by Craig Morgan tabs | tabbed by RedneckBoi
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December 27 2006, 01:51 pm by blingbling594 |
hey do you know the strum pattern for this song, i've only been playin for about 2 months...i'd really appreciate it. thanks.
December 27 2006, 01:52 pm by blingbling594 |
hey do you know the strum pattern, i've only been playin for 2 months or so, i'd really appreciate it. thanks.
May 28 2010, 07:40 pm by magnumdmp |
if you ever need to find a strum pattern, try youtube, lookup a cover for the song and if somebody plays it half decent, use that
March 6 2014, 09:54 pm by lashyc |
can someone put this song up with easy chords... (w/ a capo or something...)? thanx I really like it and cant play these chords and don't know how to transpose...
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