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+14   October 31 2008, 10:39 am by leavethepieces |
Okay, whoever gave this a bad rating should've explained why. I'm 99.9% sure about this one, and it's definitely better than the others that have been posted for this song. Please don't give me a bad rating without posting some kind of correction... =[
+10   November 1 2008, 11:41 am by hillary____ |
I think it's excellent.
That person probably can't play the chords properly.
+9   November 1 2008, 08:25 pm by authorjordan |
thanks so much! i've been looking for a correct tab of this, and you put one up! i really appreciate it! 5 stars!
+5   November 8 2008, 10:46 pm by hannahlovesjoej |
for those who have rated it poorly, they obviously aren't playing the chords right or they aren't advanced enough to because this sounds 100% perfect when i play it so thank you Krista!

P.S. I pretty much only use your Taylor Swift tabs =]
-16   November 25 2008, 08:04 pm by Blabsey91001 |
i rated you low because yes, it was correct, but it was only the chorus, which is extremely unhelpful.
i'm quite capable of playing the chords, but i don't want to only be able to play the chorus, i want to be able to play the entire song
+1   November 26 2008, 10:34 am by leavethepieces |
um, wth, this isn't my tab... my tab is that has my name at the top. they got switched or something!!
+1   November 26 2008, 10:35 am by leavethepieces |
I'll edit it and fix it guys, I have NO idea how this happened.
+2   November 29 2008, 02:27 pm by Hershey5 |
fantastic i luv this song soooo much!
-24   January 16 2009, 11:41 am by grass_eater72 |
The words are definitely wrong in the second verse.

Baby I was naïve,
Got lost in your eyes
I never really had a chance.
I had so many dreams about you and me.
Happy endings;
Now I know

NOT: "My mistake I didn't know to be in love
You had to fight to have the upper hand"
lol who even wrote that
+4   January 16 2009, 01:25 pm by leavethepieces |
I hate to break it to you, but those definitely are the words. There was a different version floating around on the internet that was acoustic and didn't have that part, but the CD version does. All I can find on youtube is the crappy unofficial version from Grey's Anatomy or wherever, but watch her sing it here:
+1   January 18 2009, 02:37 am by AndrEwhO |
the chords are right 5 stars gj..watever happened to ur chords b4 (i didnt see it though i just read it in ur previous comments) it happened to me b4 for my one republic tab it somehow got switched with someone's tab and i went to repost it again..i wonder what happened..
+1   January 18 2009, 11:42 am by leavethepieces |
^^ Yup, that's what happened. I viewed it one day and it was someone else's tab. Then I looked around and mine had somehow mine had ended up in someone else's tab. UG is weird! It's still there too, I guess I should ask them to delete it, because that person didn't tab it out.
January 19 2009, 01:34 am by AndrEwhO |
oh ya its 2 identical tabs haha its weird
February 8 2009, 01:21 pm by PickJesus377 |
is there another chord you could play besides F ?
+1   February 27 2009, 09:59 am by Friedcookie |
if your referring to not being able to play with barring it Jesus, you can look and see how to play it open online... (dunno how it is played or i would tell ya.)
March 8 2009, 03:59 pm by guitargirlmolly |
sweet! perfect *****
+1   April 7 2009, 06:07 am by guitarman037 |
5 stars, perfect
+2   April 8 2009, 12:40 am by taylormoulton |
Is it just me or just she use an arrangement of the same 6-7 chords in every single song? Don't take me wrong, i freaking love her
+3   April 8 2009, 09:01 am by leavethepieces |
Oh, she totally does. Glad I'm not the only one who noticed. Almost all of her songs are either Em C G D, Am C G D, Am C F G, or D A Em G.
+1   April 20 2009, 06:53 pm by ayleenguitar |
grass eater72 you obviously don't have the CD Krista's lyrics are write. I know how? The CD has the lyrics book, so you might want to think b4 you post
+1   April 23 2009, 07:08 pm by Char<3Brendon |
The other way to play f is
+2   April 24 2009, 06:48 pm by sarah . |
everything is perfect except for two words in the second verse:

MAYBE i was naive, got lost in your eyes
and never really had a chance
my mistake i didn't know to be in love
you had to fight to have the upper hand
i had so many dreams about you and me
happy endings, WELL now i know ...

it says that in the lyrics in the cd .
+3   April 26 2009, 03:18 am by mshellyj |
Hey leavethepieces, I just wanted to thank you for always posting awesome tabs! I have been using your tabs for years and they have always been really reliable. Thanks for everything you do!
+2   May 17 2009, 10:42 am by Rebeccal9972 |
good job! but instead of in the 2nd verse baby i was naive, its maybe was naive, just a small mistake. trust me i have the cd too. the rest is write thuogh :-)
+1   June 13 2009, 06:26 pm by tbeightol |
u r so right about the lyrics i thought it was honestly i didnt know
+1   June 18 2009, 04:40 am by Waffles9393 |
July 1 2009, 01:02 pm by oh rachelle |
Isn't there a finger-picking intro? Or is that a different version?
+1   July 4 2009, 03:02 pm by liketotallylol |
These lyrics and chords are all absolutely 100% correct, guys.
leavethepieces, thank you so much for all of your tabs. They are always great, and I can always rely on your tabs. Thank you!
+1   July 5 2009, 08:43 am by victoriaah |
Thank You for This Tab! Gosh Other Ones Are Wayy Off!

***** 5 starzz
+1   July 14 2009, 06:07 pm by lj.rock.23 |
perfecttttttttttttttttttt tab!... words r rite, but besides, its a place 4 guitar, not lyrics!
July 27 2009, 12:20 am by TSwiftSL_Love |
I know you're had this one here forever, but I finally got an account. This is a PERFECT TAB! I've played along with the song several times just because I'm amazed at its perfection. Lyrics are right, and I agree with lj.rock.23, it's a place for guitar anyway. Keep it up Krista!
+4   July 27 2009, 09:33 am by leavethepieces |
This isn't meant to be a tab, there are already some of those on here, but for people who want it, I play the intro picking like:

August 19 2009, 07:19 am by dianneunice |
-2---2---2- what G chord will I use?
August 22 2009, 04:44 pm by D13SEL888 |
i think it wuld sound a tad bit better with a capo on the first fret but thats just how i prefer it to sound wen i play it
-1   September 13 2009, 10:38 am by music4eve |
can u please tell me if theres a sub for F and Bm ????????
thanx soo much ur tabs always rock!
September 29 2009, 10:28 pm by Jase_Was_Here |
Thanks a lot Krista, great tab :)
October 13 2009, 08:36 am by xXrEnEgAdEXx |
C Am F G

x-dont play.
-all numbers that are aligned are played all together.

soo yeah that took me time..for those who's not sure on how the plucking pattern goes..this is for you. im pretty sure this is how it goes. if this tab i made is confusing i'll explain it:
see those numbers aligned together that means you have to play them all together. so you have to play the A with your thuhmb then G B E are played all together with your pointer finger your middle finger and third finger. get so yeah enjoy this is a great song. great tab as well the chords are right. you can also play the way how "leavethepieces" play it. she made a tab down there if you didnt yeah enjoy :D
December 28 2009, 04:51 am by patydcs |
it's simply perfect,all of your tabs are really precise(:
January 8 2010, 11:13 pm by guitaristchic |
thank you! being a novice guitarist this chord layout was very easy to understand! i loved how you had everything set up! i need help with two things though ...

i need help, first, on the intro. i do not have a pick, i am strumming by hand, and i can't get the notes right and fast enough.
for now, i am (lightly) setting my pointer finger over the first fret and then strumming all open chords twice, in rhythm. i will then quickly, play E, B, G. i repeat this three times and then strum over the open chords one last time before quieting the chords and beginning the song. it is working, but i'd like to play it correctly. please help?

secondly, i need help on strumming patterns. the song is sounding "bland" - what am i doing wrong??
January 14 2010, 10:13 pm by hannahilarious |
When you talk about the complex chords at the beginning, I think that the C is C5. I think...

This is really good! :)
February 13 2010, 06:35 pm by Guitargirlie*93 |
wow, grass_eater72 is an idiot. didn't they read how you said BUY THE CD? my gosh...
-1   February 26 2010, 04:33 pm by vtrueladyvol |
im not trying to be mean but i honestly didnt think this tab sounded anything like the real song

i found a much better tab....i was also looking for the plucking part...i found a tab that plays the song on the fifth fret (with a capo)...i now know how to pluck the entire song and strum the verse...if u want i could send u the tab i am talking about
+1   March 27 2010, 04:32 pm by morglooo132 |
what is the strumming pattern?
August 10 2010, 09:59 am by amyamyroo |
i loved it
October 2 2010, 05:23 pm by Country_Lover44 |
i don't have the words to describe this chord-tabbed song... it's just absolutly amazing! and blabsey didn't know that was the entire song (not and never your fault, leavethepieces) and was idiotic to comment that comment.
November 2 2011, 05:36 pm by snowstorm104 |
this tab is really good!!!! one thing though that i think makes it even better is if you hold dow n high e on the 3rd fret the whole time (except for Bb)
December 19 2012, 12:16 pm by Izagella |
taylor swift wrote that
February 6 2013, 11:42 am by SRB2001 |
thanks krista! i love all your tabs!
+2   March 25 2013, 08:50 pm by olivia222music |
umm im pretty sure that's the whole darn song...
May 12 2013, 01:28 pm by TheJulleGirl |
I do like D stop DUD, that's the strumming pattern I use! :)
I'm not sure if it's the right but i think it's sounds pretty good :D
July 11 2013, 03:45 am by harnit98 |
August 9 2013, 06:41 pm by Jordana29 |
is there a capo???
August 29 2013, 09:20 am by rhieancastro |
what is the strumming pattern? can someone tell me?
December 29 2013, 02:48 pm by SemperFiguy30 |
very well done. Lyrics are correct as well.
February 21 2014, 09:44 pm by larkieswiftie |
This is perfect!!! I love it! Thank you so much! :D
July 4 2014, 03:51 am by paytonconnell |
do any of you guys play this with a capo and if so which fret?
July 21 2014, 11:19 pm by t0tal3d |
Sounds absolutely fine to me, good tab as always :)
December 30 2014, 09:29 pm by iAreGuitar |
Everyone who says the lyrics are wrong is wrong cause I have the ukulele songbook and these are the exact lyrics.
February 1 2015, 04:03 am by Mockingjay2012 |
The chords for the verse are actually C, Am, F, G but the chorus sounds just about right
August 4 2015, 04:23 pm by bonnylighthorseman2003 |
strumming pattern?
sorry im new to this
December 26 2015, 09:49 pm by shawnaj098 |
I think they are perfect
April 18 2016, 02:41 pm by veronicaoctavia706 |
Thank you For this...
April 18 2016, 02:42 pm by veronicaoctavia706 |
it worked great.. i was happy to find this chord.. thank you for posting it .. thank you again
June 12 2016, 08:49 am by ninakraan1 |
this tab is amazing thank you so much!
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