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+9   February 5 2007, 03:01 pm by Informal Skin |
Sorry, the song's in B. Not C.

So the chords are:
B F# Abm E
+3   April 9 2007, 09:04 pm by TheJoeyH Show |
This isn't really the way he plays it at all... He has a capo on the 2nd fret, and if you don't own a capo, you can still play it w/out.

Also, check out the version 4 that was just posted recently. It sounds good, just a little lower.

Or just look here:
February 7 2008, 10:16 am by ringe_say |
yeah,. all of you are right about it,. it doesn't sound good using C,.
-1   May 14 2008, 03:30 pm by emich2505 |
actually, i thought it sounded pretty good
+2   June 2 2008, 02:16 pm by Anlino |
Sounds alright. The love love loved part should end with a G.
July 3 2008, 09:42 am by Fischer93 |
It sounds allright, it's just an easy way to play it. But it's not entirly correct, if you compare it to how he plays it.
+1   August 7 2008, 04:01 am by punk_isntemo12 |
September 18 2008, 02:04 am by awwwsugar |
no, the lyrics are not wrong! there are different versions of this song. this one is all guitar with no drums.
+2   November 2 2008, 02:37 am by h0t3l 4l4b4m4 |
The lyrics are not wrong thats why no1 has noticed... lol
And informal skin B might be right but you're only making the chords of this tab one step lower. And for those of you who feel C does not sound good use this one(i think it'll help coz no open stringz):
e-3/no note
good tab btw :D
+2   November 2 2008, 02:38 am by h0t3l 4l4b4m4 |
Srry not one step but half step lower (infor skin)
-1   December 3 2008, 09:35 pm by whAtEvErmAn |
i thought it was good
+2   December 25 2008, 04:55 am by olaer |
works perfectly for ukulele! thanks:)
-2   January 4 2009, 12:31 pm by davanavad |
lyrics are reallllllly off...

"listen to the music of the moment people dance and sing; we're just one big family, and it's our god forsaken right to be loved loved loved loved loved"
+1   January 31 2009, 09:47 am by deow |
yeah i think the right chord is

B F#m G#m E
+2   March 12 2009, 01:24 pm by KMBroom |
Works perfectly for mandolin... There is a part around 2:00 that the chords change tho... Its C G Am G C D when he's saying scooch on over closer...
+1   March 21 2009, 03:41 pm by Wondewall7 |
A strumming pattern to this song is now posted in my blog in my profile so check it out
+2   June 16 2009, 09:12 am by samjesse4 |
the capo on the fourth fret and then G - D - Em - C
October 20 2009, 01:01 am by cedcool |
it sucks 75%
-1   October 27 2009, 01:35 pm by awesom.ariel |
it doesnt sound like the radio ver at all really...
+2   November 25 2009, 02:15 am by edwardzk |
do u play this in reggae strum?
+2   December 23 2009, 07:03 pm by matman370 |
these chords are 100% right repeat through song
-2   December 28 2009, 05:20 pm by doodles245 |
The lyrics are wrong. its: "listen to the music of the moment people dance and sing; we're just one big family, and it's our god forsaken right to be loved loved loved loved loved"

It doesnt sound right to me. I like the lower version better.
January 3 2010, 11:04 pm by rcmetalhead |
"matman370" those chords sound absolutely great!
April 9 2010, 08:41 pm by myusikah |
Whoa. I like these chords, they go with my vocal range, and...I was playing the chords to "The Show" by Lenka when I figured out they had the same chords, which would be right here. I like this version, as stated before, but you're missing like 2 verses.
+1   May 20 2010, 09:25 pm by ddean1991 |
good for my vocal range, although not played exactly how he does it or on the same key.
-1   July 24 2010, 05:50 pm by at-the-zoo |
lyrics are wrong. he says "listen to the music and the mormon people dancing" haha
+1   July 28 2010, 02:15 am by ziggystardust! |
easy chord progression to such an overated song but great for parties
August 7 2010, 06:56 pm by maildundee |
to all who have commented on my song thankyou very much, :)
i am only thirteen and this is my first song i have put on here and at this min im number 16 on the top 100 of UG!

my mum and dad are made up and my brothers and sisters are too!

cheers :) x
February 8 2011, 03:41 pm by KjellIbanez |
If you put a capo on 5th these chords work every time for me
+1   March 6 2011, 07:16 pm by JayTylerSKL |
B-key (B - F# - G#m - E ) is correct
Use capo on 4th fret and play
(G - D - Em - C)
It sounds better to me and easier to play as well
-1   June 11 2011, 12:27 am by littlesteve001 |
wrong lyrics. it " well you dawned on me"
June 11 2011, 07:21 am by lipphil |
It sounds not good if you dont play it with a capo on the 4th fret
June 20 2011, 04:25 pm by flightdogg |
I play it like samjesse does, with the capo on the fourth fret and G - D - Em - C. If Mraz sings it too high, then just move the capo down a fret or two.
+1   May 1 2012, 04:26 am by Becles |
The lyrics SHOULD be:
well you done done me in,
you bet I felt it,
I tried to be chill,
But you're so hot that I melted,
I fell right through the cracks,
and now I'm trying to get back,
before the cool done run out I'll be giving it my bestest,
and nothings gonna stop me but divine intervention,
I reckon it's again my turn,
to win some or learn some,
but I won't hesitate,
no more, no more,
it cannot wait,
I'm yours

Well, open up your mind and see like me,
open up your plans and damn you're free,
look into your heart and you'll find,
love, love, love, love,

listen to you music of the moment people dance and sing,
we're just one big family,
and it's our god forsaken right to be,
Loved, loved, loved, loved, loved.

So I won't hesitate,
no more, no more,
it cannot wait,
I'm sure there's no need to complicate,
our time is short,
this is our fate,
I'm your's,

scat sing...

don't you wanna come and,
skooch on over closer dear,
and I will nibble your ear,

scat sing...

I've been spending way too long
checking my tongue in the mirror
and bending over backwards just to try and see it clearer,
but my breath fogged up the glass,
so I drew a new face and laughed,
I guess what I'll be saying is there ain't no better reason,
to rid yourself of vanities and just go with the seasons,
it's what we aim to do,
Our name is our virtue,

but I won't hesitate no more,
no more, it cannot wait I'm yours,

so open up your mind and see like me,
open up your plans and damn you're free,
Look into your heart and you'll find,
the sky is yours,

so please don't, please don't, please don't,
there's no need to complicate,
cause our time is short,
this is this is this is our fate,
I'm yours.
April 5 2013, 10:23 am by Bananas3614 |
It's not the way he plays it but I still really like it! :)
May 8 2013, 03:58 pm by catking99 |
Bestest, not best test. yeah, I know it's not a word.
June 19 2013, 09:34 pm by Essence60 |
you can put a capo on 4 and play G D Em and C and it sounds a lot better
July 16 2013, 08:42 am by catking99 |
LYRICS: "listen to the music of the moment, people dance and sing"
July 16 2013, 08:43 am by catking99 |
you're right.
July 26 2013, 01:55 pm by acousticazn |
That chord where the lyrics go "love love love" is actually a sharpened subdominant with a diminished seventh. This is a very common chord in jazz and ragtime music. In other words, in the key of B, this is an Fdim7. The Ab might be omitted but it still almost sounds the same. You can google how to finger this chord on the guitar but if needed you can play either this:


or this:


This is what we call a tritone. =D
September 23 2013, 11:38 am by Jennifer-Robijn |
t is wel c akkoord
November 19 2013, 11:42 am by van08 |
Try capo 1st fret and play A E F# D
THere is a version where he plays this way.
He goes on to (see below) at some point

November 19 2013, 11:43 am by van08 |
Fm# not F# sorry
November 25 2013, 08:26 pm by musicluver935 |
These actually seem more like they were written for the ukulele instead of the guitar. I played up through the second chorus and it sounded mostly good.
January 13 2014, 08:18 pm by Katie_xo124 |
Capo 4 or 6 (sounds good on both)

Down down up up down up each chord 2x

G D Em C

Whole song four chords
January 31 2014, 11:15 pm by emcookie |
Just started teaching myself guitar and have small hands, I cant physically play B. plus i don't have a capo. So this is amazing! Thank you

This is a great easy song if you like you can play A7 slowly at the end of the verses.

And also if you like, you can play G D Em C at the end of the chorus (saw on another version). Really great ! Thanks
March 20 2014, 02:50 pm by selimbr012 |
u can use G D Em C
April 11 2014, 05:46 am by 2509681008 |
i'm a new's very luky to see the chords.i love this song. thank you!
September 12 2014, 06:59 am by epro9222 |
Also it sounds better with bar-chords. If you want to know that the bar-chords are email me at
September 18 2014, 12:20 pm by Dorisaur |
honestly i think it sounds fine
September 26 2014, 11:04 pm by neiravgiri125 |
its E, B, C#m and A
October 15 2014, 06:16 pm by rachou.antares |
didn't like this contribution
November 17 2014, 09:32 am by antoine7580 |
me and my friends just made a tutorial video for this song
come and check it out!
February 3 2015, 09:47 am by Atonal |
That extra chord at "love" is D7/F# in this key btw if anyone needs it
March 15 2016, 09:30 pm by bornam1378 |
Gehshs hshshsba. Shshbsbs gehahahsb hshshs shsbshd d f d f djs djs. Sbss
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