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August 30 2008, 10:41 am by incubosity |
No capo needed in standard only needed on 1st fret if tuned 1/2 step down....still a great tab.
+1   September 4 2008, 04:42 pm by osubucki106 |
incubosity, you might be listening to a different version (acoustic?) cuz this tab's definitely in the right key!!!
September 8 2008, 04:33 pm by Caren H |
sounds fine to me. thanks dude..
+4   September 21 2008, 08:56 pm by IGotIssues |
i just dont like that g chord
i suppose i can get use to it
October 25 2008, 02:43 pm by lj.rock.23 |
November 10 2008, 11:29 pm by denzil1794 |
January 15 2009, 07:43 pm by spotlightsonme |
nice, but i don't know how to do the strumming! omg.
February 11 2009, 12:13 pm by super_etoile |
I agree with incubosity, it sounds way better with no capo. great tab though!
March 2 2009, 02:48 pm by lééti |
the capo is there to make the chord playing easier so you don't need to do all the sharp chords the song has
March 28 2009, 01:29 pm by Wondewall7 |
A strumming pattern to this song is now posted in my blog in my profile so check it out
October 8 2009, 10:25 pm by JMGuitarLover21 |
thank you soooo much for da tab oh and you don't need a capo it sounds awkward with the capo hehe
May 6 2010, 05:06 pm by wexslay |
the strumming is hard.
but good tab (Y)
March 19 2011, 11:25 pm by Rowrena Chan |
paramore rules! the chords sound so good and it also sounds accurate thx for them!
April 4 2011, 02:27 pm by lollipop1543 |
Dude, What is the strumming pattern to this song? Help! I really need help with the strumming maan, I tryed DDDDUDUUD on the chorus but when I sang to it, the song was a whole lot slower, and I think the chorus and the verses have different strumming patterns. Does anybody know the strumming pattern to this song???????
-1   April 11 2011, 12:58 pm by artiq |

It's basically shifting between DDD and muting for entire verse, just switch chords accordingly.
May 13 2013, 05:08 pm by daydreamin' |
For the intro, I was thinking the strumming sounded kinda like DDDUU.... and so on :/
October 2 2013, 08:23 pm by random1765 |
I think your guitar is not tuned right [ incubosity ]. It needs the capo 1 for standard tuning. Great Job!!!
January 5 2015, 09:27 pm by hannahgogoart |
I love it!!!!!!!!!
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