, 08:50 pm by reezuhhh |
Verin - Thank you! I just actually picked up the guitar a couple days ago and I find myself already playing the intro to
this song with ease. :] Again, thanks.
July 7 2008, 02:47 am by trandell |
Great tab Verin! 5 stars.
For the person who asked how to strum I play the chorus...
\ = down strum / = up strum

(Em) \ \ \ (C) \ / \ / \ \ \ / (G) \ \ \ (D) \ / \ / \ \ \ /

The 2 'B' above the the first 2 strums means you hit the bass strings.
Also the last 2 strums on the C and D and are kind of played in the transition between cords.
Thats just how I play it at least. Hope that helped.
July 7 2008, 02:52 am by trandell |
Those 2 B's are suposed to be on top of the first 2 Em downstrums, it just changed when i posted it.
July 19 2010, 05:55 pm by ardyduh1manpart |
Chorus is way off, should be Em, C, G, D for each line.
November 17 2010, 04:46 pm by joeyjokester |
this tab is not so great.

Intro: Em7 Dsus2 Csus2 G6 (with picking pattern you can figure out)

verse: Same as intro

chorus: Em7 Csus2 Cadd9 Csus2 G D D6 Dsus4 as follows:

Play the chord prior to the words that follow it:

Em7 (if you) Csus2 (want) Cadd9 Csus2 (to) G (i can) D (save) D6 Dsus4 Em7 (you) Csus2 (i can) cadd9 (take) Csus2 (you) G (away from) D (here) D6 Dsus4 Em7 (so lonely) Csus2 (inside) Cadd9 Csus2 G (so busy) D (out) D6 Dsus4 (there) Em7 (and all you) Csus2 (wanted) Cadd9 Csus2 (was) G (somebody) D (who) D6 Dsus4 (cares)

bridge: C D^(2/4) C D^(2/4) C Gsus2 Am7 G/B D2/F# D D6 Dsus4

so C (all you) D^(2/4) (wanted was somebody who) C (cares if you) D^(2/4) (need me you know i'll be) C (there) Gsus2 Am7 (0h) G/B (0h), D2/F# (whoa) D D6 Dsus4 (yeah).

outro: like intro but after the second Csus2 do a downstroke of that chord to finish it off, instead of going into the G6.

NOW, the chords:

Em7: x22033
Dsus2: xx0032
Csus2: x3x03x
G6: 3xx030
D: xx0232
D6: xx0432
Dsus4: xx0233
cadd9: x32033
G: 320033
C: x32010
D^(2/4): x54030
Am7: x02010
G/B: x20033
D2/F#: 2x023x
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