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November 20 2013, 01:33 am by Genie T |
Please remove the hyphens with in lyric words or put them into all the multisyllabic words. They are unnecessary and confusing when they're scattered about haphazardly.
July 15 2014, 10:03 am by Dairybeat |
Copy and paste it to your own computer. Change it to the way you like to use it. So easy isn't it...
July 15 2014, 03:58 pm by Genie T |
Not everyone will know which words are supposed to be hyphenated and which ones aren't. As I said, it's confusing when a few words are arbitrarily hyphenated (e.g., "fa-miliar"). (So easy to correct it.)
July 16 2014, 05:33 am by Dairybeat |
The way I do it is also used in 'official' sheet music that is for SALE. It informs you if you have to sing a word long or short and also if there is a chord change in a word. If you use my version and you listen to Roy singing it, then you'll see exactly what I mean. And..., nearly 70,000 people have looked at or used my version on U.G., and apart from you, no one has mentioned it. And..., my work and that of other tabbers on this site, is offered to all users totally FREE!
July 16 2014, 10:15 am by Genie T |
I'm aware of the normal syllabication in sheet music. I just do not see it being used consistently within this lyric/chord sheet. But I understand your point.
BTW, in the third verse, isn't the last line "Maybe I'd be happier then on Blue Bayou"?
July 17 2014, 03:31 am by Dairybeat |
You are right with 'then'. It's hard for me tot hear (I'm Dutch) if Roy sings 'happy' or 'happier', so I searched on Google for the lyrics. I looked at the first 4 results and they all give 'happy'. So I'll just correct 'again' to 'then'. Thanks for your input!
July 18 2014, 03:41 am by Genie T |
You're welcome, DB, and thanks for doing such a good job of posting these lyrics and chords. Roy definitely sings "Maybe I'd be happier then on Blue Bayou."
July 5 2015, 09:37 pm by glenberger |
. Fsus2 and Gm just don't fit. As if they are crammed in. Maybe I'm not playing it correctly but I could not make it work.
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