by Escape The Fate tabs | tabbed by Optimus Dattum
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+1   October 8 2008, 10:43 pm by Darathy6661 |
very nice!!!!
great job!!!!
+4   October 10 2008, 05:39 pm by timmay1561515 |
put it on guitar pro! :D
+1   October 11 2008, 05:35 am by Optimus Dattum |
Im working on a Guitar Pro version tab with xApollox. More to come.....
October 11 2008, 02:46 pm by Unusual_Rex |
Man, this is so hard to play. Hahaha, how fast does it need to be played at?
October 14 2008, 12:20 am by Destamoon |
very nice indeed
October 19 2008, 01:42 am by danieljl88 |
thank youuuu for tabbing this awesome song!!!

there were a few things i noticed while learning it

the first part of the verse riff sounds like the below, with 4 6 7 instead of 4 7 7 on the higher c string

the part right before the solo

and the other part in the solo towards the end
October 24 2008, 07:58 pm by punkboi1992 |
Its easy to play the clean part down on the high e string like around 7 9 10 12
-2   October 29 2008, 05:54 pm by monkeysoup |
it was ok
dope that you made the whole thing with just text lol
lots of little errors on notes
use the amazing slow downer software and youll see what im talking about
working on a gp version about a quarter of the way done, only been working on it for like an hour
+1   October 31 2008, 01:53 am by metalheadrenzo |
damn is was suppose to make this tab!
oh well..Great tab 5*
November 18 2008, 08:01 pm by gguitar49 |
is this song even possible to play????
i cant find it on youtube at all!
i dont find it possible!
+10   November 19 2008, 03:06 pm by syngates7 |
theres never been a song where im lik wow i cant play this
but that sweeping at the beginning.....i just dont see how thats even possible
+3   November 22 2008, 07:32 pm by dlobo |
ya rly. if the song is possible to play lol, then someone hurry up, make a cover, and put it on youtube!!
+2   November 23 2008, 09:01 pm by bhollywood88 |
i can play the solo and about close to the intro lead.
its not impossible, and it takes alot of practice.
It also depends on ur skill level.
November 23 2008, 09:02 pm by bhollywood88 |
also check out my guitar pro tab for the solo please
December 4 2008, 05:25 am by thebearclan |
i'd like to be able to do it... how much practice you say?
-8   December 4 2008, 08:12 am by thebearclan |
no wait, i've worked it out, i thought sweeping was just a downstroke, turns out its alternate picking! just need to practice now :D
-11   December 13 2008, 06:49 pm by ChemicalSenses |
the intro is terribly wrong. i saw them play it live and there is no crazy sweeping going on
+1   December 27 2008, 08:43 am by AlexDTDT |
good tab.
some ones coverd it on youtube,
just type in this war is ours intro cover.
im sure on the album this song is called: the Guillotine prt 2 rite?
+3   December 28 2008, 03:28 am by Jordzo |
yeah ur right alexDTDT, it is called that, also, this is the best cover ive been able to find, check it out
January 27 2009, 03:36 pm by Unusual_Rex |
Holy crap... That cover was intense! For like the longest time I was like "is this even possible to play?" I guess I got some work to do :P
January 27 2009, 04:14 pm by Sam Rulez D00d |
I can not do those sweeps!
+1   February 3 2009, 10:26 pm by ghandi_force |
man, those first 2 parts of the intro are a bitch!
February 4 2009, 01:23 pm by Oli13Bishop |
good tab :) although im not quite sure if you need so many notes in the verse- im not sure its hard to make out.
we need a guitar pro version soon..
-2   February 9 2009, 04:22 pm by tearsofmyguitar |
clearly you people have never listened to Necrophagist. I'm not knockin ETF, but the sweeps in this song are nothing special.
+4   February 12 2009, 03:05 pm by kgranlund |
This song is 100% correct. Good Work. Intro is tough but I've almost got it.
-2   February 14 2009, 10:40 am by brokenunder |
awesome tab 5 stars but is the pulloff on the 2nd sweep rly 10p5? i cant even reach tht lol so i just did 10p7 and it still sounds just as good
+3   March 30 2009, 02:21 am by Jordzo |
dude this tab is perfect, but i did notice from the guitar pro tab of the intro that this sweep:


sounded a little bit better like this:


hopefully that helps
+3   April 1 2009, 08:52 am by Optimus Dattum |
it is supposed to be 17p14 on the high e string. Only a typo ^^
April 14 2009, 12:05 pm by dkm817 |
Dang!!! Nice tab dude! I still can't do the sweeping in the intro, but I've been practiing an hour a day on it. Thanks so much for the tab!
April 14 2009, 10:01 pm by Metal King |
Amazing Tab!
April 17 2009, 02:53 am by Lissiex |
it's possible. the sweeping. there is a guy on youtube that has only been playing for three years and he's succeeded the sweeping and the whole song.. look it up.. Nice tab by the way..
May 13 2009, 01:36 pm by kgranlund |
I can sweep the intro finally lol just practice and it's simple
July 4 2009, 10:46 am by MroZ |
Great job :)
-2   July 9 2009, 10:09 pm by royturner23 |
The intro is wrong, He's not using that many strings.
Don't believe me, go here..
-4   July 14 2009, 08:55 am by 00MIK00 |
that video dont prove anything, no a good enough quality
the intro is right
August 2 2009, 10:20 am by the_extreme |
Isn't this part hammer ons and slides? if not, i just found it easier to play.

August 3 2009, 11:33 pm by jacobsmolik1 |
he plays it different live...he only does a three string sweep...just listen...but the studio version...GODDAMN. no clue how they pull that shit off
August 10 2009, 12:27 pm by Devastations |
It makes a smiley face at the end of the intro. :D
And for the verse, it makes a elephant. xD
Great tab, thanks a lot!
-7   September 5 2009, 05:58 am by ippystratman |
This song sux so much but has a cool intro so im learing it. Nice job man that shit is crazy on the recording, if you can play it i applaud you coz i doubt escaoe the fate can even play it properly
+1   September 28 2009, 07:36 am by hayden kid |
this song is so cool and kicks ass!!!
+2   October 28 2009, 07:22 pm by bmth13 |
is it just me or does interlude not sound right. please dont rate me down its just a question
November 1 2009, 03:58 pm by Chaos898 |
that opening is bs to play lmao
+1   December 6 2009, 06:26 pm by War09 |
Use Amazing Slow Downer. Even the trial version covers the beginning.

Instead of this... You do this...
D|--------10p5------| D|---------10p5------|
A|------7------7----| A|-------7------7----|
F|-----7---------7--| F|-----6----------7--|
C|---7--------------| C|---7---------------|
G|-9----------------| G|-9-----------------|
C|------------------| C|-------------------|

Instead of this... You do this...
D|------------17p15------| D|-------------17p14-------|
A|---------15------15----| A|----------15-------15----|
F|-------14-----------14-| F|-------14-------------14-|
C|----16-----------------| C|----16-------------------|
G|-17--------------------| G|-17----------------------|
C|-----------------------| C|-------------------------|

Instead of this...

Do this

Instead of this... Whammy bar

(I think you)Do this... Whammy bar
December 30 2009, 07:25 pm by connorgibsonsg |
ok, ive been playin for a year and a half. this song is really really cool and i wanna learn it. do you think i can do it or its just not me level? thanks (:
January 25 2010, 09:54 pm by BarbyLoveHewitt |
well I heard this song about 9 months ago and been trying to play it since and now I can play it. So I'd say 9 months of not-so-intense practice should do lol
January 25 2010, 09:59 pm by BarbyLoveHewitt |
to connorgibsonsg I also had a year and a half of experience just like you at the time when I first learned it so I'd say go ahead and try it. Within couple of months you'll be able to play it.
March 1 2010, 02:47 am by cassonberry |
yo is there a 2nd guitar tab anywhere coz me n mah friend wanna learn it together with drums and bass and all we need is 2nd guitar.. anybody done it?
March 1 2010, 04:17 pm by blackveil6 |
im almost good at the sweep i think haha
April 4 2010, 11:06 pm by RWTFskater14 |
practice sweeping before you attempt. its a technique all its own and takes lots of practice once you can sweep you can play it.
July 14 2010, 02:05 pm by eddievanzant |
how the hell do you move from the 7th fret to the 17th, and then back down to the 5th? there's no pause in the notes
September 22 2010, 02:07 am by Stormer391 |
How does bryan make that sound when he hits a [12] at the end of the intro?
September 22 2010, 02:08 am by Stormer391 |
oh and this tab is really good. Can be quite annoying at times that intro is really hard :P
November 3 2010, 05:44 pm by norsvolos |
do u sweep pick the intro
November 20 2010, 12:38 am by Stormer391 |
^ yes you do sweep the intro Good luck with that
December 16 2010, 06:46 pm by zero_sith |
well i can`t play the intro, but i don`t understand the sweep picking :/
February 12 2011, 01:14 pm by drgoogs32 |
this is how i do the picking it seems to work and isn't that hard

u = up stroke
d= down stroke
d d d d d u u d d d d d u u

d d d d d u u d d d d d u u

d d d d d u u d d d d d u u
August 22 2011, 07:20 pm by a7x-GoD |
easy to play...
September 25 2011, 05:29 pm by screamcore |
SUCKS! :L not right...sorry bro
July 25 2013, 07:32 am by shreddguitarist |
hmm intro is wrong slow it down and listen, you've added notes and therefore made it harder
April 25 2014, 05:24 pm by GBpackfan1205 |
Good job!!!! Great tab
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