by JerryC tabs | tabbed by Brendan DEwald
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+11   January 14 2006, 01:14 pm by strutter |
Awesome tab, This tab is much easier to read then the guitar pro version if you only read tablature. Thanks for the great tab, printing now =) I know a couple people who heard this song and instantly went out and bought a guitar, good to see they have the tab for it now lol
+18   January 21 2006, 10:27 pm by Swiftfury |
Ey, Jerry you are the man dude. Friggin awesome song, just i'm wondering where i can get the music WITHOUT the solo guitar so i can play it myself. Thanks again mate, cheers
+6   February 8 2006, 06:02 am by Skytitan |
nice tab, it helps me to play it easy, tnx
-12   February 12 2006, 04:09 am by adam ellis |
awsome guitar playing mate how long u been playing?? if you have msn then add me please my email addy is
+5   February 24 2006, 11:03 am by Portuguese_boy |
Fuck, this song is just so awsome. It took me at least 3 days to learn this but its so ****ing cool
+15   March 10 2006, 01:02 pm by kaotik420 |
jerryc is the man, i had an eargasm when i first heard this song, bloody brilliant.
thanks for the tab :)
+4   March 16 2006, 08:38 am by Encore_Angel |
Thanks so much to whoever tabbed this song, it's so great!! :D
I rate a 5
+3   March 22 2006, 08:11 pm by robt18 |
Crazy tab so an even crazier song. Kick ass work man
March 23 2006, 03:15 pm by kirki! |
ya ****in crazy man ;) but very very good...i hope I can play it XD
..but respect for this work !!!

thx for the tab !

+3   March 28 2006, 06:09 pm by Constantine |
For those of you who want the actual Backtrack for the song, JerryC has it up on his website... I think.......

Great tab by the way.
-1   April 8 2006, 08:53 pm by WannabHendrix |
i need this on power tab!!!!! please!
-4   April 13 2006, 08:31 am by nathajrb |
has anyone seen that video of that kid playing it? its on youtube, look at this link:

Man, i wish i could play this, ive only been playing 6months, but i play everyday and im as good as my mate who has played for two years! Ive started practising already! Ill get there in the end!
April 13 2006, 10:46 pm by OzzyRulzzz99 |
wow, i learned this song in about 3 days, frakin awesome. only hard part is the contineus sweeping parts. thats the only thing i must learn. but what a mezmorizing song huh?
April 23 2006, 12:02 am by -.-'''' |
Hey JerryC.. THIS IS AWSOME SONG, it must have taken like weeks to make the song. anyway i just want to say that the tabs is kinda hard to read even my friend, can u like make it more easire to read? itz not really bad but like make it easier to read the tab coz i really wanna play it as well coz it sounds sooo cool.
April 27 2006, 05:03 pm by Bossman123 |
What a song, id never heard it before i saw this tab. If u liked it Yngwie does a Kick ass version of the same song. Great tab as well by the way!!
+6   May 2 2006, 01:23 pm by BC_Warlock |
Dude, all he done was take the gutar pro version, but still...Awsome. What a song, and to top it off, im playing it at a weding in 1 week so wish me luck.
May 2 2006, 08:59 pm by soad player |
you rules Jerryc i saw this song played by you n im think i should play that yeah
+1   May 15 2006, 07:59 pm by chase09 |
I hope you guys all know that JerryC did NOT write this song. All he did was arrange it so that it was for electric guitar. The composer Johann Pachelbel wrote it.
+1   May 16 2006, 08:06 pm by element99 |
this is amazing, its all preety easy except the sweeps, thanks a million for tabbing it out, if u can email me some tips on those sweeps i would appreciate it
May 19 2006, 05:35 am by dud-fatty |
dude i fuking love ur video for this and i gona fukin learn this AMMAZING tab!!!

if any 1 wants to c this guy play the tab heres a link:
May 21 2006, 10:43 pm by rt2301 |
What tab is this one? Jerrycs or Funtwos? because funtwos is played slightly different and i like his better.
May 28 2006, 06:46 am by danno89 |
yer man...freakin awesome....i watched sum guy play this on you tube...its bloody great, does any one know where i can get the backing for it?

great tab man...printing now, i am detirmind to learn it..even if i cant actually sweep
cheers man...good work
May 28 2006, 08:00 pm by Jaw Knee |
Dude, you ****ing own. I needed a free tab for this so my teacher could show me how to play it. I'm forever in your debt.
-1   June 1 2006, 06:15 pm by scalemaster |
"I hope you guys all know that JerryC did NOT write this song. All he did was arrange it so that it was for electric guitar. The composer Johann Pachelbel wrote it."

this dude has no clue what he's talking about. Listen to the original version. JerryC wrote most of this song, he took parts of the original, but not the whole thing.
June 3 2006, 11:35 pm by MHSDC |
I would love to know what kinda effects he's using...anyone know?
June 5 2006, 07:44 am by dud-fatty |
scalemaster is right but jerryc rearranged it on guitar pro (or similar program) and if u listen 2 the coke advert for the world cup pachelbel's version is on there,

June 6 2006, 05:00 pm by JS5150 |
[04/27/2006 - 05:03 pm] by Bossman123 : |
What a song, id never heard it before i saw this tab. If u liked it Yngwie does a Kick ass version of the same song. Great tab as well by the way!!

Whats it called?
June 8 2006, 12:03 am by wildcard1989 |
hey, this is great.. but can you put this on powertab.. pls..!!
June 9 2006, 02:54 am by hazerrazer |
hey, thanks to the guy who made it into tablature, that's awesome. but what does mean? and how do u play it?
June 9 2006, 11:38 pm by bboyswrlz |
how do u play an accentuded note? how do u play a tied note? sorry i feel mad newb
June 21 2006, 05:28 pm by BlueZephyr |
The way I play an accent note is I make it louder and more noticeable than the other the notes. The way I see it is that the other notes are background.. the accented note is more important.

A tied note is the same note from a previous measure that is held for an x amount of time into the next measure.

Hope that makes some sense.

Great tab, btw.
July 7 2006, 11:10 pm by habeeb420 |
this tab is awesome. i remember when i first saw the video of jerryc playing, i instantly tried to learn it by watchin, then i looked for tabs. then there wasnt any good tabs for it. but this one rocks! sounds great. goodjob!
July 11 2006, 08:20 pm by dpunkplayer182 |
yea this song rocks im learning it right now its kinda hard to remember all the parts but not that hard to far...i think it gets harder after the parts that i know...oh well great tab jerryc and great song...
July 15 2006, 04:59 am by chubbychunks |
Wow, that long list at the end really scares me....I don't understand most of it....
July 29 2006, 09:55 am by rager619 |
Oh..Wow! I got it! After 2 weeks of practice...I finally perfected it! It was so hard memorizing all those riffs, but it was sure worth it that's because i'm always at the center of attention whenever i play this song w/ my electric! Tnx so much dude! now i'm popular but not only to 1 school, but 3 schools!!! It was sure worth my time trying to perfect it! Tnx man!
August 1 2006, 11:18 pm by jose763 |
any tips on the sweeping parts
August 9 2006, 04:11 pm by sliksilver |
very nice song, right now im learning how to play the original song from guitar pro but once im done with the plain stuff im goin right to this solo version.

August 18 2006, 08:14 pm by jose763 |
first off this is a great tab and it doesnt need anyhing. its perfect but i found that this is was an easier way,for me, to play one of the sweeping parts. its the same notes just on a different part of the fret board. alsoi think its how funtwo plays it.

August 18 2006, 08:15 pm by jose763 |
the T (tapping)is supposed to go on top of the 17
+1   August 22 2006, 11:01 am by lilejay105 |
this songs so f-ing hard!!! I HOPE I CAN LEARN IT BY NEXT YEAR...LOL
August 22 2006, 11:02 am by lilejay105 |
but its such a good song...i always watch them play it on youtube
-7   August 22 2006, 05:38 pm by preLegend |
the kid on you tube playing in his bedroom IS jerryC
August 30 2006, 01:25 pm by Empo |
This Song and this tab is fu*king awesome!!!
August 30 2006, 10:53 pm by dpunkplayer182 |
theres more than one person who plays it on video is of funtwo then there is one of jerryc...they guy with the black/gold esp and the hat is funtwo the guy with the strat is jerryc...there both in thier bedrooms...
+1   August 31 2006, 08:31 am by turnfoot |
this song is awesome!!! too bad i can't play it...
August 31 2006, 10:59 am by shadowen |
Hey man .. u did Great..u r really a gifted guitarist player... The tapping is hard but u did it .. u R really GREAT... hope that u can play more cool songs.. for us to listen and tab for us.. Thx Alot.
Peace out to u... Wilson
September 2 2006, 12:38 am by legendkeeper |
hey i need some help on the power chord parts near the beginning. any tips? thanks
September 5 2006, 01:58 pm by JimmyH II |
u must be amazing to be able to post this on the internet
+1   September 8 2006, 09:12 pm by First_fret |
darn the sweep picking is too hard
September 10 2006, 01:42 pm by stubby2010 |
yea....great TAB....but in your youtube video for it your guitar isnt even plugged up
September 16 2006, 04:19 pm by blindvomitt |
what does the |--3--| above the tabs mean?
September 21 2006, 03:45 pm by cmac27 |
well i have to say FRICKIN AWESOME TAB!!!! ya that's about it
September 22 2006, 11:00 pm by ACDC_GUITARHERO |
badass tab dude once i saw your video i had to learn the song
September 23 2006, 07:39 am by topdogII |
speachless Im so ****in speachless ****in awsome ...... oh and by the way jerryc's vertion easily the best vertion of this song
September 24 2006, 03:18 pm by frankthetank19 |
Well I think its not perfect exactly but still good, there is some sweeping missing after the main rythms and some scale are not correct.
-4   September 29 2006, 04:51 pm by |T4Z| |
is there a tab on the funtwo version?
October 7 2006, 07:41 pm by ACDC_GUITARHERO |
badass tab dude
October 14 2006, 01:42 am by jeonjihyun7 |
finaly ive learn it!!!!!!!!

October 17 2006, 03:57 pm by JohnR242 |
Really awesome JerryC. Your playing is super!! Thanks for this tab, it really is helping a lot of people enjoy the gift of music.
For those that feel it is too hard and that they can't play it I say PRACTICE! take it small chunks at a time (Say 2 to 4 bars at a time) and go slowly till you get the notes into your head and fingers. More importantly; be accurate not sloppy with the notes, try to learn it right the first time and you'll have it made. Yes, it will take some time, but the reward at the end is a fantastic piece of music that you will be able to play and people will say WOW!! MAN!! YOUR AWESOME!!
+1   October 17 2006, 04:03 pm by JohnR242 |
OH! by the way, if you want the backing track go to this link and scroll to the bottom of the page, right click on the backing track icon and save target as.
Good luck and good playing.
October 26 2006, 08:32 pm by Blackshadow442 |
sick tab, nothing else, since nothing else can fit it, SICKKKK!!! $&*)$^@&#^@$@!(#)!@*$&*#!@^#!%($^(@@^!)&*$)#*^#%$^!@($*@^#&@^^!@%#^@!%$#%&#^@#($^@$)!!!!!!!!
November 5 2006, 07:30 pm by oh_you_freak |
what do you put the amp settings to?
+1   November 7 2006, 07:51 am by linkinmark |
can somebody here teach me how to do the pick sweeps?...^_^plzzz
im DYING to learn this song...
November 20 2006, 02:34 am by finalheaven |
Lolz... is it possible to play this on an acoustic guitar?
-.-' Got no electric guitar [hoping to get one soon]...

6th month of playing guitar; I wonder how long it would take me to learn this... and btw, how do you "sweep"? [Sorry, I'm noob, self-taught, dunno that much people who play guitar]
November 28 2006, 04:10 pm by BC_Warlock |
Theres plenty of sweep exercises on the internet Just look :)
December 1 2006, 09:43 am by SayDie123 |
WEE! ^^, nice tab!
practice practice. XP
December 4 2006, 12:44 am by we_all_rock |
LOL to the person who said that he can play only the 19,17,12 too EHHEHE

Funtwo made it famous (in my opinion though).
JerryC arrranged it..what can i say....FANTASTICO..AMEN!!
December 8 2006, 04:07 am by super-sloth |
this tab is fabulooooooooouse well done
December 18 2006, 07:12 pm by kassuitar |
YES! Finally what I've been looking for! This tab is AWESOME! I can play most of it now except for the part where your fingers need to go real crazy near the end
December 19 2006, 10:30 pm by yumoses |
very very very very good..nice job man. Yeah for JerryC! ^_^
December 20 2006, 11:37 pm by serbia007 |
great tab! Jerryc is probably one of the best guitarists today.
December 30 2006, 01:51 am by blinx4hotdogs |
coolness ive been lookin for this tab for so long... thanks whoever tabbed it
January 2 2007, 12:59 pm by hersheyxxx |
haha its 15 pages printed out!
nice tab
January 6 2007, 07:00 pm by Drew/Dawg |
haha this is a great song. Its actualy the reason I got my guitar and i've only been actualy playing for like a week or two but I think i'll be able to learn it in about the same amount of time. THNX Printint it now!
January 10 2007, 12:00 am by BlinkWilNvaSink |
nice tab long tho love it
January 24 2007, 09:54 am by mutax2003 |
Hi Brendan,

Great tab, I like it, except it is hard for me to play the higher notes on my acoustic guitar, which has no cutoff. I wonder if you can rewrite the tab for acoustic, with the highest notes going to 14 th Fret. Thanks.
January 27 2007, 07:42 pm by spencer Cr |
Dude! this is awsome who cares that you tok it off of guitar pro it is still sweet and all of us with out guitar pro solute you
January 29 2007, 05:54 pm by Von-Bing |
This can only be described as a work of art. ( so can the song )
February 16 2007, 06:29 am by i<3myteli |
this is a cool song, the tabs ' almost ' perfect i found a few notes off but i couldnt do any better gj
February 26 2007, 05:37 pm by j_schneider |
the |--3--| above the tab is the triplets. u just need to really understand music
wicked tab man
March 1 2007, 01:42 am by Josué |
Heh, by the sounds of some of these comments, it sounds like many people really did go out and instantly buy a guitar.
March 3 2007, 01:29 pm by CoolNamesTaken |
1 word...bitchin
+2   March 5 2007, 12:54 pm by |
omg I hate thóse people who always say 'I got a guitar last week , and suddenly I learned Canon Rock within 3 days!I play it perfect , I looked at the tab and it is so easy'...yes and I play it with one hand when I sleep
March 6 2007, 08:31 am by guitar-pete |
I can play the start of it with the vibratos. I'm gonna get practicing this daily piece by piece/bar by bar. Might take a while but something mega to play in karaoke or a wedding.

It was originally made as a classical sing with 3 or 4 instruments by Johann Pachelbell and then JerryC tabbed it out which took him 2 weeks and then funtwo played it and became an internet phenomenon. Thanx for tabbing it btw.
March 8 2007, 03:26 pm by BC_Warlock |
Actually friendly fire...I can play alot of this song with 1 hand :P Dampening the other strings though...But its possible. But not when i sleep :)
March 8 2007, 03:27 pm by BC_Warlock |
Also, for Funtwos version of this song, check out VErsion 6 on guitar pro.
March 11 2007, 04:42 pm by i<3myteli |
f*** funtwo, he makes a lot of mistakes while he's playing anyway, he's good, but jerryc is the real talent, and f*** youtube for screwin it up, but this tabs perfect so far but i can never get the sweeps good at the end :(
March 23 2007, 09:26 am by SPC |
Fucking Awesome!
March 23 2007, 11:22 pm by brent_nadurata |
**** jerryc very awesome!! haha
March 28 2007, 10:25 pm by Beck-Ryu$uk3 |
it's too simple. when i hear the mp3 i think it's too hard. but after i saw the video and the tab, i can play it. for jeffry : can u make another classical rock music?? i hope u can make it.
April 1 2007, 03:27 pm by ganondorf36 |

what dos thi one means..?=?15 14 15 14 15 14 15 14 im confused
April 10 2007, 01:18 am by turnfoot |
pachelbell was a genius & jerryc could never live up to him as far as composers go. but he sure gave "canon" the respect that it should have deserved (even from guitarists). anyways, that was one hell of a song!
April 12 2007, 02:51 pm by petrucci07 |
guitar world have tabbed it.better than yours, but good job dude, 5 strs!
April 12 2007, 07:29 pm by Rock*Star |
ok, that ganandorf36 guy is an idiot. WATCH THE VIDEO

and i'm not actually sure if this is jerryC's version, or FunTwo's version tabbed wrong (FunTwo taps way more than this shows, and the only part in this tab where it shows tapping isnt even tapping, it's just hammering on/off quickly. THERE'S A DIFFERANCE!)
April 13 2007, 04:37 pm by Anderson4292 |
yup... ace tab, but isn't it a breach of copright when you say "Tabbed by " when you obvioulsy didn't tab it.

I love this song, and can play up until the solid bit right at the end...just hearing it makes me cry myself to sleep at night.
April 14 2007, 10:16 am by Burpin'Worm |
*Spam deleted*
April 22 2007, 03:48 pm by Lee Chiu |
hum.. its ok but its kinda hard. you should try to like give out a guitar pro version =D good job tho
April 24 2007, 03:00 pm by Chris-13 |
I love it!
April 24 2007, 04:21 pm by FreddoX |
How long did it take you guys here to learn the whole song? Write to me, I want to learn it over the summer but I think i'm going to quit after a while.....
April 25 2007, 09:08 am by Chris-13 |
I have played for about 5-6 months and I'm at 03:40 now.Gee... the sweeping is pretty hard.
April 27 2007, 02:44 pm by lizardkillers |
hardest tab i've ever seen
May 6 2007, 05:24 am by anti-hero666 |
thats great! thanks for putting it in a normal mode insread of guitar pro. i have a different version i will put it up now.
May 17 2007, 04:04 pm by crebeley |
oh my god this is unreal!!!!
May 18 2007, 07:33 pm by eklipt |
On one part of the tab it says L and L is suppose to mean tied note but i have no idea what a tied note is can someone help me out with that?
May 19 2007, 06:31 pm by thunderbutt |
hahaha yayy!! me = #200th 5star vote. hha sweett dude you actually tabbed it out. im seirously gonna do whatever it takes to learn this song... and hotel cali. =P. inspirational.
May 31 2007, 12:42 pm by Parkour-Freek |
nice, i rly like it ;)
June 2 2007, 12:19 pm by iaaann_03 |
this songs friggin amazing... i can play most of the song and i only started playing like a year ago! thx for the great tab!
June 2 2007, 12:20 pm by iaaann_03 |
oh and 5 * S
-1   June 6 2007, 10:20 pm by HorrorFiend |
THIS ISNT JERRYC RETARDS. and btw, they yngwie malmsteen one kicks ass. jerry c didnt come up with the idea of canon rock, malmsteen did
June 9 2007, 06:56 am by iggi619 |
waaaaaa.....Jerry you ROCK!!!!!!
June 9 2007, 06:58 am by iggi619 |
awesome tab huh! now i can play my guitar all by myself!!!! hello AU JASH
June 9 2007, 07:52 am by BC_Warlock |
If anybody likes Funtwo's version then check out Version 6 in Guitar pro (I will put it in normal tab soon).

By me. 100% accurate.
June 10 2007, 04:01 pm by shellshock1911 |
what does this mean 6?
June 17 2007, 07:42 pm by ShreddinBXC |
this song is SWEET

personally i think this one is the best... way better than funtwo
June 17 2007, 07:43 pm by ShreddinBXC |
June 18 2007, 10:11 am by Pr0phecy_X |
Hehe.... It's funny, I never even heard of Canon Rock up till three day's ago and now ive become completely and totally obsessed with it. Regardless of who came up with the original idea of arranging and preforming it on guitar it is just a ****in masterpeice of music. So I have to say, JerryC if your ever in Canada, i'll buy you a beer :) good job.

6 means fret the six fret on wichever string specified....

And btw, this tab is 100% accurate do not post misleading information about good tab's so other's read it and go learn something that is actually wrong. Anyways, im in the midst of getting through this so later :)

June 19 2007, 05:15 pm by pjm012345 |
does any one know what instrument this was originally arranged on if it wasnt guitar ?because jerryc didnt compose it did he
June 24 2007, 03:15 pm by goducks11 |
hey pjm012345 it was originally played by like an orchestra, but idont know the composer. Its a really old song.

Anyway good tab its perfect.
June 26 2007, 06:31 am by kumagpoko |
the original is was did in a piano by pachelbel....
June 30 2007, 11:24 pm by mohawkkidJohn |
it is easier to play the 1st line of the sweep picking part like this

instead of playin the 7th fret on the 5th string play the 12th fret on the 6th sting.
July 8 2007, 04:45 pm by guitar-pete |
oopsie, I lied - I didn't continue playing it. I learnt the vibrato(e)s but anyne can play that bit, it's sooooo easy. Oh God! I gotta learn to sweep now and cos I'm smart I know there's lessons all over the internet ^_^

Time to do a bit of printing me thinks.

and BTW 4.7gb JerryC never wrote the song, he just rearranged it a little and made it better than the orchestral one.

And forthe record I prefer Funtwo's version, it has a better sound.
July 9 2007, 10:12 pm by Johnnyp912 |
Thank you .. tab is great
July 11 2007, 08:07 pm by Ismail93 |
Great tab. Thank you!
July 12 2007, 01:50 am by Luca Piccirilli |
man that is so ****ing cool great work on this tab thats just so ****ing great you must be the best at playing. to you know where i could find the music to this.really good mate ****ing excellent
July 12 2007, 07:12 am by Luca Piccirilli |
man ****ing mint
July 13 2007, 08:55 pm by fazedout |
what do all the letters above the tab mean? like w, s, e?
July 15 2007, 10:37 am by HelzAngl |
umm, yeah. I might need a bit of tim with this song, but from what I'm playing right now, it looks good. 5 stars.
July 18 2007, 08:20 pm by Maddawg3711 |
do you need an effects pedal for this song??? please answer
July 22 2007, 10:32 am by Burpin'Worm |
+2   July 25 2007, 01:47 pm by fender4482 |
cool. too bad i can only play like 10 seconds of it :(
July 31 2007, 02:11 pm by craZelz |

must sound better at the right speed =D
August 1 2007, 05:28 am by Triviumrule!! |
this tab is awsome and so is the song !!!
August 5 2007, 04:57 pm by kratos453 |
Brilliant tab, it's actually pretty easy to play, guess all these years of sitting in my room playing guitar has paid off :P
August 10 2007, 02:25 am by dragonball |

W H H. Q Q Q E S S Q
August 10 2007, 10:32 am by jec013 |
Kayata sa buang!! Gi sunod man ni ang tab!Yawa!poser!
August 10 2007, 10:33 am by jec013 |
Gi sunod man...
-5   August 13 2007, 01:32 pm by BlackCross |
nice tab, easy to play aswell.
August 16 2007, 11:39 am by kogsy |
tang ina mo tol!!! ang galing...
August 20 2007, 09:46 am by a god |
check out the guy on youtube playin this song. thats how i heard about it. nice song.
August 23 2007, 02:18 am by nangsta |
i don't know how 130 something of you could've missed it, but the first 7 8 7 triplet is actually just one note. it's blatantly obvious if you listen to the song.
August 28 2007, 09:26 am by highcardace |
im only 12 and i can play this :)
-2   September 1 2007, 04:42 am by Electric-Guitar |
some are not accurate
September 6 2007, 03:30 pm by badluck39 |
awsome tab, really easy
September 6 2007, 03:34 pm by badluck39 |
do what "a god" said. Check this dude out on you tube. he's awsome
-1   September 11 2007, 07:51 pm by rock_69 |
nice tab... JerryC is amazing but Alexi Laiho is better
September 13 2007, 06:31 pm by dschuler36 |
i think this would b a great song for guitar hero 3!!
September 17 2007, 03:31 am by mattman25 |
nice tab
September 19 2007, 07:31 am by Rakizta_Ralph |
it is so hard to play....but this tab is very useful to me...great tab...5 star..
-27   September 25 2007, 03:04 am by jadelgcapitan0 |
September 25 2007, 03:06 am by jadelgcapitan0 |
please tab the song v3 on o2jam thats cool
-10   September 26 2007, 02:16 am by RubberPig |
master chief!
-10   September 26 2007, 02:16 am by RubberPig |
master chief!
October 10 2007, 05:47 am by alex z |
October 13 2007, 01:08 pm by Squirrel1993 |
where can u get this in mp3 form for an ipod??
-7   October 13 2007, 06:52 pm by nangsta |
-7   October 13 2007, 06:52 pm by nangsta |
October 13 2007, 06:59 pm by nangsta |
also the 6~ isn't in there. Also the 15s17 after the 14b isn't there. Oh and the 10S-12-10~ that's 3 lines before the first sweep isn't there. other small corrections in there my previous 7-8-7 triplet comment
+3   October 16 2007, 02:23 pm by adilghanty |
hey people. awesome tab. ive studied classical music for five years and played guitar for you, so this of for those of you wondering who wrote what. Johann Pachelbel wrote he pachabel canon - a canon is a progression of chords over a ground bass, basically the chords that are played throughout the piece and at the beginning. this was from the baroque era. he then wrote themes that go on top of it, the most famous one being in the coke advert, and this is played after the chords at the beginning, but thats all JerryC used when he wrote his version (canon rock), the rest was all written by JerryC. he originally posted on his website, and FunTwo covered it, which is how the whole canon rock got famous. thats pretty much it, the history of the canon! once again, great tab, thanks
October 16 2007, 02:24 pm by adilghanty |
hey people. awesome tab. ive studied classical music for five years and played guitar for you

i mean two:P
October 24 2007, 09:09 pm by hayden1996 |
November 1 2007, 04:23 am by cyberjam06 |
thanks 4 dis tab,and you!

i completed the song!


these is a goddamn ****in' tremendous master piece!


to you,guitar devil!

(i'm gonna make my own version of this!)

November 1 2007, 04:25 am by cyberjam06 |
i was havin' a hard time on the sweeping zones..;p
November 5 2007, 07:12 pm by Maxskate |
November 5 2007, 07:15 pm by Maxskate |
Yea well I was planing to tab this song but then I tought about JerryC. He is famous because of this song but if everyone can play it, nothing makes him famous anymore. So I didn't put it on ultimate-guitar. The tab is all ready and it is almost as good as this one (And I mean, this one is pretty good) But this song is Jerry's property...

Sorry if you think I'm a shit but thats what I think...
November 14 2007, 09:18 pm by chili157 |
yeah look up guitar on youtube and he should be the first one hes wearin a blue shirt.

Bad ass dude seriously you
gotta watch him.
November 25 2007, 03:53 pm by GomezGuitar |
I need more practise to do this man,but very nice tab :)
December 25 2007, 12:38 am by ACDCfrontman |
kick ass dude, the pro version was a bitch to read, this is so much definitly practicing this for a few
days, this song kicks so much ass
January 3 2008, 12:13 am by Lithium717 |

Just for those of you who want it :)

Awesome tab,
gonna learn it when it's not midnight so I don't wake my family up ^^
January 19 2008, 10:10 am by FretzMaster197 |
Amzin sng dde
-11   January 28 2008, 06:52 pm by Bucketheadroolz |
what is so good about this song ... it sucks it doesnt even sound very good. seriously... this sond's guitar solo
compared to something like jordan ... nobody but buckethead can play jordan but people all the time cover this
February 10 2008, 06:34 pm by cozzy99coz |
bukethead has 1 big song dickhead. nd it wouldnt be so if it werent for GH2. nd this song is still amazing
February 15 2008, 06:08 pm by gunsnroses#1 |
how do you sweep pick!
February 25 2008, 05:46 pm by .:Sherder:. |
Mhm. Nice Tab. Neat and Everything. I Like The Song To.

Rating: 5 Starz
March 2 2008, 07:00 pm by kokunxD |
:D yeaaa man. Canon Rock Rules ! (x
March 16 2008, 09:34 pm by TheOneManBand12 |
i was playing this on my acoustic and it has just enough frets to play this song trying to play the twentieth fret was a real pain in the ass
March 20 2008, 10:36 pm by PittsPeng |
wow! am i supposed to play this. long.....
April 16 2008, 01:15 am by especialist |
please somedy tell how and whats is tuplet??? plsss.... answer me someone...
April 22 2008, 11:07 pm by marcelaguiar |
i like this tab a lot but it makes me so mad that i can't memorize the whole thing
April 27 2008, 09:12 am by irokzworld |
[03-16-2008 - 09:34 pm] by TheOneManBand12:|
i was playing this on my acoustic and it has just enough frets to play this song trying to play the twentieth fret was a real pain in the ass

You were playing your guitar with your butt?????????????
May 5 2008, 04:30 pm by supaadam |
holy crap.....omfg this is THE MOST AMAZING TAB EVER MAN

ps those sweeper parts are killer intense

-2   May 14 2008, 03:44 am by chaoticfables |
canon rock owns especially when it was playd by an asian rock on
+1   June 1 2008, 05:44 pm by marcskate |
its very very nice !!!!
+1   June 17 2008, 08:18 am by Curtis 14 |
Perfect tab!
+1   July 7 2008, 10:55 pm by epistandard21 |
kick ass tab
July 19 2008, 12:49 pm by Metallica321 |
Perfect tab! Learned everything, except the sweeping parts-.- I have`nt learned how to sweep, do anyone of you know a good video lesson on internet?
+2   July 24 2008, 05:07 pm by marcelaguiar |
This is an AWESOME TAB!!
-6   July 28 2008, 09:06 pm by Bucketheadroolz |
this guy took the main riff from some wedding song i heard...
i dont know the name but its the part
that riff is a wedding song
+3   July 31 2008, 06:33 pm by cahoony |
great tab
av only bn plyin for about 7 months ao al probs fail quickly at this but ohwell
+3   August 3 2008, 02:11 pm by thrasherboy |
If you love jerry c then you have to check out ROCK ON by him ..... on youtube or somthing
August 3 2008, 02:14 pm by thrasherboy |
If you love jerry c then you have to check out ROCK ON by him ..... on youtube or somthing
+1   August 8 2008, 10:12 am by moody07747 |
Great song, I will have to start learning this one
+1   September 20 2008, 07:17 pm by guitarhero3000 |
all i have to say is awesome
September 25 2008, 08:01 pm by Hello_Stefan |
+1   September 30 2008, 04:11 pm by bassexplosion |
awesome dude
October 5 2008, 12:07 pm by marcelaguiar |
Well, the first 200 notes are correct for sure. I still dontn know about the rest.
-3   November 1 2008, 09:36 am by kite_andrew |
funtwo is much more better,have u seen jerry c play live,lots of bad fingering,not impressive!but funtwo's the real deal,he has his own version
+2   November 11 2008, 03:09 am by fishy_sluggish |
Congratulations, great song, better tab!
8 stars out of 5!!!! :)
December 5 2008, 08:17 pm by KurtKobainLives |
cool man
December 24 2008, 03:33 am by guitarpro7676 |
which guitar effect are you suppose to use for this?
December 25 2008, 06:04 pm by Peacemaker BA |

} At the "S" part, I can't quite figure out ho to get the cool sound that Jerry makes. Help?
December 28 2008, 01:10 pm by attiki |
this song is da bomb
January 14 2009, 09:28 am by Arnhed |
Thank you

Awesome tab
January 18 2009, 05:32 am by checkis |
ang dali nmn neto,
January 30 2009, 08:13 pm by Dehzz |
Does this song need distortion on?
February 1 2009, 03:19 am by bfmvrock |
Yeah, but too much might sound a bit shit...
Awesome tab btw, even though I cant play it for my life :(
+1   February 7 2009, 07:29 pm by Ninjabunnies |
Whats funny about this is I was looking all over for these tabs amd even requested them a few weeks ago, now it suddenly appears in the top 30 of UG...
-1   February 18 2009, 06:24 am by monkeyloops |
Brilliant tab!!!check out the guitar skills section on my profile!i played a piece of this song!!!
-1   March 23 2009, 03:18 pm by lacarrubba |
This is a crappy song. the Mattrach version is better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
March 30 2009, 05:25 pm by \m/(^.^)\m/-666 |
peacemaker BA, he does a slight pinch harmonic when he slides :D
July 3 2009, 02:39 pm by gaaaspar |
this tab is perfec!!!!!!!!!!
good job
July 7 2009, 09:22 am by rocker2008 |
lacarubba, if there wasnt jerryc's work of canon rock, there wouldnt be canon rock 2 or matrash or watever, anyway JerryC is Wayyyyyyyyyy better than that guy. and by the way nice tab
July 18 2009, 09:50 am by PVLover5509 |
Nice tab,but i dont get what those E's and S's mean on the upside.Help appreciated!
July 18 2009, 09:51 am by PVLover5509 |
Oh,i hadn't seen the guide on the bottom lol.Great tab!No help needed!
July 22 2009, 05:24 pm by chiknrulr |
this is a really good tab it all sounds the same as the actual way to play it and i have the same exact tab from a different website so somebody copied somebody cuz they are a perfect match.
August 1 2009, 02:46 pm by josep94 |
god damn it.... easy is not...... especcially for me.........
August 10 2009, 12:27 pm by oasismad94 |
+1   August 10 2009, 12:28 pm by oasismad94 |
August 20 2009, 09:10 pm by jailhawkk |
thanx for the bitchen tab man now i play it around my friends and they thing im a guitar god
August 24 2009, 02:37 am by Q1_17 |
fukin loved these tabss lol
i started playing guitar cause of this song!!!!!!!
September 6 2009, 01:47 pm by Morello Wannabe |
bow down to you dude, this is the sh*t
September 11 2009, 08:57 pm by jailhawkk |
if you can play this song why not take it to the next level by learning mattrach's version "the new canon rock" i learned it and its so much more bad ass then this version and not much harder to learn once u learn this canon. so check out my tab "new canon rock" by mattrach i played it at a talent show and its been getting me chicks like crazy haha
September 27 2009, 03:26 pm by kathie-emma |
this song is amazing my x made me listen to it and now i totally love it its amazing and the second full song i can play!!!
September 29 2009, 02:02 pm by flashmega |
kathie-emma, you're either a genius or have been playing non-full songs for a long time (why would you do that if you're this good?). Awesome song btw.
November 2 2009, 05:57 pm by idehass |
total epic song, 501st rating!
December 26 2009, 11:21 pm by Hellsing-Van |
i love this song in all versions (even the classic one) i have always wanted to play this when i dont have electric guitar so with this tab i will. pretty good tab !!!!
January 12 2010, 01:39 am by 2guitargod4 |
wow i love this song. ican almost play it from top to bottom except for that bitch of a sweep.


its a little bit easier like this


and the other sweeping part towards the end is giving me the shits.
amazing tab though
January 17 2010, 09:41 pm by Bryson11 |
What is the tuning for this song
+1   January 31 2010, 01:13 pm by DrFrankenstrat |
holy crap tacos!!! it takes 22 pages to print this out!!! but its worth it :)
March 28 2010, 05:14 pm by Constapation6 |
dude i can't believe u wrote this!!!!!!!!!!!
+3   June 4 2010, 10:08 am by AwokenDEMON |
He didn'y write it btw. Notice those Letterrings above the bars? And the extensive legend at the end? This is a guitar pro feature which allows you to convert gp5 material into ACSII (Tablature) in about three seconds... So really, he did nothing special to make this tab, and he is getting a shit load of credit for those 30 seconds it took him to convert the tab, then copy ad paste into the tab submission.

January 24 2011, 03:55 pm by beckymars |
Thanks, helped a lot; Jerry, you are AMAZING!

Phovehito in Altum
₪ ø lll ·o
February 23 2011, 10:23 pm by SoundStick |
Good job. Thanks a bunch for the tab.
March 2 2011, 04:45 pm by shadowbrawler |
Great job! Although you might wanna add some dividers to show the intro, verse, chorus, solo, etc.
+1   March 2 2011, 04:47 pm by shadowbrawler |
@AwokenDEMON: Notice on the top of the tab it says he isn't taking any credit for this tab.
Quote: "IM not gona take any credit for this tab .but i did it bec so many people wehere
complaining it on guitar pro and not normal so i just tabed it for normal"
March 5 2011, 01:13 am by cindyamgrande |
February 23 2012, 08:41 pm by spilyay |
i think it should be a slide from 9 to 12 on the high e it just seems more logical in my opinion but hell whatever works for you.

June 24 2012, 05:14 pm by Izaak247 |
That YouTube kid is talking shit. He did not master this in a month. It's pure for publicity.. Unless hes a savant...
February 20 2013, 05:48 am by gianaguilar |
..For me it would be a nice Tab og CANON ROCK.. even i am Practicing it!! WAT DOES S,E,Q means???
February 25 2013, 05:03 am by Banaagroisel |
Awesome!!! ;) :D
March 13 2013, 04:01 am by guitarlover2170 |
Dafuq do you play this shit? its just like my math homework wtf!?
March 13 2013, 04:11 am by guitarlover2170 |
OMG!!! how do you fcking play this!? what does the letters mean!? i can't even start on the first part. pls anyone help me, this tab is not normal!
May 6 2013, 02:07 pm by jayder21 |
I can't understand this.
October 29 2013, 02:44 am by jandihayley |
January 26 2014, 06:19 am by Tanvir Ahmed |
How many days u need bro for tabbing it??
September 2 2014, 07:59 am by eksapq9542 |
Good really good tab's
September 17 2014, 08:38 am by Hikaru Kurozawa |
Woaaaaahhh!!! Its ****ing awesome!!!!
March 12 2015, 10:30 pm by jaimebradford |
about as perfect as you can get with this tab! Thanks!!
December 30 2015, 09:47 pm by psychicseismitoad |
played it in standard and it didnt sound right
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