by Bon Iver tabs | tabbed by damian22
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+7   August 14 2008, 03:40 pm by HackMaster619 |
Outstanding! The other tabs have been close, but this is the first one to get the tuning right. Not your standard open C tuning. Great job!
November 22 2008, 05:34 pm by oelfass |
I know i sound like a Newbie but how can i tune the guitar that way?. (Always one of my weak spots)
+20   December 6 2008, 05:36 am by Erkus |
oelfass - With a tuner. E string down 2 steps, A string down one step, D string up one step, G string remains G, B string up one step and e string down 2 steps.
December 7 2008, 03:45 pm by woundedpigeon |
does anyone know of a chord chart for different chords in this tuning?
December 12 2008, 12:58 am by damian22 |
Head to for alternate tuning chords. No exact voicings, but it'll tell you the right notes on the fretboard to combine to give the chords you want.
+11   December 27 2008, 04:48 pm by gometro33 |
The tuning it great thanks a ton for tab.

Just thought I'd add my interpretation of the strumming pattern.


Also, because the album version has more than a few layers of guitars, I like to play the riffs on the on the first and second strings to imitate that multiple-guitar sound (like so).


Great song, great tab, great job. Thanks.
+4   January 6 2009, 05:43 pm by HIshark |
You can watch him perform this song on youtube by searching Bon Iver + Letterman. Definitely the right tuning, and mostly correct tab. Incredibly useful site for alternate tunings:
+5   April 18 2009, 02:07 am by coolo |
spot on but IMO

End of verse 1:


pull 3 7 and 5 off to open string sounds right to me
+13   May 2 2009, 11:48 pm by ~}{MagicMan}{~ |
im scared to tune my d string up lmao
May 7 2009, 09:04 am by missdor |
:(( I don't know how to tuuuune. I've tried and it sounds really... not accurate.
+1   May 28 2009, 09:52 am by necriononguitar |
i think it only should be fral 10-15 cents... listen closely, the rest is perfect, 5*
-1   June 2 2009, 09:26 am by joshybosh1 |
Magicman: me too :(
June 27 2009, 07:26 am by chmanbass |
i may sound like a fool when i say this but what do you mean by 20 cents?
-1   August 8 2009, 07:59 am by McGarnacle |
i love the sound of this tuning... much more interesting than standard
+2   September 11 2009, 10:59 pm by seedy jones |
If you're afraid to tune your d and b strings up you can just tune your guitar to AFDFA#a# then chuck a capo on 2nd. It sounds perfect. Great tab.
+2   September 21 2009, 11:36 am by damian22 |
Each semitone (or fret) can be split into 100 cents. So 20 cents is about a fifth of a semitone. The only reason you'd need to tune all the strings down that extra little bit is to play along with the recording - it sounds fine otherwise.

No decent D string should snap going to an E. If it does, it needed replacing anyway. Spare a thought for violin players, who tune knowing they could get whipped across the forehead by a broken string.
+1   October 14 2009, 08:06 pm by BootstrapTiger |
I think the tuning is somewhere between 40-45 cent flat.
Or maybe I'm just crazy!
+1   October 15 2009, 10:08 pm by guitarman231 |
wheres the bit at 20 seconds on the recorded version?
February 17 2010, 07:06 pm by FooSoldier93 |
so now ive bought 2 new sets of strings and every time im done stretching them by hand i try out this tuning and in few strums it snaps across my hand, any tips or tricks, my hand kinda hurts
March 16 2010, 09:48 am by wikedp |
wow, fantastic... sounds perfect down 20 cents... good job man!!!
April 17 2010, 12:53 am by El-Frencho |
Any tips on somehow not strumming the top string (this first one ->C G E G C c) by some how maybe muting it or something? I keep accidentally hitting it on stums and it sounds RANK! Amazing tab by the way!
+2   September 20 2010, 11:44 am by Bearskin |
Just as an addition to a great tab, for the small riffs in the intros - as both strings are tuned to the same note, you can play them both fretted at the same places as indicated in the tab. It creates a more fuller ring (if you've got your tuning spot on). I think it sounds closer to how it's played in the live versions.
December 14 2010, 06:42 am by Thinge |
@El-Frencho: mute it with your thumb
March 8 2011, 06:47 pm by amandagraves1 |
my string definitely just popped when i was trying to tune that e to a c. that really sucks.
+8   May 13 2011, 02:47 pm by mee135 |
@amandagraves1: you should try tuning down to the c...
June 6 2011, 01:02 pm by Acoustic archie |
If you dont want to hit that top C, just mute it with your thumb when its not needed.
Any one know of an accurate way of tuning down the extra 20cents? Im having difficulty gettting it to sound right once i start trying to tune exactly like the recording.
June 25 2011, 01:56 pm by bengtaaron |
i find it a lot easier to play the little ending riffs by playing 7-9-7 on the 5th string and then 9-7-9-7-5 on the 4th string
July 12 2011, 05:08 am by aimeelouise |
Hey, when it says the tuning is C G E G C c, does the little c mean C# ?
Thanks :)
July 15 2011, 01:14 am by msaccydisaster |
awesome tab thanks a lot. i love this song. just one little tip for the people trying to get the tuning exactly like the cd: just tune your guitar to the tuning in the tab, then listen to the song (especially that last bar in first verse where all the strings are open, that makes it easy) and just tune down slightly until you're in tune with the song. thanks again
+1   August 28 2011, 02:34 pm by dudesrock666 |
@aimeelouise: No, the "c" is made lower case because it's the highest string in terms of pitch. Just a way of making sure that when someone's quoting a tuning they're quoting it the right way around. It's still the same note, a C :)
March 14 2012, 12:11 pm by miad |
Great tab!
June 2 2012, 01:00 pm by Minimee99 |
In Transcribe I have the notes sitting on exactly C when I add 41 cents to the recording the recording. great tab.
July 7 2012, 04:50 pm by calger14 |
Really want to play along with this but I can't manage to get the tuning the same, it sounds just slightly different. How do I change it by 20 cents? Thanks!
October 18 2012, 09:34 pm by Schwarp |
I have a Korg GA-30 tuner, and to get it to 20% I just let the needle fall 2 lines to the left (flat). Incase anyone with a tuner was wondering.
April 22 2013, 01:42 am by harnit98 |
With a tuner. Buy a guitar tuner and yeh. If you're not too sure then just take it in to a store and they'll teach I'm guessing.
August 29 2013, 09:28 pm by adunkley92 |
If you don't understand how to tune a guitar you really shouldnt be attempting to learn this song. Start with humpty-dumpty if you're at that stage lol
September 22 2013, 06:09 pm by olliepopp |
So, is it C G C G C c or is it C F Bb Eb G C?
+1   December 8 2013, 02:45 pm by cyroschmidt |
Perfect tab my friend. Thank you very much. Only one small mistake. The riff in the end of the first verse is:

December 27 2013, 05:17 am by Guild King |
The only thing wrong with this is one little note- the end of the first verse has that little riff, and the last two notes are open and then 2 on the A string (which puts you right on the fingering for the first chord of the second verse). They're just in the wrong order here, but that switch is literally the only thing that wasn't perfect here. Excellent tab.
March 4 2014, 02:03 am by benoz11 |
Excellent tab. Dunno what you're all so ****ing scared of with tuning up the D to E and B to C, Next time you're about to replace all your strings try tuning them up, they can go really high without breaking so no need to flip your shit over 2 semitones.

But as for the tab it's really great thank you.
April 26 2014, 05:18 pm by WietseLeenders |
Great tab, thanks alot! Small detail, I think the last bit of the intro is suppose to be;


Instead of just the open chord.
Thanks again!
July 24 2014, 09:55 am by cuidonsofie |
on the third section of the tab, when it goes 5---5---4
i think it's supposed to be 5---5---2.
I may be wrong, but it's just what I'm hearing. Otherwise, this is the best tab I've ever seen. Wonderful job!
October 16 2015, 10:24 am by ariana.sweeney |
crying because this made my guitar strings break :'(
November 10 2015, 07:27 am by stephyy.jane |
The chorus just doesn't sound right on my guitar... sounds really dissonant and i don't think its right but no one else seems to have had any issues?? any suggestions?
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