by Taylor Swift tabs | tabbed by leavethepieces
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+1   January 14 2007, 05:40 pm by DarkDallasNight |
Cmt 330 sessions i think she has capo on 4 and her guitarist on 2nd but i dunno..chords sound good...anyone have idea of strum pattern?
+2   May 30 2007, 09:52 pm by j_schneider |
ok i have a question... say u have the capo on three, would u play G like this...


does that make sense?
-33   June 30 2007, 09:14 pm by sexy jonny |
what is a capo?
+5   July 1 2007, 02:44 pm by liss0302 |
a capo is a clip thats placed on different frets to change the pitch of the guitar
+1   August 14 2007, 08:58 pm by Antrules89 |
yes that is how u would play that guitar
+2   September 29 2007, 01:43 pm by thlopez |
i think its perrrrrfecto
-1   October 6 2007, 05:32 pm by sports_chik5 |
isnt the capo suppose to be on the second fret?
-2   November 2 2007, 07:31 am by janine_bheybhe |
i thought you can put the capo anywhere? :P
November 29 2007, 07:17 pm by ullman101 |
hahaha LOVING THE NAME!!!!! and the tab!

Krista C.

December 8 2007, 09:48 pm by hzpiao |
can you put a capo on a electric guitar?
and how much do they cost roughly?
December 9 2007, 08:11 pm by hzpiao |
does the o on the c chord mean open???
December 10 2007, 02:40 pm by soNluvw/u |
thanks sooooooooooo much! i love this song!!!
+2   December 15 2007, 11:10 am by gitarfrek |
hzpiao: The capo CAN be played on an electric, but it sounds better on the accoustic, the song was play on the
accoustic, but if you only have an electric you can definatly play it on that. Also, o is open. :P
+1   January 8 2008, 01:44 am by kiewa25 |
i think it is better with the chords: G, Cadd9, Em7, nd Dsus4 ... lol thats just my opinion ... either way is fine but
that just sounds more like it i think
January 9 2008, 12:21 am by kanarf |
capos cost about 15-45 dollers
+1   January 10 2008, 05:02 am by Fambi |
[12-15-2007 - 11:10 am] by gitarfrek:
"hzpiao: The capo CAN be played on an electric, but it sounds better on the

That my friend is a matter of opinion. Technically speaking they produce the same sound so.....yeah.
It's generally not essential to play with a capo, as most people won't be able to tell the difference between a capoed
and uncapoed sound. Normally you would use a capo so that you can play the chords higher to adjust to a singer's voice
if he/she can't pitch the correct note, or the guitar can't seem to match the singer's voice.
+1   January 13 2008, 05:59 am by Abbykins |
Nice, thanks for the chords!!
+2   February 14 2008, 04:21 pm by singingluver101 |
this song depresses me because it remminds me of a boy in m grade like exactly he's my best friend that i like but he likes another girl...but this aint about me and the notes are perfect it makes me a little less depressed.
+5   February 15 2008, 04:08 pm by lightning4u2 |
ok im a guy tryig to learn the chords for this because there is a girl that i like and she dont seem to beleive me, which is because she likes me so she tells me, and this is her favorite y not learn the chords and change the words a little. btw the chords sound great.
+2   March 5 2008, 09:52 am by t0os |
nice one
+2   March 8 2008, 05:59 pm by CarcinogenCrush |
capos dont cost 15-45 dolars, more like 3-10 at target :P sure, they might not be the best quality, but theyll work
+1   March 11 2008, 04:33 am by guitar.chick |
anyone have any idea of the strumming pattern??
+21   March 11 2008, 11:23 pm by phat104u |
Did this song like attract a bunch of people who've never touched a guitar in thier life before or something? Wow.
+2   March 12 2008, 01:56 pm by ld_pvl |
lol, man, capos, and partial capos, they can be attached to any fret, with partial capos you can make up any combinations as many as you like!!!

and no, they're just a few dollars in price, look on ebay.

lighnting4u2 ... weird .. take her out ... dont think singing and playing would do for you, lol
April 8 2008, 08:51 pm by mazurek |
hmm i can tell alot of people trying to play this tab are kind of new to guitar but i think it sounds a little better if you play the chords this way
(with capo still on second fret, all chords written in relation to capo)
April 8 2008, 08:54 pm by mazurek |
forgot the chord diagrams (out of order sorry)

G5: e|3 Csus: e|3 Em7: e|3
B|3 B|3 B|3
x= dont G|0 G|0 G|0
play D|0 D|2 D|2
string A|2 A|3 A|2
e|3 e|x e|0
April 8 2008, 08:54 pm by mazurek |
forgot the chord diagrams (out of order sorry)

G5: e|3 Csus: e|3 Em7: e|3
B|3 B|3 B|3
x= dont G|0 G|0 G|0
play D|0 D|2 D|2
string A|2 A|3 A|2
e|3 e|x e|0
April 10 2008, 01:02 pm by mazurek |
..i should learn to proof read lol. i see you changed your tab. nice.
but in regards to my first post. i meant 3rd fret with the capo
April 17 2008, 09:07 pm by xheartbreakerx |

Sorry for the 'shouting' but seriously... like three people have already asked. Lol
+1   April 21 2008, 02:16 pm by mazurek |
if you cant learn to strum by ear dont play the guitar
+2   April 21 2008, 02:54 pm by leavethepieces |
Yeah, I'm getting really sick of all the people posting on my tabs and e-mailing me asking for strum patterns. I DON'T DO THAT! I don't know how to write out what I'm playing, I just play what fits the music!
April 24 2008, 08:42 pm by gurlstar4 |
nice job sounds great to me (:
May 13 2008, 11:44 am by assasin351 |
nice chords...
does it sound weird without capo?
or is there not much diff...
cos i playing without one..
and it sounds quite alrite..
for those asking for strumming pattern..
go listen to the song a few times..
and u shuld get it..xD
+5   May 14 2008, 09:25 pm by pic2burn |
D U D U / U D U

strumming pattern play first 4 a bit of a pause then last three listen to the song to get timing right it sounds great!
+7   May 14 2008, 09:42 pm by pic2burn |
you know some people are in the process of learning and need to know the strumming patterns it helps them become a better player i know when i first started playing i really wanted someone to help me with strumming pattens so you cannot fault them for asking. = ) anyways glad i could help and have fun!!!
+1   June 19 2008, 07:22 pm by mazurek |
yea people dont know strumming patterns but how do youexplain a strumming pattern? its something you need to be shown/ listned 2. ie. LISTEN TO THE SONG
+2   July 22 2008, 02:38 pm by girl-tarist |
this song just makes me want to cry!!!!!

capo's go wherever your vocal range does! haha.
+6   November 17 2008, 08:36 pm by songhye |
Okay here's my attempt at explaining the strumming for the acoustic version. each 'space' represents an 8th node delineation.
d - down
u - up
ex: d u, means 2x8th notes down and up
ex2: d uu, means 1x8th note on the down, and 2x16th notes on the up.

Verse & chorus:
d uu d u dd u d uu
d uu d u dd u d uu
d uu d u dd u d uu
d uu d u dd u dduu

d uu d u dd u d uu
d uu d u dd u d uu
d uu d u dd u d uu
d uu d u dd u rest

in short, you strum: down, downup, down (repeat until bored)
-1   March 19 2009, 06:23 am by leahmelissa |
could you please post a chord of this song WITHOUT the capo??
April 12 2009, 12:39 pm by amy lou |
You don't need chord charts (; If you hover your mouse over the letter then it show you how to play it

Great Tab

for the strumming pattern LISTEN TO THE SONG, or do you even have to strum it? you could always try and finger pick it :P

Just experiment and do what you think sounds nice remeber everyone's diferent!

oohh and btw great tab :D
April 12 2009, 12:42 pm by leavethepieces |
I know I don't have to do chord charts, but sometimes the UG ones are wrong =/
April 12 2009, 12:45 pm by amy lou |
ooh ookkay i was really just saying it for the people who were having a go at you for it (:
October 11 2009, 01:51 pm by vanhailin |
comment [06-30-2007 - 09:14 pm] by sexy jonny:

what is a capo?

+1   December 10 2009, 02:52 pm by lblovej |
Right on! Without capo G becomes A# , Em = Gm, C = D#, and D = F
+1   December 28 2009, 02:47 pm by Mikayla94 |
I never strum up two times at once...
(I mean sth like down up up down)
I just strum down down up down or sth like that (just an example)
and i always play like i think it is...
+1   January 17 2010, 09:30 am by G-hannes |
Lol, you can al have a cup of STFU.
Because the most simple and effective strumming is just like this:

D udu D udu D U

Big letters mean Just a bit harder strokes and small letters mean gently strokes..

Piece of cake:D
+2   January 21 2010, 06:39 pm by Da Riff Girl |
theres many different strumming patterns you could use, here are a few:


or you could do an accented down strumming, enficizing the pattern 1, 2, 3, 4, with the accents being the and, and, and,

1, and, 2, and, 3, and, 4
April 1 2010, 09:59 pm by hakel2001 |
I say perfect tab. Really good man.
April 5 2010, 03:56 pm by gabriellla |
i got a orignal yamaha capo for about 25 dollars
July 7 2010, 07:23 pm by -Nichole- |
these tabs are pretty perfect! good job in sorting them out :D
July 18 2010, 11:22 am by peaches12345678 |
these tabs ROCK!!!!!
July 20 2010, 04:03 pm by Singerstar411 |
great job!!! i like the capo on 3.
September 8 2010, 11:09 am by Gohard1993 |
my capo cost 10 bucks listen to the song to learn how to play it

great tab
November 1 2010, 12:24 pm by nia skywalker |
Wow, what an inspirational song, so many people inspired by it 2 start playin XD, yeh awsum tab, n yeh u can experiment with the strumin patterns,i use different ones all thru the song.
Great job, rock on!
March 27 2011, 03:04 am by beasttz! |
this is great! thanks =)
April 25 2011, 07:08 am by gin1997 |
awesum!!! its "i need" n not "im needing"...but rele offence bout the correction!
May 29 2011, 09:17 am by jposn |
Taylor doesn't cuss in this song. I don't know why people think she does. She says, "I laugh cause it's just so funny." I just listened to the official recording of it. Thank you!
May 29 2011, 09:09 pm by axemadness |
sounds good ;D
-1   June 8 2011, 10:59 pm by gothgirl446 |
um acctualy she does cuss well in some versions she does and in some she dosn't.I think the first one she did but because kids were gonna listen to it they cut it out.
July 3 2011, 06:58 pm by GunsNSlash |
doesnt sound right to me and im not a fan of changing chords every other word. just me though.
August 21 2011, 04:41 am by jcw3032 |
C'mon, do you actually think Taylor would cuss at all, let alone in a song?! But the chords are good :)
June 23 2012, 03:30 pm by Some hearts |
I like to play an em7 right after em. For example:
G Em Em7 C
Drew looks at me

Basically strum Em once then switch to Em7
+1   June 23 2012, 03:35 pm by Some hearts |
The "I laugh cause its just so funny" is in the radio edit and pop version of the song. If you listen to the original, Taylor says "I laugh cause its so damn funny". She also says damn in Cold as You. She just doesnt swear in her new songs because she needs to maintain her image and also doesn't want her younger fans hearing that kind of language.
June 30 2012, 03:54 am by trisha098 |
for those who say they want a no-capo version, just transpose it up 3 half steps. But the transposed version doesn't sound as good as the original, because you are not only transposing the notes, you are also transposing the places. E.g. C without a capo and G with capo on 5th fret are both C chords, but the one with capo just sounds higher and different. Hope those who need help get my point.
+1   December 23 2012, 09:57 pm by cookiemomaallie |
Well it doesn't really make sence, but here's how i think of it: The capo is the nut of the guitar. The fret after it is first, second, ect. So G would just be how you normally play it except after the capo. Does that make sence?
+1   February 16 2013, 04:57 pm by ri.giri |
down down up up down up
February 16 2013, 04:58 pm by ri.giri |
it's supposed to be on the third
+1   February 16 2013, 05:00 pm by ri.giri |
that's really sweet (: no guy ever does that
February 16 2013, 05:01 pm by ri.giri |
it's a beginner's song.
March 24 2013, 03:45 pm by Amornthida |
are you being serious, j_schneider...
+1   April 7 2013, 03:11 pm by M_kindt220 |
I know right? I would freak out if someone did that for me... sigh... if only, if only. :)
April 7 2013, 03:16 pm by M_kindt220 |
Actually, it is 'I'm needing'... If you get the CD, the official lyrics are on the inside of the cover-book. :/
April 7 2013, 03:21 pm by M_kindt220 |
Alright everybody, this is what is true... Taylor doesn't cuss in the official recording, but when the song is played on the radio, she does. She had two versions made. I don't know why she did that, but that's the way it is. I am Christian and I prefer that she didn't cuss AT ALL, but she's free to make her own decisions. And that is what's up. I just wanted to shed some light on the subject. I hope I didn't offend anyone. :)
May 27 2013, 02:09 pm by makguitar |
the strum pattern is down down up up down up i think it would be useful to add that
June 18 2013, 04:32 pm by MariCorrea |
the strum pattern is down all the strings
+1   June 28 2013, 01:17 am by josheehat |
Doesn't work very well for me because my gf is into Sleeping with Sirens and Pierce the Veil (If you don't know who they are, don't look it up)
+1   June 28 2013, 12:23 pm by M_kindt220 |
I know who they are. You're right. This song is not the one to play for her. :)
July 20 2013, 07:49 am by ShanaNadeline |
I like this tab.. Good!
October 27 2013, 12:31 pm by helloiamluke |
Think that "Drew talks to me, I laugh cause it's so damn funny" should actually be "Drew talks to me, I laugh cause it's just so funny" but other than that-great!!
November 14 2013, 05:21 pm by Chandarla |
A capo is a clamp like thingie that you can put on the fret board of your guitar so that you don't have to change the tuning every song.
November 14 2013, 05:23 pm by Chandarla |
You can but in this song it sounds best on 3.
December 25 2013, 09:20 pm by sophiexox |
great spot on :)
February 10 2014, 07:13 pm by diamondwinter88 |
down down up up down up
June 18 2014, 01:31 pm by lostin_themusic |
The pre-chorus should be:

I'll bet she?s beautiful, that girl he talks about
Em D
And she?s got everything that I have to live without

The G and Em switched(:
June 21 2014, 03:26 pm by schnecklothc |
July 24 2014, 04:13 pm by shakirakatykat |
why dont you just put it any where it fits your voice?
November 22 2014, 11:12 am by iAreGuitar |
Love this song so much!!! One of the first songs I ever learned on guitar!
January 1 2015, 08:11 pm by LZA2005 |
I use the radio version so it should be "I laugh cause it's just so funny." I don't use the word damn.
February 1 2015, 12:50 pm by bearz133 |
i love the radio version!
April 1 2015, 03:26 am by Jesscassidy5 |
Great work!!! Love it!!!
July 18 2015, 01:47 pm by mihajlovicnatas |
I think it's D UD UD
September 30 2015, 06:43 pm by spunkowitz |
this sound amazing great job
February 24 2016, 05:27 pm by Arcee33 |
AHH I LOVE THIS!! tysm this is just great!! Another 5 stars for u!!
May 14 2016, 11:58 pm by KiliPotter |
This is beautiful!!! Thank you!!
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