by Andy McKee tabs | tabbed by thecrazytapper
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+2   January 29 2008, 10:59 am by Razorsharp87 |
Wow! Its really truly accurate to the song! How did you get this tab? Tabbed it by yourself?? Man! I want to say, its
sooo great that I even register just to post you this comment! ;) Thanks alot for this tab!
+1   February 4 2008, 03:52 pm by toine |
it's perfect except for the fast part but that's impossible to play anyway ^^
+1   October 8 2008, 03:10 pm by Cerasti |
The rhythm in the fast part is a little bit off, but the notes seem to be right. Excellent tab.
+1   August 18 2009, 03:39 pm by Rallymonkey |
I just wanted to say that if you put the tremolo notes as ghost notes, the tab sound much more like the actual song.

Great tab! :)
November 20 2009, 02:52 pm by cameron.hare |
can someone pleeeeeeaaaaaase make this into a normal tab?????
March 8 2011, 10:22 pm by thecrazytapper |
thanks guys... i tabbed this watching the asian dude play it on youtube... and yeah the fast part IS way off, timing wise :S sorry guys.... hehe yeah the tremolo notes do sound much better... next time next time :D
December 22 2011, 06:11 pm by lambofgod0127 |
Watching Andy Mckee play it, the tab is slightly different. In the finger tapping sections he seems to be using his right hand to play the alternating notes (as in triple finger tapping)
December 22 2011, 06:33 pm by lambofgod0127 |
I would like to amend that statement. One of the fingers is hitting the first string the other two are the ones that I believe are doing the tapping.
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