by John Butler Trio tabs | tabbed by Metatron
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-6   July 2 2006, 01:43 pm by CMJPEC |



in the live video he plays it with a capo...i think that might be wat you are missing cause it doesnt sound right
-17   July 3 2006, 12:48 am by homeslicka |
It looks like you tabbed this by memory with not a lot of musical sense. How did this get posted? You need details like the last guy said; capo? tuning? It's like your switching between open E and standard.
+23   July 3 2006, 01:00 am by Metatron |
No, I did not tab it from memory. It makes pleanty of musical sence. When I submitted this tab, it did have the tuning and the capo. It was edited out when I submitted it.

I have already posted about this in the forum, and if you'll just be patient it should be edited soon.

The tuning is C Open. (CGCGCE) and it is capoed on the 4th fret.
+2   August 16 2006, 07:54 am by Strat_Monkey |
Cool tab man, thanks. I already knew how John plays most of this, I just needed one or two bits, and you got 'em! Thanks again. (5 Stars, by the way)
+1   November 11 2006, 02:44 pm by notoriousnumber |
Man I love this song, thanks a lot for this wonderful tab.
December 30 2006, 07:30 am by sadistic_monkey |
Which video is this from?
December 30 2006, 10:00 pm by Metatron |
MAX Session vid.
+2   December 31 2006, 11:21 am by sadistic_monkey |
Thought so. Thanks, great tab. 5 stars.
January 12 2007, 12:42 pm by perky_123 |
i love you mate your a star for tabbing this i heard the max sessions one a couple of days and it blew my ****ing mind now that its coming out of my own guitar its even madder
March 16 2007, 02:21 am by t3h_h4x0r |
is this the same as the sydney opera house live dvd.?
May 18 2007, 03:41 pm by rhcpfan27 |
this is freakin incredible
June 9 2007, 12:40 am by GetOutOfMyYard |
I can't figure out the timing..
June 26 2007, 01:44 pm by Kilo11 |
very very good tab thanks a million. this song is amazing.
+3   July 27 2007, 06:00 pm by andy_thomas |
holy shit!
you are god for tabbing this!
i cant even believe it's coming out of my guitar
July 27 2007, 06:32 pm by andy_thomas |
by the way, does anyone know where to get an audio file of this???
September 28 2007, 12:49 pm by gordonmjulian |
amazing work man. if it wasn't for you id be lost.
October 26 2007, 02:06 pm by pistal22 |
awesome man check out the 'ocean' live on you tube from september 20 carling academy this was the best gig id been to and this version blew me away cheers for tabbing this must have taken you forever. nuff respect
November 6 2007, 05:11 am by fsas_08 |
****in shit this tab is good thanks!!!
January 1 2008, 12:20 am by koston_is_back |
man this tab is good, it just shits me how under rated and over looked john butler is as a guitarist
jbt rule
January 18 2008, 10:24 am by Stedgyson |
anyone got a powertab? lol, just the fast bit throwing me off here
+2   April 28 2008, 07:47 am by brennan-geetar- |

it looks like any1 who wrote a comment saying tht this was tabbed from memory or anything, hasnt seen it live or watched a video or anything.

this tab rocks. i reckon 100% right.
nice work

+4   May 23 2008, 01:12 pm by Distortion88 |
Excellent tab!!! This sounds great when you play it! I saw John Butler in concert last month and he is amazing! He played a version of Ocean I had never heard before. I love it! Great artist. He needs more recognition!
November 10 2008, 08:56 am by fidelity |
Can someone tell me if I'll be able to play this on a 6 string classical, I'm just wondering if I'll be able to do the fingertapping with nylon strings, and what does br mean?:S
December 15 2008, 09:44 pm by SubtleScream |
Fingertapping works better with a lot of tension, something nylon strings don't really have. So theoretically speaking, you could get the song to come out of that guitar, it would just be quiet and you wouldn't get the full value.
+1   December 16 2008, 09:59 am by lizzy20 |
gunna take me a while to learn this....good tho!thanks
May 19 2009, 08:28 pm by Cahuliann |
a lot of people are say this is good but this si wrong yea a lot fo it is right but after the 2 handed tapping section at the beginning you get it wrong up untill the fast part then right after the fast part you have it wrong until the strumming up by the 12th fret then after that if you listen to the song it is clearly wrong. the notes are right your strumming pattern is wrong . if anyone wants a good sense of the right version look at the one i posted
+1   November 3 2009, 09:16 pm by taylormoulton |
i dont know what the deal is. but this does not sound right, open c capoed on 4? thats how i've tuned but the bass notes sound all off
April 3 2010, 05:44 am by dis_is_riskee |
this is very accurate, but you can never get this tab right because john butler plays it different every time. sometimes he has capo at 4th fret, sometimes he doesn't. great tab
June 30 2010, 05:18 pm by JohnButler87 |
Excellent tab , i wonder if you can explain the rythm and picking pattern because john is so fast with his hand that i cant really see what he is actually doing...

Thank you and congratulations
July 21 2010, 12:12 am by Pandi747 |
This is somewhat accurate but it is very confusing compared to the version two of this. I don't know why version 2 has a worse rating it is much more clear about rhythms and overall flow of the piece. I would encourage people learning this to look at version 2
July 28 2010, 02:01 am by ziggystardust! |
love this song love john butler love this tab 5 star!
August 11 2010, 10:34 pm by O-52-A-50-R |
Fantastic job
March 27 2011, 07:03 pm by Lost Dog |
holy ****
January 16 2013, 12:55 pm by saldanha98 |
forth fret
the capo
February 14 2013, 03:25 am by Raygunn |
for anyone trying to learn this song that is having trouble without audio, here it is :)
+1   February 18 2013, 02:26 pm by Marshallftw |
Beautifully done! One tiny thing that may situationally help; the 4h5's on the bottom C string in Intro 2 are 4s5's when he plays it, as it sets your fingers up for the next part a bit better. Cheers
March 7 2013, 04:16 pm by NoobFlap |
Watch the video you idiots. Helped me a lot cheers dude!
January 12 2014, 11:08 am by edwardsm74 |
haven't checked the live video, is it with a 6 string? cause the studio version its with an 11 sting lol
July 17 2014, 11:58 am by Chrisberg14 |
he plays this on a 12 string as he does most songs, however playing it on a 6 string still works it just will not sound as full as the 12 string does but it is still played the same way
January 7 2015, 05:15 pm by cramerzy |
Hi! To wish version of the song does the tab? And thanks for thr tab
January 8 2015, 04:33 am by cramerzy |
and what's is the scale please ??
April 12 2015, 08:21 am by Benno!-96 |
I think this tab is referring to this version:

Hopefully this helps!
February 6 2016, 08:02 pm by lukeduke2234 |
very good but it would take ages to learn on tab
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