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September 26 2011, 05:44 am by Kraziekhat |
I didn't think there was much wrong with this one.
Pretty much right on. KK.
March 11 2013, 02:42 pm by CPWKruger |
wanna bet? *G*
May 3 2013, 01:40 am by Kraziekhat |
I just compared this with a couple of 5 star
tabs and they are way off. I checked mine
again with the original recording and
it still sounds OK. Put your money where
your big f***ing mouth is Kruger, and quit
wasting everybody's time..especially mine. KK.
March 8 2014, 11:13 am by velarsp |
Not the easiest song to play, but very good post! 5 stars.
February 28 2015, 08:23 pm by artierossi |
kk..always good thanks...
February 28 2015, 08:31 pm by artierossi |
B7-9 and C7-9 that's a hard formation!
March 1 2015, 03:26 am by Kraziekhat |
I just played this through, again, off YouTube. It's pretty much on with
the way the Beatles played it live. I know there are a few difficult chords
but if I can learn them, anyone can. Just takes practice. I had over
135,000 hits on this tab and a five star rating. Somebody got frustrated with the chords and dropped it to a 3 star rating. How is that fair?? KK.

P.S. artierossi and velarsp..many thanks for your support. Much appreciated. KK.
April 30 2015, 11:11 pm by JN1997 |
This is a good tab for both The Beatles version and with the Rod Stewart version

great tab, great song 5 stars
June 6 2015, 05:10 am by Kraziekhat |
JN1997..Thanks, mate. Much appreciated. KK.
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