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+47   September 8 2006, 08:32 pm by Ace13 |
Just look at another jab for the picking pattern, but this tab is still completely correct and has all the words and tells you when to change. 5 stars for sho.
+17   December 18 2006, 08:16 pm by wez himself |
yea this tab is awsome, theres a little walk down when u do the G its 2 on the A 0 on the A and 3 on the E but other than that flawless
+20   April 29 2007, 03:36 pm by cockels |
+3   May 4 2007, 07:37 pm by acoustic_101 |
hey awsome tab man, its perfect for the girls lol, and the strummign and othewr little bits are easy to figure out, thanks bro
+4   May 29 2007, 02:30 pm by realfetus |
I only have the solo acoustic version, when is there strumming? Awesome tab by the way.
-30   June 3 2007, 05:02 pm by SaraRose08 |
the chords are perfection but in order to play along with the song, you have to capo it up to the first fret and then it's the ultimate :D

+4   June 3 2007, 08:30 pm by Atticus.6 |
Sorry SaraRose... I don't know which version of the song you're listenin to but theres no capo needed to play along with the song.
July 3 2007, 01:18 pm by DaveBF |
As far as I can tell, the only strumming in the entire song is the one strum of D at the very very very end.
+3   July 19 2007, 08:03 pm by pasqualified |
i like this tab. learn how to finger pick and you got it down. but strumming it could make it pretty too and everyone would recognize it. so. this is just a great song before the tab was made. and if you watch the video its the same chords as he put in this for the most part.
-12   July 26 2007, 03:07 pm by suffering |
I think the D chord in the verses soend better as a d7 - xx0230
-1   July 29 2007, 07:50 pm by Left_nut |
suffering you're just flat out dumb.
-7   August 5 2007, 07:15 pm by distortionsucks |
your retarded left nut, suffering has a point, its not a regular d thats played in the song, so it shouldnt be a regular d if your strumming the chords. its played the same way suffering has it, except only the d, g, and b strings are played, not the open e. another chord you could play is Dadd9, which is x5423x, it makes the song sound a lot more full
+1   August 13 2007, 06:00 pm by franky munez |
hes thumbing the 5th string and then sorta flicking the rest with his pointer finger that is how he plays it ok so the tabs suck u can figure that out by listing to the song and looking at the chords.
-3   August 25 2007, 07:16 pm by hankguitar7 |
r u kidding me!? im tired of all these hey there delilahs in ;the top hits just stick w/ 1
+1   September 8 2007, 05:46 pm by beno93 |
wyh r people all like this brilliant ur a true hero
no offence to the geezer hu tabed but in the video he shows the chords
i worked it out the first time i saw it u dont have to give him a medal
stilll 5 star
+4   September 14 2007, 09:18 pm by kanarf |
this isnt the Lead guitar its the rythem... Perfect
+4   September 18 2007, 02:46 pm by Phil-1405 |
well done great tab! ace song! thanks!!!!! 5*****
+4   September 19 2007, 05:53 pm by steelwater |
Great tab! My friend and I got it out too and that is exactely what we got.
+3   September 28 2007, 09:25 am by haylin11 |
nice tab...
-18   September 30 2007, 12:30 am by washburn0c03 |
this ones even crappier than the one in secnd place the one in first place is one hundred percent perfect
+5   October 3 2007, 10:29 am by Naddelino |
+4   November 2 2007, 04:36 pm by 100%guitarmad |
+3   November 4 2007, 06:19 pm by Aspmyra |
This if absolutely perfect!
Very good!
I need a capo on 1 because I have a bit highly tone on my voice, if you understand.
+3   December 13 2007, 02:31 am by t0os |
nice one
-8   January 7 2008, 01:20 am by abdulalhazred |
ach! this song is shite
+10   February 10 2008, 10:18 pm by guitarhead93 |
I hate this song but Im gonna learn it for my girl :)
-14   February 16 2008, 11:12 am by tm1776 |
the song does suck
-11   March 8 2008, 09:51 pm by bakachild |
but whats the strumming ?
+3   March 20 2008, 04:02 pm by sony1991 |
perfekt =)
+7   March 26 2008, 02:33 pm by -Natalie_x |
Perfect tab.
+3   June 25 2008, 06:21 pm by Trit |
Why don't yal' just use the tab for this song, it's not too hard to finger-pick it, so why try strumming it instead! It sounds better with finger-picking, and the real song is finger-picking. If you're going to learn it for your girl, learn the tab version...
+2   October 22 2008, 05:52 pm by viky-jbfan |
It sounds better with asus2 instead of A but A is fine too.
+3   November 1 2008, 10:22 pm by denzil1794 |
this is one of THE BEST Tabs Ive EVER
seen Around here
Good Job
Keep it up.
Can Anyone tell me where to get the Strumming Part
I mean its Easy
But i want to play that song EXACTLY The Way the PWT's Play it..
Soo yeah..
any help?
+4   November 4 2008, 11:50 pm by iceman95 |
too bad nobody names their daughter Delilah anymroe... :(
November 11 2008, 03:15 pm by jinxparkour |
nice tab. :)
+1   November 13 2008, 11:52 am by rawrstrangepork |

and denzil1794

just play the 4th string. thats the D string.
play it once(downwards) and then strum on the next 3 strings downwards!


you have to mute your 1st E string with ur pinky.

just play it like this, downwards only in the whole song.
+1   July 12 2009, 03:12 am by halfemoonie |
i love it when people try to have a conversation in comments

great job, too bad i can't play it X]
December 4 2009, 02:02 am by neyon786 |
wow that was really good, 5 stars
December 9 2009, 03:31 pm by junior_17 |
good .......
January 4 2010, 03:42 am by junior_17 |
it's good but i prefer tab !!
+3   February 27 2010, 10:01 am by can 0f spam |
for easier chords put a capo on the 2nd fret and transpose down 2 half steps - its better for beginners like me :)
+1   March 14 2010, 06:00 pm by Atticus.6 |
i wrote this tab. thanks for the comments. I wasn't looking for a "gold medal". But 3 years ago when I was learning this song I wanted a tab I could play and sing the lyrics at the same time. So I made it clear. One thing I didn't put in the tab is the open D string I play before most of the G chords. As for strumming, just listen to the song and you can pretty much figure it out. Or finger pick. It's up to YOU and you're preferred style of playing.
-3   May 4 2010, 10:41 am by brk_on_through |
if you wanna listen to a good song go to youtube and look up schism by tool. its trippy and addictive and has meaning.
June 15 2012, 06:41 am by infamouskoala |
I am going to drop SO MANY panties with this.
February 24 2013, 06:53 pm by kaboson |
Im not sure, kinda newbie here, but is the Bm in the chorus correct? Its kind of throwing me off.
March 4 2013, 09:54 am by arshtayal |
perfect n awesome
March 12 2013, 02:54 am by Amitesh1994 |
Yes my friend..the Bm chord is completely fine..Bm being relative to D.. If it still throws you off then you might want to check your tuning..
Happy playing friend..!!
March 12 2013, 02:56 am by Amitesh1994 |
Great Tab brother..good job..! :)
+2   April 17 2013, 08:08 pm by bacon1212 |
i would beg to differ, i thought the d chord was in the correct place and ur comment could do much better without all the negativity and profane language
April 22 2013, 08:32 pm by pichhim |
Love it! C:
+3   May 16 2013, 12:37 pm by titchymitch |
transpose down 2 and add capo on the second fret for beginners
-1   May 22 2013, 03:44 pm by NoDiggity96 |
I think it sounds nice with a cappo on four :)
June 17 2013, 09:46 pm by PeterKim2591 |
love the song. got callous on my middle finger.:)
June 29 2013, 03:31 pm by 2 Dollar |
fantastic advice !
July 20 2013, 06:21 pm by HollyRenae |
This is a PERFECT song to practice alternating bass stumming. I love it. great job!
July 21 2013, 10:39 pm by aaronupward |
So many of you commenters are idiots, so im going to clarify a few things for anyone who is confused.
the chord used is D not D7, also D7 is not this XX0230 that's D suspended 2nd, D7 is XX0212.
X5423X is still just plain D not Dadd9, Dadd9 is XX0252 or X57755 or X54230, but that last one is hard to play.
There is no capo needed for this song
there is no strum pattern for this song, just pluck the D string then pluck the G and B strings together and repeat.

As for the chords themselves, they are as follows

Plucking method

Strumming method (though I don't know why you would strum this song)
G..........355433 or 320003
A..........577655 or X02220

I hope that clears things up
September 25 2013, 07:16 am by tipsygypsy |
always loved this song, great tab - I tune the guitar a tone down or play it in c as it suits ma voice better. Thankyou.,.
November 1 2013, 11:43 pm by Cuenca Guy |
Nice job. I think it works better if you put an A for half a measure between the Bm and G in the verses. In other words Bm for a measure and a half, A for half a measure, then G for a measure before going back to the A. It follows the bass line better that way.
+1   December 14 2013, 07:03 am by NewChanceBass |
no suffering has a point it sounds different (not bad) its just that you can diside which is better.
January 19 2014, 08:37 pm by queerlittleme |
March 11 2014, 06:42 am by rocamoraowen |
Ferpect!!!! hahahah!!! just joking!! well, it is Perfect. and i really love this song!
April 17 2014, 01:30 pm by bigtextripleg |
Served my purpose, all i needed was the notes and words!!! THANKs
May 1 2014, 12:45 am by bookworm1016 |
I love this song can't wait to learn it!
May 10 2014, 10:50 pm by charchar.collon |
niceeeee :)
May 15 2014, 09:46 pm by PickJesus4Ever |
For all you who are arguing over the picking..;P This is spot onXD Thank you!
June 14 2014, 01:49 pm by valkyriecaine.s |
no flaws, i even had to transpose it, and still flawless, i love this song so much... :) <3
August 17 2014, 09:24 pm by guitarist2001 |
That is the sweetest thing ever!
August 29 2014, 07:47 am by Feralur |
Just a guess but for me in the end it sounds better with the F#m chord like this:
F#m D F#m D F#m D F#m D D

instead of this:
Bm D Bm D Bm D Bm D D

but that's only my opinion.
this tab is brilliant
November 24 2014, 04:24 pm by Deafoice |
Great tab; If i'm not wrong, I found no errors. And a great song too! 5 stars
February 13 2015, 10:48 am by lavy09 |
perfect the strum pattern is bass with the thumb and the b and g together. measures of 4 for d and fm...then on the first switch to bm only hit the bassnote and then play bm 3 times and when ur about to hit the bassnote to make 4 take it off and hit the open A move to G for 2, then A for 2 (bass notes according) then bm for four then A chord for 2 then A chord with b (pinky stretch) on the 5th for 2 and repeat the verse. For the chorus, play measures of 3...the open a string in between the first switch and the a string with the pinky moved to the fourth fret on the bm then back to the D chord. hope this helps if not watch youtube i tried.
February 13 2015, 11:01 am by lavy09 |
the g is played like the bar chord and is played 3-0-0-4-3-0 for best sound.
February 13 2015, 11:25 am by lavy09 |
Bridge is g- 4 beats
a- 4
d for 3 (1 and 2 and 3 and) open a string)
bm for 3 with open a (helps if u have ur fingers only where needed so u can go right into g like in the verse its the same)
the last bm is 8 beats and the a is 4 regular and four with ur pinky stretched to the 5th fret :) if any questions post and i will reply i know its confusing a lil.
June 8 2015, 07:44 am by stijnmiltenburg |
If you throw in a A chord here

Bm A G A Bm
Yes you do, Time Square can?t shine as bright as you,

it sounds even better but still a good tab
June 8 2015, 12:34 pm by stijnmiltenburg |
If you throw in a A chord here

Bm A G A Bm
Yes you do, Time Square can?t shine as bright as you,

it sounds even better but still a good tab
June 13 2015, 03:24 pm by pranjal.srivastava |
which strumming pattern is used in this song?
please answer this
July 20 2015, 10:45 pm by sfhoog99 |
I tried playing the Bb and i changed it to a Em and it still fit really well, so any beginners out there, try changing all of the Bb to an Em if you have to .
October 2 2015, 08:41 pm by dhauser1024 |
Beautiful tab! The picking pattern I use is the base note of the chord and the top 3 strings. Base note on the downbeat and top 3 strings on the up beat.
November 21 2015, 10:52 am by beanomcdaddy |
The F#m is the wrong chord sounds terrible but I don't know what is the right one and I need more words to send this
March 22 2016, 01:27 am by aaronajaeger |
Perfect for playing along before you have total memorization. Master the Tab Pro then use this as a guide for changes and lyrics, works beautifully for me!
June 7 2016, 03:19 pm by Atticus.6 |
Agreed. I usually just hit open A string in between Bm and G instead of the entire A chord though. DO what makes you happy;)
June 20 2016, 06:59 pm by jrsschroeder |
First tab I ever used, still love this song.
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