by Dire Straits tabs | tabbed by Knofler
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+4   July 17 2007, 09:42 am by lattymer |
This is amazing, i was so happy when i could play this, and its so easy to play
+5   October 14 2007, 07:30 pm by babybeastie1 |
I nailed it on the first try. Thanx Knofler!
+1   April 11 2008, 03:58 am by FooFighter47167 |
heh well... ya know im setting here half drunk and thought i would look up this tab and i seen some mistakes right off... he has some kind of DM- Cc bs.. and its not right try for the intro.......... this sounds 1000% better play a DM- then a Bflat then a C for the intro.. besides that good ****ing tab bro.. =) baby and lattymer tell me how much better that sounds...
+2   August 9 2008, 01:13 pm by mexistrat |
you must have been 3/4 drunk dude...y f with it... it's perfect
+7   August 9 2008, 01:18 pm by mexistrat |
throw on a A7 after the A's....see what you think
+1   December 23 2008, 09:03 pm by gazeemyth |
I like it! Very well done!
+4   April 9 2009, 05:20 pm by BYUfan |
Dude not to be rude but you got the lyrics wrong. Heres what the lyrics should say

You get a shiver in the dark, its a raining in the park, but
south of the river you stop and you hold everything.
A band is blowing dixie double four time, You feel alright when you
hear the music ring.
Well now you step inside but you don't see to many faces, comin' in
out of the rain, they hear the jazz go down.
Competition in other places, er, but the horns they're blowing that
sound, Way on down south, way on down south, London town.
You check out Guitar George, he knows all the chords, mind he's
strictly rhythm, he doesn't want to make it cry or sing.
Yes, and an old guitar is all he can affford, when he gets up under
the lights to play his thing.
And Harry doesn't mind if he doesn't make the scene, he's got a day
time job, he's doing alright.
He can play the honky tonk like just like anything, saving it up
Friday night sound, with the sultans, with the sultans of swing.
And a crowd of young boys, they're foolin' around in the corner,
drunk and dressed in their best brown baggies and their platform
soles. They don't give a darn =) about any trumpet playing band, it
ain't what they call rock and roll And the sultans, the sultans are
playing Creole, Creole, ah, ah.
And then the man steps right up to the microphone, and says at the last just as the time bell rings.
"Good night, now it's time to go home."
And he makes it fast with one more thing, "We are the sultans, we are the sultans of swing."

Sorry but thats what the book says =|
August 26 2011, 01:03 pm by linusdawg0 |
if possible it also sounds great when you play the main rift with bar chords in the 5th and 8th fret let me know how u like it guys
April 29 2012, 02:06 pm by challenger2013 |
He adds a 7th to the A chord on occasion if you listen closely.
November 26 2012, 11:42 am by guitarman82 |
I play it this way A, A7, then i add 5th and A7 with G on the E string
April 25 2013, 06:36 am by CharliePapa |
I play the riff F C Bb F F C and then

-1   July 16 2013, 02:34 pm by Glasskatten |
Shitty spacin!.. The C should not be on "..Dixie" but rather on "..fourtime"
+2   October 18 2013, 07:32 am by MonkeysButler |
This is 1 of my fav songs ever. Cheers mate. The Bb is bloody hard for us novices tho. ill keep practising
January 23 2014, 06:02 pm by RHBguitar |
Sounds great. Nice tab. A couple small mistakes mostly on the Bb-C parts but easy enough to figure out.
June 13 2014, 09:32 pm by Staccato27 |
I used this tab and a tutorial video i found to figure out the song, and where the video confused me, this tab made it a hell of a lot easyer, thanks for posting such a great tab, 5 stars
August 4 2014, 05:13 pm by Cormacsmall |
Yeah, but anyone who even kinda knows how to the play these chords, will be able to figure it out. I didn't think people even looked at the spacing. Isn't it much easier to listen to the song?
-3   August 21 2014, 08:01 pm by rafebrandsen |
Clearly wrong.
September 20 2014, 01:56 pm by Juslotting |
That's why the riff works, you can play a Dm7-C-Bb and have it sound like F-C-Bb because Dm7 is a root note short of a C shaped F.
April 20 2015, 02:54 pm by thebrianfarre |
great stuff sounds good on acoustic bro cheers
April 25 2015, 07:13 am by joh.bab |
great tab, i think some of the as are asus4 you have to hear it
April 30 2015, 12:44 am by RPF71 |
Kia ora bro. Was fun!
November 20 2015, 03:06 pm by D.p |
umm after the end of the closing prahses
insted of Dm-C-Bb-C

try - Dm - Bb-C - Dm(one strum on closed chord)- Bb

it's a mix with the two guitars in sound something that i made up
hope you'll like it :)
March 23 2016, 05:41 pm by robinsworld |
Played this on my IBANEZ spanish acoustic guitar fingerpicking from the chords displayed and WOW
March 30 2016, 07:52 am by lotusss33 |
Hey guys,

This tab is great however there's one mistake

This part after the closing phrase Dm-C-Bb-C, that's not what I hear.

Here's what I hear:

June 20 2016, 04:39 am by eggy45 |
cheers dude,,sounds awsome on a shep pallet lol ,,nice job :)
June 20 2016, 04:42 am by eggy45 |
i found a spot in there that i reckon just goes Dm,,Bb,,c ,,and you can cruise along playin rythm when he rocks over the top of it :)
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