by Elton John tabs | tabbed by lknowles17
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+4   January 11 2010, 08:45 pm by Tulala and Me |
This is a great tab for beginners with a nice bit of 4th finger action on the Asus and Dsus, and easy to remember.
-3   January 14 2010, 12:05 pm by jaylime |
try a plain em instead of em7 and asus2 instead of asus4,i personally think it sounds better but still a great tab.
+7   September 25 2010, 02:08 pm by southak |
Soooo close. There is a Am/G missing between the Am and the D in the verse and the chorus (similar run down he uses in Your Song, a song also in G and uses this run done on the "I hope you don't mind.." sections) and there is also a little Gsus4 (3 2 0 0 1 3) in the outro and on the last chorus. Easy to play just play the G like this 3 2 0 0 0 3 and slip your first finger on the B string. So the it goes C - G - Gsus4 - G. Not sure about the Dsus2 either :)
February 25 2011, 02:57 pm by PassingStranger |
Commenting primarily to thank you for an awesome tab.

Also seconding southak's Am/G suggestion. It's in the song itself, I believe, and makes for a far smoother transition to D anyway.
May 6 2013, 11:20 am by Konaboy |
Em7 A9

She packed my bags last night - preflight
August 14 2013, 07:13 pm by John Uriel |
Agree with both Southak and Konaboy

Elton (playing in Gm) plays the C9 like this G thumb Bb 2nd finger D fort ginger E fifth finger with his right hand on the piano
March 3 2014, 02:25 am by toni rocka |
The 3rd line of each verse is missing the Am/G chord before the change to D. This is a descending chord progression and should go from C to G/B to Am to Am/G then D. This is the main hook of the song and it is imperative that the sequence is correct.
+1   November 23 2014, 01:41 pm by alexander.kempf |
Awesome Chords, I think the Outro is not only played C - G to Gsus4 to G - C (try to play instead of the Normal C Chord a Cadd9 without third finger)
0 3 2 0 0 3
January 18 2015, 02:17 pm by eddie charles |
Agree with southak except I hear the omitted chord as a C rather than G?
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