by 50 Cent tabs | tabbed by heaven's_door
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December 10 2005, 02:11 pm by heaven's_door |
there is an extra note in the end
January 22 2006, 12:30 am by FedExGirl |
you should try lowering the notes, like...
15 on B can be 10 on E, if you know what i mean
i just suggested it cause my guitar sucks right now,
it cant go up to 20.
May 15 2006, 07:36 pm by skwank |
why dont you just lower the notes when u play it?...:-|
January 5 2014, 02:52 am by Shredtohell |
That extra note at the end of the line is the 15th fret on the D. But if you add that note at the end, it's hard to start the lick over to repeat. So on the repeat I just drop the 1st 15th (on the B) to make the guitar sound smooth with the song. But overall you got 5*'s from me man. Good tab
July 30 2014, 11:04 pm by Shredtohell |

Video of this one, check it out.

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