by Taylor Swift tabs | tabbed by leavethepieces
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+9   November 13 2008, 02:11 pm by hannahlovesjoej |
I've just bee waiting for you to post some chords because i knew they'd be right. haha thank you!!
-13   November 17 2008, 06:34 pm by michL87 |
I think the capo is supposed to be on 1 ... or at least it sounded right when I played it that way :)
+1   November 29 2008, 06:34 pm by music4evr27 |
sounds competley right!
thanks soooo much, i love this song!
December 4 2008, 01:12 pm by Wondewall7 |
does anybody have the strumming patteren? I can't figure it out
-1   December 9 2008, 02:28 pm by Wondewall7 |
check out my blog for taylor swift song strumm patterns more each day this one will be up soon
December 20 2008, 02:09 pm by Chikkayeah? |
my guitar is soo ancient and like permanetly-out-of-tune,
but i still think it sounds good if oyu played it with a newer guitar.
+6   December 26 2008, 10:14 pm by leavethepieces |
Will somebody -please- explain to me what's wrong with this, and why people keep giving it poor ratings? No, there's not supposed to be a capo... and this is a VERY simple song, I'm 99.9% sure about everything I wrote!
February 3 2009, 03:54 pm by Wondewall7 |
5 stars
+2   February 18 2009, 09:19 pm by krismusic33 |
Amazingg i love this its perfect!!!!! thanks so muchh!
+7   March 2 2009, 12:33 am by fenderkidd |
No capo.
Great tab.
Enough said. haha
March 12 2009, 07:11 am by krismusic33 |
What is the Cadd7 the second time in the chorus? how do you play that?
March 12 2009, 09:35 am by leavethepieces |
Oh it's just a typo, sorry! It should be Cadd9.
March 12 2009, 06:05 pm by swizzem |
amazing! sounds perfect well done- 5 stars :)
March 15 2009, 02:24 am by musicfan1010 |
baha i think it souns perfect the way it is! i love playing and singing this song.
-23   May 18 2009, 01:19 pm by music_crazy |
this sounds TERRIBLE i tried playing it and it sounds nothing like the song
June 13 2009, 06:04 pm by adrenaline11 |
She uses steel strings so that might be why it doesn't sound correct to some people.
July 25 2009, 07:10 am by minty93 |
Strumming pattern-

July 25 2009, 10:29 am by minty93 |

+2   July 25 2009, 11:16 am by leavethepieces |
Actually I think it's D DUD D DUD D DU
-5   August 6 2009, 05:39 pm by Taylor_Swift |
It sounds more alike with a capo on 1st fret
August 17 2009, 09:32 pm by benong94 |
hey guys. um, just asking. does it sound better with Em instead of Em7 in the chorus? thanks! :)
-18   September 4 2009, 11:46 pm by DaGuitarMasta01 |
Just wondering did anyone else notice that almost all of this wanna be musicians "music" (and I use the term loosely) is just Variations of G, D, Em, and C. I guess she is trying to prove that not just pop bands can make it with less skill then the average 3rd year guitarist. ( To answer your next question I went on this tab not because I like Taylor but because I new she was famouse and I thought she would have some good acoustic songs...... I was wrong)
+8   September 17 2009, 12:11 am by k00ks |
music doesn't necessarily mean she has to play barre chords or something.... at least she can play or she could just sing w/out the guitar and you wouldn't say that. that 3rd year guitarist might not be able to sing...
+7   September 22 2009, 08:19 pm by erin2014 |
haha you got that right k00ks! if you listen it sounds good you dont need it to be all this complicated crap like barre chords. and you dont judge singers like lady gaga or britney spears on their guitar skills do you?
+4   October 13 2009, 10:24 pm by goofygirl |
Great tabs! Spectacular song, too! (Rock on Taylor!) And DaGuitarMasta01, you're a retard! Taylor's an excellent guitar player! All of her songs have great acoustic guitar! You know nothing about REAL music, you dumb f**k! You have horrible taste in music and you know NOTHING at all about REAL guitar playing! Now, why don't you do the world a favor and go f**k yourself? Dumbass!
+5   October 13 2009, 10:30 pm by goofygirl |
Don't listen to anything DaGuitarBastard01 says. Nothing he says is true; it's all nonsensical bullshit.
-9   October 30 2009, 09:24 am by bittahsweet |
I agree with DaGuitarMasta01. A lot of her songs (if not all) revolve around the same chords.

@erin2014 It's stupid to "judge singers like lady gaga or britney spears on their guitar skills" because,
1) they don't play the guitar, or at least don't use it on their songs; and
2) those two are barely musicians; they're entertainers.

@goofygirl Just because you don't agree with someone, doesn't mean what they're saying is "nonsensical bullshit."
+4   October 31 2009, 02:42 pm by leavethepieces |
I know most of her songs are the same chords (D A Em G or G D Em C) but the way I see it - at least she writes her own music/lyrics. In this day and age a lot of artists have writers who do it for them. I mean, I wish she would branch out and try some different chord progressions and maybe try more picking or something, but I'm sure as she gets older her music will become more complex and her lyrics more mature.

Personally, I have little/no respect for "entertainers." It depends. If they don't play an instrument, don't write any of the music/lyrics, and they lip-sync... I don't think they have any right to be famous, because that means all you have to do to be famous is have a hot body and maybe do some dancing. I don't consider that talent.

That's just my two cents. *shrug*
-2   December 1 2009, 02:00 am by robthebuilder32 |
no capo if you tune like a freakin octave up
+2   December 6 2009, 03:49 pm by rewb |

For the record her chords arent exactly G D Em etc...

This song, for example, actually use Gsus2, Csus2, Em7, D/C, D/F# aswell...
Fearless has F, C5, Gm7, Bbsus2 and F/A.

Sayin' she uses simple chords due to people making'em easier for us newbies to play is just plain BS.
+6   December 10 2009, 03:10 am by ...hollyy... |

you dont need fancy chords and complicated riffs on top of good lyrics to be considered a good musician... you just need original ideas, talent and a bit of luck. if you knew anything about acoustic songs you'd know that 99.99% of them are simple chords, and what did you expect, complicated finger picking? well you werent going to find that because if you listened to the song you'd be able to hear there isnt any, or very little of it. how about complicated barre chords? well what does it matter if there arent any? they're not that complicated anyway. the song sounds good... get over the chords. no one cares how simple the chords are, thats why there are lyrics, so no one gets bored listening to it. that was an incredibly dumbass comment and you're clearly the wannabe musician. you wouldnt know what a musician was if one hit you in the face. oh and btw, you need to learn how to spell... its famous not famouse
December 10 2009, 03:11 am by ...hollyy... |
oh great tab btw :D
January 13 2010, 12:46 am by deadlydogrunner |
This is an awesome tab!!.. and to all the people saying she doesnt have talent because she uses the same chords, lets see your award winning songs, just because she doesnt put barred chords or solos doesnt mean she doesnt have talent, like c'mon how small minded could you be? i mean i listen to like hardcore and screamo but i still think she's talented. you guys are just jealous because she got famous snd your probably some kid who could play the whole metallica tab book wondering why your not.(im not bashing metallica, theyre pretty awesome too)
January 13 2010, 12:47 am by deadlydogrunner |
oh yeah and taylor swift is the best.. and shes pretty hot too. hahaha
+6   January 14 2010, 08:39 am by haf-eez |
Well, I must say I was pretty surprised to see four of taylor's songs on the top 100 list,
but after I listened to all of those songs, I must say that taylor is one hell of a talented
musician. I agree with some of the comments above... a musician is not a person who really
masters the instrument he/she plays... for me its the originality that counts. Taylor writes
her own music, and even though it may be simple open chords, she still makes songs that are
melodious and have a rythym to them.. and yeah she's only gonna get better with time.
TO the people who really are into the "ultimate guitaring"... I certainly understand how
they feel when they spend long gruelling hours mastering their scales and tough tabs and the next thing you
see is such an easy song (TO PLAY) getting a lot of credit. We gotta appreciate such artists as who knows
how many teenage girls must've been influenced by Taylor, and started strumming those melodious
songs. With time, If they want to master the guitar, they will move up to listening to the real
gurus like metallica or zeppelin and many more that maybe youngsters dont even know about.
Music is all about feel, and i certainly understand how thise young girls feel after
singing those lyrics lolz... anyways keep up the good work with the good tabs.I've a suggestion
for all the people who come up to this tab, "Wonderwall" by oasis has a almost the same chords so
you should try that out... that was one of my first songs i played and could be found on the top 100
Taylor Swift deserves all the credit she gets ... and I hope she goes a long way.
January 20 2010, 05:46 pm by Brobst96 |
Im sorry haha! Im bit slow and kind of new to guitar. Does anyone know the correct strum patterns? And I have an electric so I know it won't sound the same, But Oh well. Strum Pattern please??? Thanks
+1   January 20 2010, 07:45 pm by Rebeccal9972 |
In the intro and verses she does that cool strumming pattern. I've got the pattern down, but i just know for sure she hits a couple of lower strings while shes srumming the emphasize it. Does anyone have any idea what strings she hits?
January 20 2010, 07:53 pm by Rebeccal9972 |
Oh and btw, I've got some of the plucking that she does. Its not all strumming. I don't have it down to each string or anything, but I can explain it kind of. ok in the chorus in this part:
G D/F# Cadd9
This is life before you know who you're gonna be
At fifteen

when you get to G, you start plucking I believe the first four strings or something close to that, until the D where you kind of strum in. If you watch the music video or live performances you can see the plucking too. So at that part in the chorus you do that, but in the other choruses its different lyrics. And in the last verse you do it a little longer from the G like in the other chorus to the D, like normal, but there's more lyrics and chords in between.

Ok onto the bridge:

G D/F# Cadd9 D
Wish you could go back and tell yourself what you know now

You start at the G, and keep going to the rest of the bridge and then start strumming to the last chorus.

Ok I hope you guys get what I'm saying. It might be confusing and might be slightly off on what strings to pluck, so you guys could maybe fix it up a bit?
March 10 2010, 09:25 pm by Da Riff Girl |
For the record, I just want to say to whom it concerns and to everyone out there posting about 'simple chords' in Taylor's songs; that the very foundation of most of our music today is from simple chords and riffs and scales. There's plenty of rock, country, blues, and soul songs that are based off just 2 or 4 chords. A classic blues song, "Bad Moon Rising" by CCR is famous, even though the song uses 3 chords the entire thing through, 3 simple chords at that (D,A,G). The very talent it takes for some people to learn the simplest of chords takes a great deal of talent and practice, and to play it well and on stage in front of thousands of fans is not what i would call a wannabe musician.
March 29 2010, 02:37 pm by Lifeguard00 |
It sound pretty good...2 things though for people who want it to sound more like the real thing put capo on first fret and use your free pinky finger to fret 1st string 6th fret (or 5th fret if you don't use capo) there's a mandalin playing in the background of the song so fretting the first string kinda sounds like it.
June 4 2010, 10:39 am by peaches12345678 |
i posted one already it should be out tomorrow, you should go snd check it out, MY hey tephen is already out, it's the one with no stars. IT has no stars because no one rated it yet!
July 19 2010, 01:10 pm by Singerstar411 |
I really can't explain why this song brings tears to my eyes. It describes your life as a freshman, and it's so true and beautiful. Thanks for this, and thank you Taylor Swift for sharing such a beautiful song that's so fun to sing and play.
-1   September 1 2010, 06:41 pm by peaches12345678 |
This one is wrong, 1 star! Instead of D on "Somebody tells you they love you youre gonna belive them, its Dadd4.
September 13 2010, 06:47 am by lyrde07 |
..i thnk its..

D/F# Em7
Somebody tells you they love you..just try..

September 13 2010, 06:49 am by lyrde07 |

D/F# Em7
Somebody tells you they love you..
+2   November 6 2010, 02:50 am by jocelyn_strumah |

hey first of all! get a life!!! ive seen you post comments on other songs and ur allways bustin sumones chops 4 sumthing! heres an idea dumm-dumm!1.)get a dictionary ad learn how 2 spell famous!2.) get a life! if all u do is insult people/musicians ur just showing us that u r a total loner and that bullying sumone this way is the only way they cant beat your retarted butt later!! y u gotta b a jerk to every one?! 3.)music is like art! i dsnt matter if u like it as long as the writer is happy with its perfect. you have to be open-minded! i cant believe you call yourself a musician at all cuz last time i checked simple chords r how great music is made and is also the basics for beginners and 4 sum people its hard!!! so i hope now u kno that u r a total turd and a HUGE loozer!
November 6 2010, 02:51 am by jocelyn_strumah |
oh ya and btw luv the tab!
November 6 2010, 02:42 pm by nia skywalker |
Hey I think that whether it's easy or not, this version sounds great even though it may be really easy to play.

It's a great song, thanks Taylor!
And it's a great tab, thank you!!! :)
December 27 2010, 05:13 am by youbelongwithme |
Awesome! :)
January 9 2011, 04:36 pm by cassie333 |
haha these are teh exact ones written in her fearless guitar book except she does dsus4 and g5
March 11 2011, 11:10 am by CCisamazing4 |
Perfect, right on!
I love this songs, it is amazing!!
July 1 2011, 03:49 pm by iheartbs |
awesome thanks
July 4 2011, 06:10 pm by taylor19swift |
If you don't like her music, her lyrics or her chords ect... Don't bother commenting. I love Taylor and so what if she uses the same chords. Is that seariusly what your juging her one... HER CHORDS? Juge her by the person she is. Shes one of the only singers who can actually sing without someone editing her vocals!
August 22 2011, 07:36 pm by bousti999 |
If it sounds weird to some people, it's because Taylor plays this on a 12 string.
April 3 2012, 10:31 am by cookiemomaallie |
This sounds perfect!
April 3 2012, 10:33 am by cookiemomaallie |
I think the strumming pattern is DDU UDU
+1   April 29 2012, 02:49 pm by cookiemomaallie |
I think that you got the D/F# wrong. It`s actually

June 22 2012, 05:07 pm by Some hearts |
The Cadd9 is supposed to be Csus2

Also, the intro can be played like this (pay attention the the G string):
G Csus2 Em7 Csus2
June 24 2012, 02:01 am by Some hearts |
There shouldn't be a capo. If you play along with the song with the capo on one, they obviously sound different. Also, Taylor Swift plays it without a capo
February 18 2013, 09:35 am by catking99 |
February 25 2013, 08:19 pm by I AM TINA |
goood job :)
March 11 2013, 08:20 pm by catking99 |
really? THAT'S the only reason you gave it one star?
March 11 2013, 08:23 pm by catking99 |
I'm learning this song because in August, I'll be starting my first year of high school, and I'm really pretty scared. I'm going to play this for all my friends that are staring with me, and, in three years, I'm going to play it to my sister, when she starts HS. I'm actually excited!
July 18 2013, 06:16 am by RuiziaC |
cadd8 ?? (at the end)
-1   August 2 2013, 04:35 am by Devod |
good job!! i think maybe the Cadd9 should just be a c and the Em7 should just be em, but sounds good anyway
January 15 2014, 11:18 pm by Steve132003 |
Taylor is a genius to write great lyrics and record her songs and plays them live in concert (you realize she remembers the lyrics of 20 songs) without a cheat sheet or teleprompter- her memory is superb. My memory is terrible i can only remember a short paragraph then it goes blank.
January 15 2014, 11:27 pm by Steve132003 |
here is how to play Taylor Swift songs; (step 1) put guitar down (step 2) put in Taylor CD (step 3) = push play (step 4)turn volume halfway (step 5) go to sleep listening to Taylor Swift.
January 20 2014, 10:33 pm by erika.itp |
just a suggestion, Cadd9 and Em7 could be C and Em respectively :)
November 11 2014, 09:39 pm by iAreGuitar |
Nothing is wrong with it!!! Its perfect!!! People have probably heard pitched versions on youtube or something! I give it 5 stars.
November 11 2014, 09:43 pm by iAreGuitar |
For all you people who are saying it needs a capo, it could be because you've heard it live. I think when she did it live, she played it on a 12-string. (At least, in a video I saw)
November 17 2014, 08:03 pm by iAreGuitar |
It's a typo. She meant Cadd9, not Cadd8 or whatever it was
November 26 2014, 07:48 am by petalcorin62 |
I love it so much!!! Thank you soooooooooo much much much!!!!
May 11 2015, 07:36 pm by AspenMarie |
Thank you for the chords ! :)
April 25 2016, 04:46 am by KiliPotter |
This is such a fun song to play, thank you! :)
May 2 2016, 06:17 pm by SydLive |
amazing, so accurate!
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