by Jack Johnson tabs | tabbed by xephix
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-1   January 2 2006, 04:13 pm by bigjesse |
needs a capo.
February 17 2006, 10:26 am by fall_out_girl14 |
its good when u get the hang of it x
+1   March 18 2006, 05:00 pm by jbjh0016 |
sounds great am a beginner an think u r a ****in legend for puttin the strum pattern in y dont people think of the amateurs like me more often.
March 20 2006, 12:47 pm by xephix |
I don't know why people don't post strum patterns, the biggest problem most amatuer guitarists have (I think at least) is timing and rhythm. If you get yourself a metronome, and go slow when you actually KNOW the strum pattern it will make the difference between an easy song sounding like the most amazing song ever and an easy song sounding like just that- an easy song. Thanks for the comments. -X

ps: It doesn't need a capo bigjesse... play the A minor pentatonic scale over the CD version of this song and then tell me that it needs a capo. It's in the key of C. Sorry dude.
-3   April 6 2006, 05:15 pm by HughGCS |
the song is wrong.
there is no Em
and the G is played in the wrong place in this tab
i have an ukulele and the chords are C, G, Am, F
in that order.
not C, Em, Am, G. it even sounds wrong on guitar to play it that way.
April 6 2006, 09:36 pm by steggz |
ukelele chords can often overlap with eachother eg am7 is also a c on a ukelele. c em am g sounds fine to me.
-2   April 10 2006, 02:43 pm by sberube1979 |
It's alright but I agree with the first guy maybe add a capo.
+2   May 4 2006, 03:15 am by A to the K |
No it doesn't need a capo, and its not a ukelele. He plays it in barre chords. Just like every other Jack Johnson song. Try it. Its dead on.
C Em Am G
May 14 2006, 06:54 pm by Weezy |
A to the K, That is pretty dead on, its easy too! Thanks
May 22 2006, 01:38 pm by snow(heyoh) |
Sounds good to me. Good for just acoustically strumming casually. Easy to remember as well.. nuts to barre chords.
+1   June 11 2006, 01:35 pm by angusfenderbend |
A to the k its definately played on a ukelele. But i think C Em Am G sounds terrific on the guitar.
June 23 2006, 01:07 pm by *HannahLove* |
Check out version 4... Should be correct
+1   June 25 2006, 06:08 pm by elliott_k |
angusfenderbend...there is a ukelele in the song but Jack doesn't play it, he plays the guitar. HughGCS...the song is right. I've seen Jack play the song and the chords are C Em Am G. A to the K has it almost dead on. The correct chords are shown below with the fingering that Jack uses in () next to the chord. However, you can play them as barre chords if it is easier for you.

June 26 2006, 12:08 pm by rocker007 |
i played it open chords and it sounded fine to me
January 22 2007, 10:24 pm by bmurphy317 |
This actually looks like the version that's on "A Broke Down Melody". It's all done on two acoustic guitars, instead of ukeleles. It sounds right, but the bridge is missing.
June 26 2007, 06:38 pm by zacn14 |
yeah the up down strokes good but i learned 2 years ago how to play and all you have to do is listen to the song a few times then youll get it.
December 23 2007, 06:01 pm by ozzyan |
Ellitt is right ... it sounds great. Now you just need to find a friend who plays ukulele =)
April 15 2008, 04:10 am by sgrims2005 |
ok im agreeing to disagree. heres what i think. iv tryed this tab with a capo on 1st 2nd and 3rd and i dont think a capo is needed sawnds wrong with a capo on it. open chourds sound beter. play alone to the song untill u get the strumkin pattern right. its good, better than most. 5 stars mate

and im pritty shore its not a uke but hes just got that sound, iv seen him play live and his has a cover over the hol of the guitar to make that blunt uk sound.
+1   August 16 2008, 09:54 pm by glugger |
it can easily be played with capo on 5th with G, Bm, Em, and D
April 14 2009, 11:46 am by Tone_85 |
Those of you who think this isnt played on a ukulele are retarded. First of all, you'll never replicate the sound of a uke on an acoustic guitar. the closest thing to try is to capo the fith and play these chords, this may not be to everyones taste thou as some prefer the sound of barre or open chords without a capo. this is as close as you'll get to the sound without learning to play a ukulele. I played the actual version on a uke and it sounded spot on in comparison. good tab.
January 13 2014, 10:52 pm by jrf4047 |
yes. putting in the strumming pattern was great!! thank you.
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