by Old Crow Medicine Show tabs | tabbed by Ayers
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+21   March 7 2009, 05:56 pm by 30357 |
This is how you play the little fiddle part at the end:

+2   March 7 2009, 05:56 pm by 30357 |
Forget about the C and G, they got bumped out of place.
+2   August 12 2009, 10:00 pm by ScottElwood |
Perfect, Danke
+1   June 26 2010, 06:14 pm by Coosa |
Great Song Great Chords Five Stars *****
+2   February 6 2011, 12:35 pm by jonnywebb |
Great tab. Thanks. One comment or question- shouldnt the lyrics be "gotta get a move on BEFORE the sun"? that sounds like it matches & it makes more sense. However, I could be wrong because all the posted versions have "fit for the sun" as the lyric.
+1   August 27 2011, 07:51 pm by cool_beans12 |
Wow. Love the song, love the chords. Love your work :):)
+3   February 8 2012, 11:30 pm by tvjer1 |
Nice work! This is a campfire song must!
+1   February 9 2013, 01:57 am by scorpio1970 |
great song....thanks
+1   March 7 2013, 08:53 pm by l0rd0ct0d0rk |
excellent work
+2   April 1 2013, 01:28 am by Vena96 |
Perfect... great song and the chords fits
+1   April 15 2013, 09:07 pm by darasparks |
+1   July 8 2013, 09:19 am by ataxerxes |
hi I'm currently working on this song so I've listened to the OCMS version and listened to it again and they definitely say "fit for the sun". I agree though "before the sun" makes much more sense
+3   July 8 2013, 05:16 pm by Lydiagordon99 |
Instead of, "Lost my money playin' poker so I had to up and leave", its "Lost my money playin' poker so I had to leave town"
+1   July 8 2013, 05:19 pm by Lydiagordon99 |
other than that great job!
+2   July 9 2013, 06:32 pm by ataxerxes |
very nice tab.. the only correction (that I know of) is in the fourth line the D should fall on "pray", not "God"... also in the 5th verse after the C on "Johnson City" there's a long pause with no guitar, so I would put (pause) or N.C. after the C
+1   July 9 2013, 07:31 pm by ataxerxes |
Hi Lydia, in the new Darius Rucker version he does say "to leave town" and the line before that he says "getting me down" (nice rhyme) but in the OCMS version they say what's printed in this tab. ALSO, there is no "And" in the second line, in neither version. On a personal note I actually love the Darius Rucker version. He makes some subtle changes (improvements?) which are very tastefully done.
+1   July 18 2013, 12:53 pm by chris.villareal |
I love the song! It was the first song I learned when I started playing guitar. I just love coming back to this tab and playing it over and over again!
July 18 2013, 05:13 pm by lilc52 |
What is the strum pattern.
July 31 2013, 05:35 pm by yankeerob |
Not only does Roanoke rhyme with "toke," I'm told that Philly trucker must be stoned if he thinks he goes from there to the Cumberland Gap on the way to Johnson City, Tenn.
Is there tab for the roadmap?:-)
August 16 2013, 07:41 am by cragoras |
you should just 'feel' the right pattern as a guitarist.

here's mine down-down-up-up-down-up --- like in here
October 25 2013, 10:30 pm by dirkridgeway1 |
if you can play this you can play "body in a box" by city and color
October 31 2013, 07:40 pm by cmoorepats |
A nice sounding strum pattern where D=Down and U=Up is
November 5 2013, 08:56 am by elizabethlucy |
Lyrics correction, last verse:
...gotta get a move-on before the sun
November 7 2013, 10:42 pm by ellyjobell |
Nice version of this song. As a Uke player I transpose it to +2 and do away with the capo with no trouble. Sine I'm a noob and no good at an E chord, I cheat and play an E7; it doesn't sound bad.
December 3 2013, 04:38 pm by lilli99 |
love this song! thank you
January 14 2014, 01:50 pm by goletzko27 |
Formadable! Merci beaucoup!
April 15 2014, 10:48 pm by ttrigger |
OCMS mumble through several words in this song.... when I first learned it on the banjo 6 years ago, we change "Fit For The Sun" to "Can't Wait For The Sun" as it seemed to flow much better for us, especially with our 4 part harmony.... For several years, people that heard us play Wagon Wheel, thought we wrote the song, as we play it extremely well
April 26 2014, 12:53 pm by loves_to-spooj |
I would reccomend finger picking. I like to use some suspended 2nds and 4ths in the D chord, and throw in some high Gs in the Em (actually high As is the F#m, with the capo).
May 3 2014, 04:38 pm by rnewhook69 |
definitely sounds like he's saying "Oh, the North country winters keep a gettin' me down." not, "getting' me now."
small lyrical error. i noticed the same slip on
great tab tho :)
June 30 2014, 12:40 pm by NutCaseJack |
love the song good job dude
July 12 2014, 03:12 pm by VJNX |
I cant get the strumming pattern right always seems to be a gap between each chord. any help on fixing it would be appreciated. Thanks
July 21 2014, 02:14 pm by teenygator |
"Had to up and leave" should be "had to leave town"
August 5 2014, 06:07 pm by mburgermeiste |
Lack of accuracy.
January 26 2015, 10:21 pm by puddlepop123 |
I love it!
December 31 2015, 02:13 pm by spunkowitz |
amazing job i love this version better than the darius rucker one thanks
February 8 2016, 06:20 pm by Trullzy |
Great tab. Words are a little off but easy fix if you know the song well. Darius rucker can suck a fart out my bum. Dylan wrote this song and like most Bob Dylan tunes we sure havent heard the last cover.
March 12 2016, 10:43 am by flying2bill |
To be geographically correct the song would have to be "But he's headed west to the Cumberland Gap, from Johnson City, Tennessee" but as song writer (not this song) James McMurtry says Sometime you have to take poetic license with lyrics because sometimes the words don't always fit the meter
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