by Madonna tabs | tabbed by petar.prica
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June 8 2010, 12:45 pm by a2z2003 |
thanx 4 sharing .. i like it
+2   March 18 2011, 06:57 pm by dageri1 |
I don't know the Gm doesn't sound right to me so I've just been skipping it completely. Maybe it's a passing chord or something... The rest of the tab sounds really accurate though... This song sounds surprisingly good acoustic.
April 21 2011, 01:49 pm by jelen48 |
how can i make C/D and C/E ?? good tab btw
April 8 2013, 07:17 am by petar.prica |
In this case C/D means that you play C chord with D in bass, something like this xx0010. The next chord C/E means the same... you can play it like this 032010 or xx2010. The first 0 or x is the low E string, the last 0 is the high e string. Or you can find some other chord shape that sounds good for you. Listen to the song, what bass is playing. Feel free to experiment and don't just get stuck with original/studio version. Give a peace to each of songs you are playing and let it grow. When you play this acoustic, by yourself, you can a lot of stuff to get more richer sound. :) Thanks for your comments.
+1   April 22 2013, 12:58 pm by -Aurora- |
If you think it's hard to play the chords you can transpose down 5 steps and put the capo on 5. Then you get: C, G, Dm, Am, Em and F instead.
February 7 2014, 12:16 pm by paul ackerman |
has UG suddenly disabled the ability to print?
May 7 2014, 06:49 am by CraigDonaldson |
Grado, it's yersel!
+1   May 6 2015, 01:10 pm by nikitanovik1990 |
Lack of accuracy. Chords Progression is not accurate. Am definitely does not belong there. Sorry, if you disagree with my opinion. I believe that tabs must be as accurate as possible.
+1   May 12 2015, 11:08 am by Ifer |
Lack of accuracy. There are major issues with the chord progression.
October 30 2015, 08:40 pm by lilangus |
What you're calling "1" is called "Intro"
Everything you have labelled as "B" are actually the "verses"

A couple of the chords sound wrong...maybe majors instead of minors, cause root notes fit, but as the full chords, they sound out.
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