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+21   January 22 2009, 07:34 pm by JessicaGonzo |
i love you for making this tab. nice job.
+10   January 23 2009, 01:16 am by rockstarscottie |
haha thanks :D
+16   January 28 2009, 07:16 pm by got_trivium? |
very well done. sounds perfect to me.
-6   February 3 2009, 07:45 pm by riley714 |
what tuning is this?
+8   February 6 2009, 11:11 am by Nighthawk2006 |
Standard tuning with capo in the third fret^^

Excellent tab!!
+15   February 7 2009, 04:39 pm by Shadow9752 |
Great tab except your chord names are actually Cadd9 for your C/G, Em7 for your Em/D, and your Gsus2 isn't quite that, its Gsus2/F#. What you have down for the chords is right just the names weren't, awesome tab though.
+3   February 10 2009, 07:43 pm by J03Y13 |
perfect, except the 2nd part of the intro is
you were just missing 2 fours :P
+2   February 10 2009, 07:44 pm by J03Y13 |
perfect, except the 2nd part of the intro is
you were just missing 2 fours :P
+3   February 18 2009, 10:40 am by timmay1561515 |
im confused
on the chords when it says 2 and 3 would it be 2 frets and three frets away from the capo?
+3   February 23 2009, 04:06 pm by P-H-O-B-I-A |
yes timmay
+3   February 25 2009, 10:40 am by timmay1561515 |
thanks P-H-O-B-I-A
+4   February 25 2009, 11:49 am by P-H-O-B-I-A |
damm i wish i had a capo :-(
+4   March 2 2009, 10:23 am by tank555666 |
ive been wanting to play this song SOO bad!!!
+5   March 6 2009, 11:35 am by xmichaelxskate |
someone should put something up for the electric part by the end :\
+4   March 8 2009, 12:01 am by Shadow9752 |
Phobia, you can make your own capo. just use a pen or something and a strong elastic band and put it in a (| sorta shape with the elastic behind the neck. thats what i did before i got mine.
+4   March 9 2009, 05:39 am by Daleymo |
Does anyone know the powerchordy bit at the end?
-4   March 12 2009, 10:31 pm by killerzombie163 |
i played around and i think


maybe some other fingering can work instead of 10-10-12.
+1   March 18 2009, 10:03 am by someguy9d |
-3   March 19 2009, 06:37 pm by BrUtA8L |
can anyone tell me the strumming pattern for this????
+1   March 24 2009, 10:10 pm by chelseaxsmile69 |
its really good i think if i get around to it soon ill tab out the second guitar part and the electric stuf at the end and maybe somestuff for the strumming pattern. the only thing is in the intro this part is three times instead of two.
i just though id add that.
-7   March 28 2009, 10:49 pm by knitemare05 |
hey the 033 in the intro is a power chord (Eb in this tuning)


D| 8
A| 6

(not relevant to the capo) ((so with the capo on its still 6/8 but if the capo is considered the nut then its 3/5))

it sounds better and flows much smoother in my opinion.

also when you play the intro try hitting it a little more like a chord than a note if your playing only one guitar.
April 1 2009, 02:15 am by ilovetsc |
-4   April 3 2009, 12:28 am by GNRandA7X |
can anyone help with posting a strumming pattern
+2   April 5 2009, 03:43 pm by the_musicman |
just to clarify...chords are right, but names are wrong.

G is correct.
C/G is a C2 or Cadd9, whichever way you want to see it.
Gsus2 is actually a Dsus/F#
Em/D is an Em7
-4   May 1 2009, 07:39 pm by STD_To_Remember |
there's no guitar 3...
-4   May 5 2009, 12:16 am by xbuda |
would anyone be kind enough to post the strumming pattern? i think i have it but it still sounds a little off..... :)
-2   May 7 2009, 09:00 pm by Kelsiefaceee |
STD to remember:
yes there is a very faint third guitar part
but it's mostly covered by the lead part
-11   May 27 2009, 07:37 pm by kanarf |
there is definitely not a capo, just listen to the freaking song....
-12   June 15 2009, 04:51 pm by semperxfix10 |
yeah, capo is on the 4th
+12   June 20 2009, 01:33 pm by wertherrr |
capo on 3rd.. ^

perfect tab
+4   June 30 2009, 02:25 am by JessicaGonzo |
electric bit at the end:

PM........ ......... ........ ........ play these chords a
few times
+2   September 9 2009, 03:21 pm by randomhero93 |
electric chord part is D#5, A#5, G5, F5 (palm muted) then it goes D#5, F5, G5, A#5. you would have to tune half a step down and raise the capo to the 4th fret for the main part of the song, then drop the capo for the end.
+5   October 8 2009, 12:45 pm by LAmitchIR |
can anyone please tell me the stumming pattern cause i'm really bad at finding those on my own :/
+1   November 16 2009, 09:17 pm by Jennaa.xx |
Thanks! It sounds perfect :)
-10   December 5 2009, 10:12 pm by GoldenAkaOro |
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+1   December 27 2009, 02:24 pm by g_tab_man |
JessicaGonzo, that's in drop C right?
+6   January 2 2010, 06:58 am by Darius Coupe |
Hey, Wonderful Tabs.. Sounds Great But I Can't Get Over You Got Some Of The Chord Names Wrong..

C/G Is Actually: Cadd9
Gsus2 Is Actually: F#/Dsus2
Em/D Is Actually: Em7

Just Take These From Standard Point Of View, With A Capo It Won't Be Those Names But In Standard It Is Those.

Don't Flame Me Please, Just Trying To Help.
+1   February 1 2010, 02:05 pm by ThompsonTwins94 |
GREAT TAB!!!!! wish i was this good lol
+1   February 12 2010, 04:16 pm by chris1110 |
its not that hard, i've been playing bass for a year, and now acoustic for about 4 days, but yeah great tab, except im fairly sure the during the intro (possibly throughout the rest of the song) when you play the last Gsus2 of the intro at the end it swaps between G then goes back to Gsus2. It may be the lead affecting the sound, but it sounds better i think, just saying :) but definately one of the few really good tabs on here :)
-1   February 19 2010, 05:21 pm by Wondewall7 |
A strumming pattern for the song is now posted in my blog that's in my UG profile
+2   March 4 2010, 12:22 pm by pillar315 |
There is no third guitar, the second guitar just plays both parts at the same time it's not that hard.

And as for a strumming pattern, just listen to the freaking song, its not that hard to figure out.
March 22 2010, 02:08 pm by bmth13 |
could this be played without a capo and just tune yur guitar to a different tuning??
plz help, i can learn songs by ear but im just too lazy
-1   April 18 2010, 05:03 am by necriononguitar |
yep drop C ;D
and theres some picking missing, 4*!
June 8 2010, 11:09 am by Jak-666 |
there should be more chord changes in the bridge... i think i can work them out but im not gonna post them incase im wrong and everyone thinks im a retard.

other than that amazing tab ;]
+1   June 8 2010, 11:22 am by Jak-666 |
ooh, btw... lil backing solo bit at the end is missing. doesnt really matter but it'd be nice =]
-1   June 15 2010, 06:49 am by wisemancheez |
You haven't tabbed guitar 2 fully. Listen to it at "yeah i want it but no" (0:30). There's also a palm muted part at "la la la" (0:45) and it plays during the chorus too. Jak-666 is also correct about the backing solo at the end. Can someone plz tab these parts out? Cheers x
+1   July 7 2010, 07:37 am by Judenn |
thanks so much man
i made a ultimate guitar account just to say thank you!
July 8 2010, 03:56 pm by wisemancheez |
+1   July 8 2010, 09:28 pm by jamesnotjimmy |
This is kind of a beginners song so it would make sense that most people who are playing it can't get the feel of the strumming, I'm know what you mean. So for most of the song the strumming pattern seems to be.

D duDuduD... or more simply DDUDUDUD...

just two down stokes after a chord change and then alternating down up, with an accent on every second down stroke, or beat, until it changes, but you don't really have to think about it that much.

If you're still learning, like I kind of am, and this has been recommended to be by many a more experienced source, you should work on just feeling a song through your body rather than having to think about "what's the strumming pattern?" and things like that. It helps in all kind of guitar playing.
July 8 2010, 09:52 pm by jamesnotjimmy |
I should probably add that I'm also having a little trouble with the strumming and everything as well so what I said above should only be trusted as something to help you work out the rest yourself.
July 12 2010, 06:37 am by wisemancheez |
You know you can't give me what I need
G Em/D
And even tho it means so much to me
Em/D Gsus2
I can't wait through everything
Is this really happening
July 12 2010, 06:48 am by wisemancheez |
IGNORE MY LAST CORRECTION, it didn't post properly.

I'll try again. Here goes...

You know you can't give me what I need
G Em/D
And even though you means so much to me
Em/D Gsus2
I can't wait through everything
Is this really happening?
July 12 2010, 07:12 am by wisemancheez |

Ok if this doesn't work then I give up...

Each | indicates where you play each chord. You basically play each chord twice (although the first C/G occurs at the end of the previous chorus)


You know you can't (C/G)|give me what I (G)|need

And even (G)|though you mean so (Em/D)|much to me

I can't (Em/D)|wait through (Gsus2)every|thing

Is this (Gsus2)|really happening?
+1   July 14 2010, 09:00 pm by alltimelowrocks |
pretty good tab.
but i cant find the tab for the guitar part that comes in at around 0:30 "i want it it but no i don't need it..."

i think it starts like this:

+2   August 18 2010, 01:39 pm by jacobvsmith |

I play

It's basically what you play but you get the ringing of the same notes (5 and 0) instead on muting them when you pick them. They both work but this is what I do. I hope it helps you out. P.S. All Time Low does rock!
-1   August 24 2010, 10:24 pm by rockandroll223 |
i know this song isnt much like normal ADTR, but its not in standard. i watched them play it live, its whole step down in the key of C. which translates to a B flat, just like a capo 3 G. but for those of you without a capo, you can play it really easily in full step down.
September 7 2010, 11:40 am by bulletbiter |
I'm pretty sure the one and only thing wrong with it is the lyrics, sorry for being anal:

This will all be in the past
Well it might before the best

Which should be this:

This will all be in the past
Well it might be for the best

Everything else sounds real good to me! good job!
November 2 2010, 07:19 pm by jeffallen9206 |
they dont use capo's....
November 22 2010, 02:20 am by wastingaway |
thankyou so much for posting this,
it was my bestfriends favourite adtr song and i want to learn it for her.. i miss her so much.

and i hope it would mean something to her.

i miss you..
i love you..
we're forever.
February 5 2011, 09:14 am by AsTheWorldDies |
I don't how you can do so good on this tab, but mess up the lyrics, not that it's even a big deal. I didn't even notice until the 12th time I went through the tab Lol....But still, good tab. You're really good obviously.
March 1 2011, 02:32 am by Ligos |
a good tab to an awesome song. Thank you so much :D
March 8 2011, 09:11 am by CirclePit |
omg, soo good, thanks thanks thanks, never thought this song is so easy :D
March 18 2011, 06:56 pm by jacob38g |
Great tab
April 14 2011, 10:52 am by JohnnyFury |
Its in Eb major, no need for a capo. The chords it uses are just Ebmaj, Bbmaj, A/Bbmaj, Gmin & Fmaj. Just Listen to it and work of each section.
April 14 2011, 02:38 pm by JohnnyFury |
I mean its in G minor ^
April 16 2011, 01:12 pm by haha93 |
nice tab. very easy to play
June 27 2011, 03:17 am by GuitarShredder+ |
For everyone asking about the strum pattern... Listen to the song. If you wanna play it so badly you should at least listen to it enough to figure out how it's played. I played the strum pattern in my head as I read the tab it's really not difficult at all.
August 1 2011, 04:51 am by chriszanity |
I play this on standard tuning Bb F C G power chord but I think it doesn't sound perfect..
thanks for the tab!!..
great job!!..
December 23 2011, 11:28 pm by leviathan12354 |
Very nice! Im actually going to be posting all the parts with my GF. Chords, and all the rythm picking to. So both guitars. Used your tab as help, so thanks XD
December 28 2011, 07:17 pm by Sven_Stiffy |
i love this song...makes me think of my boyfriend...

it would probably be a good idea to do some cute duet to it ;)

Thanks for the tab though, five stars*****
July 4 2012, 09:54 am by Morton256 |
Great tab..

but im fairly sure there's no guitar 3..
instead guitar 3's part can be played at the same time as guitar 2 :)

December 3 2012, 06:19 am by paulerxx |
The intro is slightly off... Here's a tab of a cover of the actual song which I believe to be is closer than this tab

This Wild Life - If It Means A Lot To You (Original Song By A Day To Remember)
Standart Tuning (E, A, D, G, B, e)
Capo on the 3rd Fret

#This is my first tab,i tabbed this by watched This Wild Life Covering ADTR.
If you have any changes,you can send me

Guitar 1 :
G|---0----0----0----2------------------| 2x

Guitar 2 :
D|----------2----------2-------------2---4-5-5-4-4-5-5-4-4-5---| 2x
D|----------2----------2-------------2---4-5-5-4-4-5-5-4-4-5---| 2x

Guitar 1 :
"And hey darling.."-"Come back home till they're singing.."

Guitar 2 :
#I'm not sure about this part,send me email if you have any correct
"Yeah, I want it but no.." - "til they're singin"
G|------2------|------2---------2-----| 7x

Guitar 1 :
"La.. la la la la"
G|---0----2----0-------------------| here..strum each chord only once !

Guitar 2 :
#I'm not sure about this part,send me email if you have any correct

Guitar 1 :
"Til everyone is singing.."-"Well it might be for the best.."

Guitar 2 :
G|------2-------2--|---------2---2-----| A lot !

Back to Intro.
Guitar 1 :
G|---0----0----0----2------------------| 1x

Guitar 2 :
D|----------2----------2-------------2---4-5-5-4-4--5-4---| 1x
D|----------2----------2-------------2---4-5-5-4-4-5-5-4-4-5---| 1x

Verse 2.
Guitar 1 :
"And hey sweetie.."-"But I know you can't come home 'til they're singin.."

Guitar 2 :
"Yeah you want it but I can't help it.."-"til they're singin.."
G|------2------|------2---------2-----| 7x
January 13 2013, 09:43 pm by Hockeydud1310 |
Great job with the tabs and chords! I personally play it with Capo on 1st fret, I just think it sounds better.
January 20 2013, 10:42 pm by kelsojonesy |
This tab is amazing!! I was just messing around with my guitar and I didn't play the top E string. It made the song sound just like the original and I love IT!! So if anyone wants to try that, go for it! Just a suggestion.
February 24 2013, 08:11 am by youmeatnandos_ |
Does anyone know what grade this is?
March 22 2013, 01:49 pm by keijiFT |
May 22 2013, 02:48 pm by wyldedime96 |
I ****ing love this song.
June 10 2013, 07:05 pm by TFT87 |
Does anyone know how to play the electric lead near the end???
July 20 2013, 12:57 pm by beloved1996 |
September 22 2013, 11:59 pm by Delutional |
Isn't the Gsus2 a Gsus2/F# or Dsus4/F#?
October 14 2013, 05:32 pm by mattishere14 |
Can i just suggest switching the G at the end of verse 1 & 2 to Gsus2? Everything else sounds great, thanks for the post.
October 30 2013, 06:04 pm by blazingflame56 |
thanks so much! beautiful song.
November 8 2013, 10:41 pm by alycat678 |
this is perfect! I couldn't find one close enough except for yours! well done!
November 29 2013, 11:10 am by Heedge |
this tap is perfect!! this song is perfect!!
December 4 2013, 01:45 pm by tonyanziano5 |
Thanks so much. This song is awesome!
January 27 2014, 11:17 pm by lucas.schneider |
As has been pointed out already, the chords are not correctly named.

Your "C/G" chord is really a Cadd9. Others have suggested C2, but that's not a real thing. No matter how many people use that nonsense term, there's no such thing as a 2 chord.

Your "Em/D" chord is an Em7Em7

Your "Gsus2" could be described as Dadd11/F#, but Dsus4/F# is probably the better way to describe it. The F# is the 3rd of the chord, so all-together it's a D with an 11th on top, but the general harmony is a sus4.
June 5 2014, 09:10 am by consideryours1 |
what does it mean when you have c/g?
October 22 2014, 09:16 am by mangomelodies |
I cant explain why, but none of that sounds correct to me. And yes, i am using the capo.. might there be different versions of the song? I cant help it, i guess im the only one who doesnt like it..
October 22 2014, 09:17 am by mangomelodies |
Clearly wrong. To me none of that sounds correct. I cant help it, this tab just doesnt help me in any way, i am sorry.
December 3 2014, 03:12 pm by EdwardMasters |
Maybe your tuned wrong because it is perfect.
January 9 2015, 10:24 pm by Mace Juggler |
Cadd9 G D/F# Em

These are the correct chord names.
April 19 2015, 02:27 am by Max_enot |
Crazy tab! I love you for this.
April 22 2015, 09:20 am by Max_enot |
Super tab!
May 7 2015, 02:50 am by nippleassassi |
I believe the chord names, in order, are: Cadd9, G, F#/D, and Em7. Other than that, fantastic tab. 10/10
February 6 2016, 04:27 am by StingrayMcFlag |
the tab is good. The chord chart is solid. The chords are horribly named though. I think G is the only one of these chords that is actually named for the chord it is in this.

Em/D should be Em7
Gsus2 should be F#madd9
C/G is really just C. It's only C over G if it actually is over G. Whoever made this chart has little grasp on music theory or chord structure/naming.
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