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+2   January 8 2007, 07:19 am by bikenutter |
um, so i guess this is the right version then - sweet!!!!!!!!
+5   March 9 2007, 06:55 pm by hamishmcgee |
Lol, why is the tab rated only 4 stars. How can you rate it less than 5 if it's was tabbed by Rory?
+4   March 13 2007, 05:03 pm by LewisMasonx |
5...stars... Whichever n00b rated it as 4 is just stupid... This is tabbed by the /band/ ¬.¬
+2   March 30 2007, 05:21 am by petebobpants |
lol i wish rory@d post the tab for adieu... hint
+7   April 7 2007, 02:06 pm by Gary the Hann |
soz like but if this even is rory the intro and verses are tabbed wrong cos u can blatantly hear the C# mutes in between the notes like this:
. . . . . . . .
i know it's only a minor thing but if this is liam rory clewlow (aye thats right its a C for Clewlow not a G for grass, gobsh*te or glue) i'll eat my own faeces :D apart from that little error 4* great tab good work rory g whoever u REALLY are :)
+1   April 12 2007, 11:18 am by beatreebor |
yea im not believe that this is actually tabbed by enter shikari either, but it is still a very good tab. 4*'s :)
+3   April 29 2007, 05:30 am by NetStar |
This is the same apart from the mutes...

it appeared in Total Guitar.

Maybe the user just happens to be called Rory, and is implying that the band worked wit the magazine to tab it.

It is hard to play the mutes as fast as he does, so it's not important. (215bpm!!)

Is accurate otherwise
May 3 2007, 05:08 pm by Pillarofsurfs!! |
yeah! this tab came out last november, so you COULDN'T have read it, plus the band didn't work with the magazine for the tab, so why are you pretending your the guitarist for enter shikari!? LMAO how boring must your life be? This is simply WRONG!
+3   May 9 2007, 11:25 am by confinedforever |
rory_g is a fake not the real person tabbing this stupid ****s
plus this tab is wrong in areas like the intro
+1   May 26 2007, 02:29 pm by matti243 |
look the tab is clearly right
just fooking listen to it properly
it might not be him
but for it to have appeared in total guitar
its gonna have to be close to perfect or perfect
and yeah enter shikari saw the tab before it went in and approved mate
+2   June 6 2007, 12:39 pm by the_kid_tek |
Christ i dont care if he is fakeing being Enter Shikari's guitarist - it's a goddamn fine good tab. EVEN if it is copied from total guitar, good job copying onto this website. 5 star all the way =)
+1   July 2 2007, 08:01 am by chudman |
good tab. made me chuckle with the virgin mary reference. cheers
August 20 2007, 05:08 pm by tothelighthouse |
good tab
+2   October 12 2007, 05:59 am by CLVPX |
As tight as the virgin mary..
October 17 2007, 05:08 am by BiggerThanJesus |
well i think this tab is wrong but because its an enter shikari song and it was tabed by the man himself i will give this 5 stars
well done =) please can u av a look at my empty tab and tab ur own
why wasnt empty on the album?
+1   December 29 2007, 09:52 am by josepharmillei |
trust me this tab is fine!

I believe that rory did infact write this tab but someone has impersonated him on this

I think it was on the bands old forum but got deleted when the band got bigger and redesigned their

neat tab though

+1   January 12 2008, 12:58 am by e s p viper |
nice tab, but the tabs not written by entershikari.
they wouldve incorporated the mutes, you douchebags.
+1   January 20 2008, 06:29 pm by lordbyron91 |
Total Guitar had it as drop B?
Their tabs aren't often wrong
As they had an interview with the band in the same
and im sure they mentioned drop B riffs
but loads of people play it in drop C# and it sounds right?
+1   February 25 2008, 02:46 pm by punkextremest |

Lol Owned :D

This song is played in drop C# Tuning because Drop C# tuning is the same as Drop Db tuning so if theres any confusion there both just the same.
+1   April 10 2008, 10:24 pm by AsperityX |
isnt c# tuning a half step up from c and not a half step down?
+1   April 10 2008, 10:25 pm by AsperityX |
whoops never mind i thought it said c and not d
+2   October 21 2008, 10:15 am by Oli_Sykes |
wow it's more difficult than I thought xD
+1   November 17 2008, 05:40 pm by stratele |
I think I just brought your tab to 5 star =)

Yeh they tabbed this in total guitar magazine, and this is pretty much the same as they got.

hope ya didnt copy it haha
+2   December 8 2008, 10:15 am by dieamberdie |
Gary the Hann is totaly right. you can obviously hear the mutes between notes in the intro. tis the way i play it
April 27 2009, 02:54 pm by mezmir |
OMGGGG if its C# why dont you go through and raise all the notes 1 fret and change the listed tuning to drop C# is that so hard. lol. that will shutup the whiners.
April 27 2009, 02:56 pm by mezmir |
you already have it C# so the whiners fail. nvm. lol.
+3   May 18 2009, 10:27 am by Gary the Hann |
mezmir fail
+2   July 21 2009, 11:35 am by Mad_Rocker_Guy |
All the nooblets who are complaining about him being "fake" can suck my dog's penis. :)
Good tab matee. :D
+1   November 6 2009, 07:33 pm by RJA_7 |
this tab is pretty sexy... 5 stars
+6   February 7 2010, 12:38 pm by Beelzboss |
excuseme , how to play 'clap clap clap' ?
October 30 2010, 03:36 pm by MutantNoodles |
there are a few errors on this tab, so here's a perfect version of the tab :)
+1   September 18 2011, 08:58 pm by CrashAshes43 |
In the intro, that's a bit of a span from first finger at 2 and moving it up to 8 for the chords. Just play it down a string. Seriously, harder does not mean better.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

@NetStar and anyone else whom it applies to -
If you're finding it hard to play fast, I'm assuming you're trying to downpick every note. Try alternate picking instead. Play all the muted notes as downstrokes and the others as upstrokes. As you come up with the pick, raise your hand off the bridge slightly to let the note ring but make sure you keep a tight wrist because if you come up too far, you'll slap extra strings on the way down and it'll just sound sloppy in general. Picking, especially in this genre, is really important. I suggest, if you haven't already, looking up the proper way to hold a pick, i.e. using just the thumb and forefinger to secure it. In the end you'll find your speed and dexterity improving greatly. Also, on a final note, my secret is jazz picks; I use Dunlop's black 1.14mm Tortex, gives a thicker sound and better control imo. It's not necessary, just a matter of preference. But oh look, I've rambled...
-1   May 15 2013, 11:10 am by rapememyfriend |
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I hear it so
May 15 2013, 11:12 am by rapememyfriend |
Eh wrong copy..



That's right
July 23 2013, 02:53 pm by marko767 |
Ok. I see a lot of comments asking why is it rated 4 stars. That is because anyone with a decent ear can hear certain notes are missing. Listen to the song and look the tab and you'll see.
+1   November 22 2015, 01:06 pm by alexv182 |
reading all these comments from 2007 is so nostalgic
December 14 2015, 01:30 am by deathfromala |
Hahahaha faark. tell me about it
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