by The Weepies tabs | tabbed by forney007
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February 5 2007, 06:11 pm by peggles101 |
im new to guitar and have trouble figuring out strumming patterns. so could you please tell me what the strumming pattern to this is?
great tab otherwise though
April 27 2007, 12:36 pm by polka_dot44 |
Great tab! I love this song.
May 18 2007, 12:51 pm by jhm5005 |
down.up.down -- up.up

-- signifies the slightest pause, the strum pattern is still pretty quick, obviously you can tell, there are slight variations to this as well
September 30 2007, 07:05 pm by Comedicgrudge |
I love this song, this cover kills when you do it with a female vocalist.
+1   January 25 2008, 05:50 pm by tarabacus7 |
the F#/D chord and D are not correct. if you listen thru the song u will not once hear an "F#" (capo'd of course) on the
first string. just use 200233 and x00233 and on the first string instead. It sounds A LOT better if you do. (because
it's how the weepies do it)
March 10 2008, 09:34 pm by ethizzle2 |
after the second verse or so there is some picking in the backgound...can anyone figure out what that is?
July 16 2008, 06:41 am by ilovetheopera |
F# is wrong but D is correct imo
April 30 2009, 04:37 pm by timberwo7ves |
it's not meant as F#, check the chord thingies he's written at the top, he means D/F#, that is, a D with an F# root, if I'm not mistaken?

which I may be :}
+1   May 12 2009, 02:18 am by muddybunni |
Hmm... I always played the bridge like this:

Cadd9 G D
I let the day go by
Cadd9 G D
I always say goodbye
Cadd9 Em7
I watch the stars from my windowsill
Cadd9 F#/D
the whole world is moving, but I'm standing still

Otherwise, great tab. Thanks for posting it. ^_^
June 28 2011, 12:44 pm by macterror |
Strumming Pattern:


they often play one D4 xx0233 & then one D
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