by Boys Like Girls tabs | tabbed by mikehasnolife
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+7   October 28 2006, 10:13 pm by Julian K |
im in love with ur tabs
+1   October 30 2006, 10:05 pm by switchbladez006 |
very good tab man.. can you please try and tab "up against the wall" by boys like girls it would be amazing its a great song.
+3   November 11 2006, 09:37 pm by Emergencyyy |
great tab :D thanks
-2   January 9 2007, 12:12 am by lastlivingboy |
is this song tuned down a step? because it sounds a little high with normal tuning
+3   May 2 2007, 11:23 pm by alltherageagain |
i dub thee "awesome tab maker guy"
+2   May 22 2007, 10:28 pm by sherberg924 |
the electric version of yo0ur tabs/chords are perfect with the acoustic version!!! amazing job, mike, great job! im seeing these guys play this saturday in nola :]
+1   June 10 2007, 09:55 am by calvin27_2002 |
omg AWESOME tab dude~ love it!! yeah havin the same request wif switchblade~ can you possibly tab out "up against the wall"? love to play them too juz tat i'm not good enuff to tab tat song out >.
-1   June 22 2007, 06:44 pm by dedicated_2 |
there's omething bout this tab taht aint right...but i still love it!
-3   June 28 2007, 08:16 pm by Ngxtreme13 |
the songs in open tuning so this is wrong
+5   July 5 2007, 09:36 am by PaulGilbertfan |
i think there is a G/D after the C#/D!
+2   July 8 2007, 07:36 pm by Crackajack |
good job man. it sounds about right, and if its wrong, we can just change it. i like this song cause i can change up the chords a little and its a different song comepletely but it would still sound awesome. thanks for writing it.
+2   October 6 2007, 01:05 pm by GUITAR_DUDE1234 |
+2   November 16 2007, 07:24 pm by zola81 |
this sounds awesome. great tab:]
December 19 2007, 08:55 pm by ejscan1 |
the chord progression in the verse sounds better as D, A/D, G/D, A/D, nd on the album version the chorus is powerchords,
but on acoustic it sounds fine. other than that great tab, real easy to follow along to
-1   December 30 2007, 12:48 am by Kaininmich |
I'm gonna retab this in a way that would show in standard tuning what chords work okay?... cuz this is a little off for
the acoustic version.. i've got a good decent ear training and your making it too complicated i know its in open tuning
but for it sound good in standard i got a way.. okay?.. but not bad actually pretty damn good for open D to standard
+4   January 7 2008, 05:59 am by abbbyyy69 |
+1   August 12 2008, 01:23 pm by britt_082892 |
AHH-MAZING! you are awesome man, thank you VERY much for this awesome tab :)
+2   February 6 2009, 05:08 am by cortacoustic123 |
I agree with ejscan, it does sound better as D, A/D, G/D, A/D. That way it sounds more like the open D tuning version. Great standard tuning tab though
February 13 2009, 09:54 pm by accel21 |
your great you belong to the 100 tabs amazing
+1   July 28 2009, 05:52 am by infernodawn |
isnt there a G/D again after the C#/D in the verse?
February 8 2010, 08:37 pm by Wondewall7 |
a strumming pattern for this song is now posted in my blog thats in my UG profile
+1   March 30 2010, 06:33 pm by RockxSaosin |
What I did was I tuned my High E down to a D(third fret on B instead of 5th fret) just playing the same chords because it didn't sound right to me. But I dunno.
+1   June 26 2010, 09:06 pm by sooley72 |
he actually tunes his B string to a D and his G to an A. so the first strum is an open note. and you only have to hold down one note at a time. watch a vid.
December 29 2010, 06:08 am by numberonefan88 |
perfect tab! i finally completed a cover of it with your tabs (:
April 15 2011, 12:32 am by bittu0206 |
wow you can do the whole song in D XD
+1   January 4 2014, 12:41 am by Lhonely.PrinXze |
i play it like this :D

E 022100
B x24400
C#m x46600
A 002200
September 2 2015, 08:27 pm by 25thGuitarGod |
Yes!, There is. Maybe it's a typing mistake.
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