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+2   August 14 2006, 08:01 pm by roddy1980 |
For the 3rd line of the verses I think C, Dm, Bb might be a better progression. Not sure. Thanks a lot for figuring this one out.
February 15 2009, 11:12 am by guitarperson93 |
is it standard tuning?
November 11 2009, 10:43 am by zkanksta |
yes, standard tuning. great tab! I recommend you think of the Bb as an A# (they're the same thing by definition) and you could play it as a barre chord on the 6th fret, then you slide down to the 1st chord (keep the same shape) to play the F and then you can either play the simple C chord or the barre chord on the 8th fret (just slide up with the same shape) and the easy Dm after that. That's how I play it.
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