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+5   March 27 2004, 12:00 am by TomSk |
this is how a tab should be...
+1   May 26 2004, 12:00 am by GreenDayChris |
great tab but one thing... i know i'll sound stupid but what do the n's mean?
-5   October 5 2004, 12:00 am by chisel chest |
you are an idiot and a disgrace to the guitar world johnny is probably turning in his grave because of this horrible tab, and those are not full bar chords you would have to be a blind *** to see those in fact are power chords
+4   March 2 2006, 02:20 pm by Ledzeprox91 |
chisel just because the guy tabbed somthing wrong doesn't mean you've gotta be a jack ass....i thought it sounded good man don't let guys like him bring you down. I prefer power chords just because they're easier and the barre chord does'nt soind that much better but if thats the way to play it thats cool too.
+2   March 2 2006, 02:21 pm by Ledzeprox91 |
**just a side note i don't actually think you tabbed it wrong :)
+1   March 28 2006, 05:36 pm by KurdtDonKobane |
hey buddy where are all of those barre chords u were talking about! you used power chords (which i prefer but u said it was played in barre chords but u tabbed it in power chords)
+1   May 2 2006, 06:43 pm by vanhalengrnday8 |
excellent tab.....true u didnt use barre chords........but who cares. The power chords r way easier. Awesome song and tab.
+1   May 2 2006, 06:44 pm by vanhalengrnday8 |
oh...and what do the n's mean?
-5   June 5 2006, 03:58 pm by Fawnzee |
this tab does suck it doesnt even sound like it kid u didnt do good and ur talking crap on other ppl
-1   August 27 2006, 01:27 pm by fender strat37 |
watr the ns?
+1   August 30 2006, 07:57 am by refused06 |
the tabs fyn,but what the **** is up with those n's?
-1   September 22 2006, 09:09 pm by ericlll |
my mistake, for the most part ramones use barre chords. A power chord is 2 strings? the NXNXNX means hold the chord awhile, rather than keep indicating the chord, lazy tab. please note the upper strings used on the "fuller" chrods aren't very audible on the records...but are there. playing the easy way on 2 strong sometimes sounds better buut less dynamics, use downstrokes.
+1   October 9 2006, 10:02 am by hendrixyongpage |
sounds fine to me great tab
+7   November 2 2006, 05:59 am by broken_leg |
yeah not bad but the only thing is i cant play the solo- its too technically advanced for me
-2   November 11 2006, 04:15 pm by WCS_Is_Worse1 |
you cant play the solo your kidding
+1   December 13 2006, 07:47 pm by guitardude1039 |
lol the greatest solo ever... yep, it surrre is alright..
+1   January 1 2007, 08:16 pm by st.angie |
he he he... that's a solo that even I can play.... ha, I love the Ramones... they rule... Anyways, great tab (the only exceptions are the n's and the whole barre mistake) =) keep it up!
+1   February 12 2007, 03:40 pm by jugamasta420 |
duse what the hell r n's?
-2   February 18 2007, 11:10 am by d1271304 |
just wrong
+1   March 5 2007, 06:53 pm by ameyers |
good job man, but next time use thouse "full barre chords that johnny wails away on" and don't use n's just use x's but its a 4 star for me. it sounds good though nice job
+3   March 16 2007, 03:30 pm by JMQN123 |
my eyes bleed from the solo, just way to hard, cant imagine anyone playing it, mebee Eddie Van Halen
-2   March 17 2007, 11:41 pm by thechuckmaster |
dumbass, you ****ing jack mama wheres your BARRE CHORDS **** face
-1   March 17 2007, 11:42 pm by thechuckmaster |
sucks shit
+1   March 18 2007, 09:18 pm by kempo1222 |
wtf make it simple
+2   March 24 2007, 05:45 am by wakeland4889 |
That solo is crazy hard, i don't even think Randy Rhoads or Zakk Wylde could play that best solo ever.
-3   April 29 2007, 03:54 pm by RockinTheIbanez |
You guys are all *******s. The Ramones used POWERCHORDS, they were a punk band for God's sake! Punk=Powerchords and distortion you can't play a barre chord with ****ing distortion it would sound like shit.
+3   April 29 2007, 03:57 pm by RockinTheIbanez |
OH MY GOD, I am sick and tired of people saying that Johnny played barre chords. What don't you idiots understand about it? The Ramones were the first PUNK band, and the essential part of playing punk music is using distortion and POWERCHORDS. Listen to their music, you'll hear the distortion, if Johnny had been using barre chords it would sound like COMPLETE garbage because of all the dissonance from playing a full chord. Also it would be INCREDIBLY hard for him to do downstrokes using barre chords. Jesus H. Christ.
-2   May 1 2007, 06:35 am by RockinTheIbanez |
Oh and your solo is wrong too. Honestly have you ever even listened to The Ramones before?
-2   May 1 2007, 06:35 am by RockinTheIbanez |
Oh and your solo is wrong too. Honestly have you ever even listened to The Ramones before?
+1   June 24 2007, 06:42 pm by trever668 |
dude chisel chest relax
-1   August 24 2007, 05:57 am by RRhoadsfan4889 |
barre chords, are you fu
+1   September 23 2007, 07:58 pm by f20k |
I'm seen some bad tabs but this one just about takes the cake. 1*
-2   October 26 2007, 10:45 pm by rocker816 |
lmao!!!!! i agree with wakeland zakk could never play this solo.. dud who ever tabbed this.. good job bu tplease... its insanely easy ive played for a year and i tabbed it my self(almost the same exact way)and the solo..please dont ever repeat that....its one ****ing note... they dont even use effects.. and the guitarist sucks ass.. its punk its easy. i mean great song writing ! but not great technical playing. so yea. but good job.
+1   January 6 2008, 04:23 pm by g_tab_man |
everybody needs to CALM DOWN! haha anyways ya i agree with power chords and even if its not right, B-I-G W-H-O-O-P! it
sounds pretty good and just cuz some jerks gotta criticize every single thing that isnt exactly how they play it doesnt
mean the tab is bad. good job. :]
+2   January 13 2008, 11:36 am by RiffOffUrFace |
thats solo... facemelting
+1   January 15 2008, 01:47 pm by tommynel2003 |
who cares what kind of chords are used this is the atists interpretatation of the song, besides he probably meant u
barre all the notes in the power chords not just the root and the fifth
+1   February 6 2008, 11:34 pm by puredarkness |
a key so i could understand what xn means would be nice:)
+1   May 10 2008, 10:55 pm by Familyguy75 |
what do the x's and n's mean?
+1   May 24 2008, 11:30 am by Kynyster_K |
rocker18.... WTF the tabber was most likely bein sarcastic about the solo... i wouldv'e said the same thing about it... chill!
tab sounds good 2 me
+3   July 29 2008, 02:22 am by poguemahone805 |
I think that his was giving such a negative reaction due to the tabber talked shit on others about the Ramones only using bar chords and that only idiots think they use power chords, then going and tabbing power chords.

If the tabber had not posted the little part about "setting us all straight", he would have gotten a bit more of a polite reaction. All everyone is doing is "setting him straight."
+1   July 29 2008, 02:24 am by poguemahone805 |
And the part about Johnny using "only full barre chords" is rather incorrect. He LOVED the shit out of power chords.
+1   October 15 2008, 09:15 pm by fretman5000 |
He played simple old school two string power chords. They were a punk band! This tab should be so simple yet all of the chords in the tab are all comlicated and screwed up. I cant see johnny playing this crap. The ramones are ashamed of you.
-3   June 3 2009, 12:44 pm by fabiorod91 |
i dont think that was one of the greatest solos of all history( E0 B5 )
+2   June 6 2009, 11:36 pm by 3BlindMyceZeke |
Awesome! This is what were using for our shit. Thanks, dude.
+1   October 4 2009, 10:43 pm by brendan\m/ |
actually, johnny ramone hated guitar solos, hed never have one....
+1   January 3 2010, 04:21 pm by 80srock |
its probly just me, but i think the 10s are supposed to be 11s. but thats just me though......
-1   January 12 2011, 07:37 pm by FenderSquire'51 |
If you think this sounds wrong, your guitar is probably out of tune. It's a relatively good tab. Only thing I have to comment about is the lyrics. It's not "Hurry hurry hurry before I gotta go", it's "Hurry hurry hurry before I go loco". And while Johnny always played barre chords, you can play it with power chords and it's the same thing. Barre chords give it a fuller sound so can you all calm down about it? Thanks.
+1   October 4 2011, 02:45 pm by Maddawgfsd |
I know the comment is old....but just in case he reads this..Chisel you are the dumbest **** around. Ramones don't play full bar chords you imbicile. They are power chords dumbass...
-1   June 6 2014, 11:22 am by powerpino1 |
and the solo?!?!
January 4 2015, 12:27 pm by boooysti |
Punk is barre chords. U2 uses the same chords as johnny.They uses Barre chords
June 16 2015, 10:33 pm by CRF450X |
can this be tab with the words along with it?
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