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-3   February 15 2010, 03:16 pm by crazycarlucci |
Nice tab, just on the lyric "soft" i believe the chord is Bm not C.
July 20 2010, 01:57 pm by library_head |
either that or an Asus...
-3   December 18 2010, 06:34 pm by xflost |
Capo 2? At least in the acoustic version it is.
January 8 2011, 02:05 pm by missguidedish |
in the if you're still alive my regrets are few part, the rhythm is really difficult and the way you have it seems right, but its just a 'one two and four and' so counting by fours the G is on the one two and the three is the hesitation, so the and of three is the D, and then Asus would be one two, three is the hesitation, and the and of three is C. just to help clarify maybe.
+1   June 30 2012, 10:18 am by Wef |
Emily Haines IS hot! So is this tab..
+1   July 15 2013, 12:42 pm by ferrero97 |
I don't know what you used for the chord notation but all of those Asus2 chords are Am chords. Asus2 would be an open b string.
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