by Bang Camaro tabs | tabbed by yellowdevel
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January 21 2009, 04:15 pm by guitar laxer |
night lies = nightlife???
January 22 2009, 11:08 pm by yellowdevel |
yess, haha i was listening to nightlife commando by bang camaro and the name got stuck in my head, sorry. idk how to change it
January 24 2009, 09:06 pm by Asterix_13 |
haha nightlife xD

good tab nonetheless.nice to see people starting to tab songs from these guys
January 24 2009, 09:21 pm by yellowdevel |
yeah bang camaro is awesome though haha i'd like to see tabs for Cant Stop the Night from their sophmore album. love that solo haha
April 3 2009, 05:51 am by Dr_Train |
i'd like to see the Nightlife Commando tab,that would make me cream AHH YEAH
April 20 2009, 04:38 pm by Lithium_Debator |
I'm gonna start working on a Nightlife Comando guitar pro tab today, it'll probably take me a few weeks to get up though, as I'm in the middle of exams XD.
August 17 2009, 12:14 am by Asterix_13 |
Haha I'm still waiting for it lithium :D I made a written and GP tab for Rock Of Mages and Gates Of Love GP. I'm working on a Revolution GP tab now.
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