by Little Big Town tabs | tabbed by acoustixforever
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+3   July 8 2007, 02:18 am by dcg1234 |
Thank you for posting this tab because it's my favorite song ever to play and listen to and this is right on the money sir.Thank you
+2   November 12 2009, 06:58 pm by axisallareas |
A great tab for a great song 5 stars!
July 12 2010, 06:40 pm by ~CountryGuitar~ |
Yeah great Job on the song but it sounds kinda better with out the capo but thats my opion!
+1   January 17 2013, 12:44 pm by Electric G |
In the music video if you look they hav the third fret not second fret as stated here.
April 16 2014, 08:40 pm by Marisadf |
I feel that all the ways the capo on different & off work. Some people hear things different then others. I think this is a GREAT tab! Pretty easy to use too! Thank you! God Bless!

-Marisadf :D
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