by Mundy tabs | tabbed by jordonvito
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August 28 2010, 05:37 pm by Johnny8Trak |
its actually capo 2 for mundys version
November 23 2012, 10:12 am by bastard dog |
i believe you should change the A, to Am. and you have a great tab. Thanks.
August 6 2014, 12:01 pm by aveen.doshi |
may I know the strumming of galway girl.. Please!!
April 14 2015, 03:20 am by subhojeetsantra |
I guess it is DD UDU....
in the beginning just mute the strings and play DU and suddenly after that start playing chord D with the above pattern...
Let me know if you are satisfied!!!
April 14 2015, 03:22 am by subhojeetsantra |
By the way the above chords are perfect...If somebody dont believe...Then go and watch the movie PS I LOVE U...Exactly the same....
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