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-35   February 3 2004, 12:00 am by jbeaumont |
You Gotta tune the D string down 2 a B (I think) 2 play it 100% correct. and the high e 2 a D flat
+52   March 17 2004, 12:00 am by SBC_lead |
sounds great to me. good job.
-26   April 6 2004, 12:00 am by Tim Leibbrandt |
+6   August 3 2004, 12:00 am by Johnny_H |
Great job. Play really well and if you play along with the song the capo is correct on the 2nd fret - Chris Martin is no Barry White though!
+2   February 25 2005, 12:00 am by espen |
nice, but i don`t like the D on the end
+1   April 19 2005, 12:00 am by shifto |
sounds great with the capo on 2nd. good job, i agree not sure about the D at the end.
+1   April 22 2005, 12:00 am by zeusplayer44 |
yah great tab the chord at the end is A or you can play it with 4th string open
July 29 2005, 12:00 am by Mace_37 |
Tune the high e to a d#. and the F# should be an F#6.
-43   July 29 2005, 12:00 am by Mace_37 |
Check my tab that I posted. it is 100% correct. Much better than this.
+5   November 7 2005, 05:33 am by Mortigi Tempo |
I think its sounds much better with capo on 2nd than it does tuning the d and high e down, great tab and deserves it's 5 stars
+1   November 8 2005, 03:31 pm by Mortigi Tempo |
though yeah I like it better finishing with an a
-28   November 11 2005, 05:58 pm by pazrian |
yeah i dunno why you guys all like this one, its nothing like yellow. As and Es just seem too simple, it sounds crap when you play the first progression from a to e??
maybe someone should watch a live thing or something and get the real way of playing it
+2   November 21 2005, 01:38 pm by Mortigi Tempo |
it sounds fine to me it's a fairly simple song anyway
-7   November 27 2005, 02:18 pm by burnBarney228 |
i agree with pazrian good try though
+8   December 11 2005, 03:17 am by cilliano |
pazrian - what the hell are u tokin about, fool? Are u hi
December 13 2005, 08:16 am by jon591 |
this tab is accurate apart from in the first part where it goes back to an a again it shouldn't be an a i have the acoustic version of this song and it goes higher i'm learning so i dont know which chord it should be any suggestions ?
+1   January 28 2006, 06:26 am by bluefridays |
a very very good tab, but the d on the end sounds wrong
+3   February 26 2006, 07:31 pm by jj1565 |
*tab clean of spam.
-10   March 3 2006, 12:07 pm by goooony |
my mum like eels for lunch , im realy desperats for friends add mee please
-7   March 17 2006, 04:11 pm by williamandres |
esta en otro tono
+2   March 21 2006, 02:29 pm by hooter74 |
needs to be extra E and Esus4 after your intro but sounds and whoever said it is too simple hasn't listened to any new music because most of it is simple
March 29 2006, 04:37 pm by Chris369 |
nice 1
-1   March 31 2006, 09:02 am by dEipHoBoS |
some lyrical faults.. but ok ... end kinda O.o
-2   April 21 2006, 01:06 pm by dr00pa |
The downtuned version EABDBD# is correct
+1   May 6 2006, 08:38 pm by Isiahs |
well yea D isnt the ending its
July 14 2006, 01:47 pm by darkgarlic |
This is my favorite somg to play on my guitar, awesome job!

(i agree with everyone else, D is not the end. Dsus2 is)
-13   July 30 2006, 12:24 pm by Guitars R us |
lol this is not the right chords...its C G F G sharp
-14   July 30 2006, 12:24 pm by Guitars R us |
its wrong
-5   July 30 2006, 12:29 pm by Guitars R us |
o wait can play without the capo and do those bad i was taught by ear to just do C 2 bars G 2 bars F 2 bars C 2 bars(intro) then C G F 2 bars each for 3 times then F for 1 bar then C/G for 1 bar for 3 times F 1 bar start over again then do the chorus 2 times and go to the outtro which is C 1 bar G sharp i think 1 bar and end with F...this is how i was taught and it sounds awesome yall can do whatever the hell you want
+6   July 30 2006, 02:22 pm by AK-47 |
Great tab with or without a capo
+6   August 3 2006, 07:25 pm by mistaman |
yeah it sounds fine to me dsus2 at end is good. I'm down, I like the capo way better, cause it brings out the high e string cause its hard to play the B chord well otherwise. good job.
+4   August 20 2006, 04:26 pm by SuggestedHobo69 |
awesome, great job
+2   October 15 2006, 10:33 pm by FakinHi |
Great tab
+4   November 1 2006, 03:58 pm by robcaldecott |
Superb. Just played along with the CD and this is close enough for me. Top job.
November 21 2006, 01:53 pm by Formalities555 |
I think it sounds better with a D instead of dsus2 throughout the song, and the interludes are not written correctly . . . I think that tuning to a D# for the high e is alright . . .sounds good
+26   January 1 2007, 03:24 am by rapsucks24 |
people get so technical.
its just a tab.
its meant to help you play a song.
not play it EXACTLY like the guitarist does.
great tab.
i can tell you spent a lot of time on it.
-6   January 24 2007, 06:25 am by woutw |
Check my tab (Yellow vers3), it is the right way to play this song!
Don't miss the tuning! Try it and you'll love it! Check the official tabbook and my tab and you'll see no difference.
Nice playing!
-1   February 13 2007, 08:18 pm by bballindesi |
can any1 please tell me the strumming pattern of this song
-2   March 20 2007, 06:28 pm by guyfromsomewher |
forget the cappo. use bars
-3   June 29 2007, 03:13 pm by franky munez |
ok why is everyone ignoring that the E is off its the mayjor prob with this song try singing along the E is just not quit right and ive tried re tuning and capo 2cnd
-1   September 3 2007, 09:23 pm by Dbabin2 |
I went on to youtube and saw people playing it with bar chords, it sounds better
-1   September 12 2007, 12:16 am by littlebarrie7 |
the d doesnt sound great, any suggestions for an alternative?
-2   February 19 2008, 01:54 pm by ssimms |
great tab, but the last three (well two) chords do now work.

i think these sound alright, still sketchy on the last one.

A E 7sus4 A maj


-1   February 19 2008, 03:05 pm by ssimms |
just A works actually for the last note. (not A majour)
-1   February 19 2008, 03:05 pm by ssimms |
...certainly not D!
+4   March 4 2008, 06:17 pm by Leprechaunpants |
i dont know how to play guitar =(
-19   June 13 2008, 09:43 pm by jlb0064 |
****ing shit tab!!!!! not even close!!!
+7   August 13 2008, 03:24 pm by autogav |
Perfect mate, you can tell by the 190+ 5 star ratings
-2   September 4 2008, 01:32 pm by phumbling |
k, newbie question: strum pattern? anyone? bueller? is it a right of passage to learn to strum it on your own?
-12   October 4 2008, 06:03 am by woutw |
My tab is much better (Yellow vers3), I'm sorry. Nice try, but it's the wrong tuning.
+5   October 18 2008, 02:22 pm by theroguecellist |
Maybe all of the people that disapprove of this tab have not heard the ACOUSTIC version (this is not for the normal album version!) It's quite a good tab, I just played it along with the live ACOUSTIC version of the song, and it sounded fine. Thanks for posting!
-1   March 4 2009, 09:33 am by neo_shah |
the end is Dsus2
-3   May 4 2009, 12:15 am by blackguitar |
try changing some of the E - Esus4 to


if you listen to the acoustic version you'll understand when it fits and when it doesn't.. it also works with some of the D>Dsus2.
either way, this tab's awesome.
-3   May 4 2009, 06:36 pm by blackguitar |
Sorry screwed up the tab there... i meant

-2   May 9 2009, 03:59 am by anoun_626 |
very nice bruz!!!

i like it, but bein a bassist the sus and minors and majors dont mean a thing to me XD
-1   July 30 2009, 02:59 am by ZachIsMyName89 |
Hah oh man, lots of comments on here. I know it's late, but come on the guys saying it's C F G??? Yea sounds dandy if you like to change the entire key of the song!! Some people just do not have an ear, try playing C against B in the song and see how it sounds, then come back to this tab and say the tab is off....seriously, peoples ears are broken.

Before I get going... GREAT TAB, good man for getting it practically perfect, but it ain't played with a capo. You can tell easily listening to the end chords. It's a low natural E chord, WITH the e tuned to D# on top!! You can hear the difference between the ending F# and E chords. Tell me how you can get a LOW E when your E string has a capo on it....hmmm. Capo is the easy version, not the right version. Before you think I'm wrong, play the capo D chord and the un-capo E chord with the song.

Sorry for being so defensive on this stuff, but if everybody is gonna argue about whether the tab is right or not, at least back up your statement...

The 2 chords at the end, everybody is talking about the "D" (or E w/o capo) I could care less about that, how about the last F# before the E, (or E with the capo). It's obviously not the same F# that everybody tabs.

This is that elusive F# chord used ONLY in the end:

-1   August 15 2009, 11:03 am by Sunburst23 |
any good struming pattern?
-1   October 13 2009, 07:08 pm by satbir15 |
Its hard getting a sturmming patteren, but after a while, you just get the pattern right away. Listen to the beat, and imagine downs and ups.

For example, at the beginning.

Down down up up down up ------ Down down up up down u

Humm the tune if it helps
October 27 2009, 03:22 pm by lukegjpotter |
I've seen videos on Youtube where they explain the strumming pattern, they say that it's an eighth note strum, i.e. there's eight ups or downs in the strumming pattern for each chord:

DDDDDDDD and in some places DDDDDDDU

Play the odd number ups and downs harder than the even number ups and downs.
-3   November 15 2009, 02:09 pm by fuchalo |
Ok everyone on ultimate guitar has been making this song way too complicated i play along with the track just fine in standard

for the verse just do B F# and E for the chorus E G#m and then f# trust me its a lot easier than all this crap no capo no nothing, the electric parts pretty easy but i dont feel like tabbing it out
-1   November 22 2009, 07:45 am by jorandejong |
~Thanks al lot!
-1   February 13 2010, 10:33 pm by cwifider |
ok, does anyone know how Chris actually plays it live? i mean there are a whole lot of versions out there and iv'e played all of them. This one sounds the closest except for the D at the very end. i think it is an A.
May 14 2010, 11:35 pm by DaveMN |
For gods sake people this is the acoustic version. This is an awesome tab. The higher notes in the acoustic are played by another guitar so this is correct.
-1   June 20 2010, 02:15 am by jkvaxin |
is this in standard tuning?
+3   April 8 2011, 11:16 pm by efrainsfalling |
i just got off the phone with chris, and he confirms its a great tab (:
-1   August 23 2011, 06:02 am by tdawgdatyler |
i saw the live version of this song with Noel Gallagher (the guitarist from Oasis) and Chris Martin, and this tab is pretty much correct.
-2   September 11 2011, 12:14 am by Sven_Stiffy |
great tab, well done :D
and to all those people who say that the tab is shit, maybe you should either learn how to hear properly, or learn how to play the effing guitar because im fair sure it sounds almost exactly the same as the original...stop smoking crack you homos... ;)
-1   March 3 2012, 07:29 am by Jason182 |
The last Em is actually Em7 020000 ;)
-1   December 12 2012, 11:38 am by liz.morris113 |
great tab, really helped me to enjoy playing this lovely tune
-1   February 4 2013, 06:44 pm by Shaquille234 |
The Best :D
-1   February 22 2013, 07:10 pm by Hannah182 |
Seems pretty accurate. Nice job!
-1   March 14 2013, 10:19 am by gibsonLP030998 |
awesome, not sure about the Em at the end though
-1   April 16 2013, 11:49 am by CharliePapa |
Quite accurate but i guess it aint just Dsus in the verse, i guess it's a plain D and at the end of the line it gets to a Dsus2
-1   April 23 2013, 04:58 pm by whlab |
try the easier version [elementary]
-2   April 23 2013, 05:04 pm by whlab |
oh....and this is the wrong version :(
-1   April 24 2013, 11:06 am by jonathankrist |
I think after F#m in the chorus there's an A
-1   April 26 2013, 01:21 am by Mike Shinoda1 |
-1   May 22 2013, 10:54 am by skybluehog29 |
i like it but i like to jusy use A E Dsus for the verse, its simple but i think it suits the song, cheers
May 24 2013, 04:42 pm by Hey_Its_J |
I love this song! And you did great tabbing it! :)
August 9 2013, 11:28 am by DropDman |
great tab, instead of playing the "Dsus2" in the chorus i like to play a "Dmin". just a little thing i like to add in, nevertheless great tab!
August 21 2013, 04:59 pm by Cuenca Guy |
You can play a D minor instead of the Dsus2 in the chorus but it isn't the right chord. It changes the feel quite a bit. It should probably end on a Dsus2 or some other chord. I haven't played around with it much, but Dsus2 sounds much better than D.
October 8 2013, 03:52 pm by robjf1 |
+4   October 13 2013, 03:24 am by mattiie11 |
Play an A after the D
March 8 2014, 08:46 pm by marc.colbeck |
Nice job, but you can change your tuning and get a much better sound. Try this:
March 17 2014, 12:48 am by hey-youngblood |
i like to play Dm and A to end the song, but that's just a personal preference! one of my favourite tabs on the site by far. excellent work.
March 30 2014, 03:23 pm by squiffy123 |
absolutely awesome!! great help. my girlfriend will love this
June 13 2014, 05:33 pm by mharringtonbr |
June 21 2014, 12:11 pm by JanSteKa |
Does anybody know the strumming pattern for this song?
August 15 2014, 08:44 am by rockinishaan |
I think that the last bit should have a D instead of the Dm, but otherwise, brilliant job; 5 stars for you ;)
December 8 2014, 11:42 am by YukonGuyJoe |
Strumming pattern?
December 28 2014, 12:17 pm by McCandlessJohnJ |
Lack of accuracy. This tab is not quite right (and a capo is not used), but this quick and dirty tab is perfect for beginners.
March 2 2015, 09:11 pm by Maid_Marian |
It's perfect! OMG, thanks so much!!!!?
April 6 2015, 06:50 pm by kgoranka |
Why I seem not to be able to print displayed chords?I am a beginner :).
April 18 2015, 01:20 am by ddmjxtn |
Well done!
June 4 2015, 05:03 am by Blaesbjerg |
It's because we like it when it starts and stops on the Keynote (A here)
But it really ends on the D, but you can strum an A chord afterwards for your own satiscation ;-)
June 16 2015, 11:56 pm by nicoholloman |
Lack of accuracy. Clearly wrong. The chords are completely false. they are B f# E G#11 with a half tone drop of the high e
June 30 2015, 12:47 am by lewlewkeifer |
awesome. great job
July 6 2015, 07:20 am by christoph_ben1 |
didn't like this contribution
July 19 2015, 03:33 pm by marianeletici |
perfect! sounds great to meĀ²
December 1 2015, 11:43 pm by bowtimelord |
I prefer it two half steps down with capo on the fifth fret
December 17 2015, 11:45 am by philu |
Esus is wrong, should be 024100 (dunno what it's called then)
other than that, very good
March 9 2016, 09:36 pm by xBlazer |
Dude Don't Diss Him He Did A Great Job On The Tab
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