by Kenny Wayne Shepherd tabs | tabbed by guitarist11
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June 26 2006, 09:30 pm by Funkmaster Fret |
This just sounds... off for the strumming pattern to me. i could be wrong, coming up on a year of playing, and I don't have any alternate suggestions, but could someone help out with the strum pattern vs. whats here? It just sounds... off. Srry. (no vote)
July 1 2006, 05:41 pm by ordinary_hero |
The strum pattern is off but I think that the first part of the verse is actually single note picking instead of chords. But maybe i'm wrong
October 23 2006, 05:12 pm by ChptOfDarkness |
it is chords. i have a book with this in it. i put that tab up soon.
October 23 2006, 05:16 pm by ChptOfDarkness |
October 26 2006, 08:10 pm by ChptOfDarkness |
its in Drop D
February 6 2007, 05:19 pm by mousepad |
seems really incomplete
April 9 2007, 02:44 pm by paschendale15 |
wow dude compltely wrong, you can obviously teel it goes down after the
note, i think its a g or sumthing.
+1   May 27 2007, 02:53 pm by Funkmaster Fret |
After some study (which means, I forgot about this tab...), I've learned the song through in and out.

Which is why it's a 2 star tab to me.

The strum pattern is off, you're missing two sections, the solo isn't even in key, and you're missing muted notes in the only progression provided.
May 27 2007, 02:55 pm by Funkmaster Fret |
My reasons for 2 stars are in the comments.
August 21 2007, 11:21 am by aenimafist |
the first chords sound right to me
+1   November 13 2007, 07:26 pm by rockfanatik00 |
July 15 2009, 11:22 pm by Deorathx |
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